New Ohio Attorney General reacts: Lethal force WAS allowed

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OHIO: As another police firearm incident causes nationwide conversation, the state’s Attorney General Dave Yost joins Newsmax to discuss ‘who is clearly in the wrong’ and the importance of getting all the fact straight before casting major judgement. – via National Report with Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg, weekdays at 9AM ET on Newsmax TV

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  1. So who is the guy kicking the girl in the back that's down on the ground, anyone know?

  2. Don`t you just love the way this is described…"Appeared to have a knife."
    "Allegedly was the assailant" …Listen when you see a deranged girl wielding what is clearly a knife, and attempting to stab another girl on video , then there is no "Allegedly" or "Appeared to be "…It is complete nonsense to deny what you can see right on film, and yet that is the BS we have to deal with nowadays..

  3. It took a 7 year old with simple logic to figure this one out….. but not one Lefty got it right.

  4. Lebron needs to stay out of politics just because he can play basketball and he's loaded doesn't necessarily make him smart

  5. This Police Officer is a HERO and an object of bad Police Training. Why? The Police Officer did the only thing he could do to prevent the unarmed Black Girls Death BUT he took four shots as they are Trained to do. I do not make the stupid Inane claim the Police Officer should have shot her in the arm or hand or leg. He shot her center mass as trained. I believe that Police should be ALLOWED to DIFFERENTIATE between villains and in this case of another girl involved shoot Once as trained PAUSE to see if it stops the attack before shooting again. This case is TIME SHORT and SENSITIVE so my suggestion may have been impossible I just think Police should be Trained and Allowed to Discriminate between aggressors as to how aggressive they react. Girl versus a Gang banger or Bank robber or serial Murderer or deranged killer they all are different and I do not believe emptying a Police gun is the answer.


  7. I think BCI of columbus will be pressing charges on the guy that kicked the girl. But I'm not 100 sure tho columbus head of FOP said something about it on judge Jeanine Tonight

  8. Why isn't anyone talking about the thug who kicked the other woman in the head,he looked like he was kicking a football 🏈 !!
    Is She ok ?..did the Police arrest him ?

  9. I heard that the girl in the pink outfit and the one who got kicked by the guy actually followed the one who got shot and killed looking to jump her and attack her. If so maybe they should be charged with manslaughter for instigating what happened.

  10. I wonder how long they had been fighting around that knife before the police got there? And had anyone else been stabbed or cut yet? You have no idea when you're rolling up on those scenes.

  11. The dude who kicked that girl in the head is the father of Ma khia, Gee I wonder where she got her morals from.

  12. So sick of ignorant celebrities. He gets no kudos for taking his post down 🧐. Maybe he should stop and think about who he'll are the one's committing these crimes. That's ACCOUNTABILITY!

  13. Police get a call that a murder is going to happen. Police are they black ? Yes , We will get there in a while.

  14. Absolutely. They called for help!!! They demanded help! Evidently it was a terrible situation!

  15. Notice how all the border crisis news has been replaced by cops shootings… almost like an orchestrated plot.

    Over 100k kids are locked up at the border right now.

    Same cycle as always lol… the people just feed into the loop.

    Seems to take less than a week for the media and the left to make the entire nation completely shift its standards… completely on a whim.

    And then people are just talking about another issue, completely forgetting about the "world ending catastrophe" that was just a week ago lol.

    So predictable now.

  16. What is there to investigate you see the video give the man a medal for saving that woman

  17. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This is something today's generation can't seem to grasp.

  18. Supposedly LeBron James said it was only a knife fight?
    Attacker was armed with a butcher knife.
    Victim was armed with a puppy.

  19. Why the fool who kicked that woman in the head when she was on the ground?
    Deadly forced is allowed when someone’s going to stab someone, dumbass reporter asking stupid questions

  20. For once, a public official doesn’t just jump the gun and go right to blaming the officer!

  21. I just want to know how you can be a foster child and live with your father at the same time. This animal that kicked the girl in the head is now said to be the father. Sounds like fraud to me.

  22. Is anyone going to arrest the man who kicked a woman in the head???? Where's the black community outrage over that disgusting behavior?

  23. This police officer just did what he had to do. This girl was going to stab the other girl. Lebron was too quick to judge and he is not the only one.

  24. LeBron James taking the tweet down was more to do with protecting his own self interests and his sponsorship deals. Let's not give him any credit for this……

    This tweet was obviously a threat……

    He sponsors should be dumping him quick sticks…..let's see if they do…….

    James is obviously a total fool……….masquerading as someone of importance.
    Clearly a nonsense….

    His $40 Million Dollar home and his 8 bodyguards mean he is in another world…..

    Why anyone would listen to him beggars belief……

    James Hennighan
    Yorkshire, England