New OC District Attorney Explains How Aiden Leos' Investigation Led to Arrests | NBCLA

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Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer tells NBC4 how the investigation in capturing Aiden Leos’ killers came about. Robert Kovacik reports at 11 p.m. on June 7, 2021. Read more here:

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  1. They both deserve life why is it only he's getting maximum sentence and she gets 3years

  2. I don’t understand how Lee is not being held accountable for her involvement, her charges are minimal. She could have driven off. She didn’t. She chose to drive him close enough for him to shoot at the car. She’s just as much to blame. This is frustrating.

  3. VW Golf Sportwagon. It's a very rare car in California — easy to find. The suspects were stupid not to surrender themselves. Especially the girlfriend. What a nightmare.

  4. Note that stupid Caltrans doesn’t ( and has refused to) place digital recorders on all the hundreds of freeway cameras they maintain. That would have solved the case within 24 hours. A problem for decades. It’s 2021 Caltrans.

  5. Yes youre right DA. But what if the victim is Black or Asian are you gonna still stand there and talk? The police are gonna help them to fine the murderer? Is there a reward also? 😅

  6. That's the whitest black kid I've ever seen. If it wasn't for that this wouldn't even be on the news

  7. The DA can screw himself he trying to make himself look good only since this case became popular not one are there a bunch of other cases they barely even get worked on my case has been 3 weeks and no one has even called me back after filing

  8. Charles Manson wanna be with that bug eye stare. Condolences to the family.

  9. This is insane. May his soul rest in peace. I'd like to thank everyone who was involved in this successful investigation.
    My deepest condolences to Aiden's family.

  10. Im sorry but if this was two black people they would have charged them both for murder including the driver…….

  11. Now the killer won't be needing a new job , he's now gonna be a resident of the state prison system.

  12. They killed a kid & just went about there life , like nothing happened .. smfh … no remorse , let them rot In hell

  13. His gf is the biggest idiot. She couldve turned him in and distanced herself….

  14. good get them , no one should shoot anyone, not a joke to lose a child or anyone in life

  15. If we continue to allow these people to continue killing innocent people on our roadways then we are looking for a severe trouble in the end. We leave the petition to be signed and passed into Lord to make these baby killers and murderers no longer be able to spend life in prison. We had the death penalty in numerous amounts of States but many states just do not petition them to use the death penalty. Why you question we don't use the death penalty as often as we should? That's because the legal cocktail courses too much money. It could cost up to $90,000 per inmate. Well we need to go back to the way it used to be. Sign them up for the electric chair, public hanging, or firing squad. I know many of you say that this petition is cruel and it's just heartless and I'm not God to choose this but neither are these people. None of these people have empathy to a human's life, none of these people do care less about shooting a gun into the open traffic on a freeway and killing innocent people it could have been anyone that can getting killed that day but it landed up being a young child. This could have happened to you your mother your father's sister cousin daughter and sons. We need to start changing the judicial system in America. We need to bring back the electric chair, firing squad, and or public hanging. No more murderers in our prison systems. We are not building any more schools folks, or Web building is thanks and prisons. That's not what American was intended to be we were built as a free country but we cannot continue to allow these murderers running around with pistols and killing innocent. Sign them up for the death penalty & them up fast


  16. Killer spoke too soon, now for sure “the grass wont be green on the other side”. I dont eaven think there will be any grass inside that prison cell.

  17. Who is that idiot girl with the shades smiling at?
    A young man boy just got murdered you vomit.💩💩💩💩💩

  18. The public need to leave his former employer alone, as his place of work has nothing to do with the criminal. Blame the coward and his girlfriend, as well as those who harboured them.

  19. They killed that precious baby and know they did but tried to get away with it by not turning themselves in.
    That poor baby! I’m so glad that they got ‘em!! Thank You Jesus!!!!!

  20. "I don't need to know how to fight that's why I bought a gun"
    Well the only thing you'll have in prison is your fists buddy

  21. Like most gun enthusiasts he is an insecure B1tchmade abusive douche who will make the perfect B for someone in prison