New Opening music donations…and more

In this video I’m showing the pre-recorded music I’ve received over the last couple of months. There’s also a story about how I helped give a name to an album.
For transparency I have tagged this video as a Paid Promotion as I have received most of these things for free. The Camera of Sound Cassette & LP was purchased via Bandcamp. No money has changed hands and the links shown below are not affiliated.

Dead Media Tapes (R2R,8-Track)
(It transpires that not all the music I showed is available to buy or stream at present)

Camera Of Sound Hip-Hop Album
Stream On Youtube:
Buy on Bandcamp:
Coloured Vinyl at HHV.DE

Red Manor Records (HQ Vinyl, Cassette, MD)

Candy Apple Blue (New CD)

00:00 Why?
00:46 Dead Media Tapes
06:33 Camera of Sound
09:33 Red Manor Records
13:38 Candy Apple Blue
16:06 Credits

Pioneer RT-707 7” Reel to Reel
Panasonic RQ-830S TNT 8-Track
Sanyo Micro Pack 35
Victor RC M90 Boombox
Sony WM-D6C Pro Walkman
Victor XM-D1 MD Recorder
Sony PS-F9 Vertical Turntable
Sony LAM-1 MD/CD Recorder
Panasonic SA-PM50MD Mini System
Sony ICF-CD2000S travel CD player
Superscope PSD300 CD player

Yes the tape counter on the RT-707 needs a new belt. One day I’ll get around to it.

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Over Time – Vibe Tracks

—— Outro Sound Effect ——
ThatSFXGuy –

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Q) Why are there comments from a week ago when this video has just gone live today?
A) Patrons usually have early access to videos. I’ll show the first version of a video on Patreon and often the feedback I get results in a video going through further revisions to improve it. e.g. Fix audio issues, clarify points, add extra footage or cut extraneous things out. The video that goes live on youtube is the final version.

PFAQ (Predicted FAQ)
Q) Why is there a picture of a cheese sandwich on screen at the beginning?
A) A cheese sandwich indicates that this is a quickly-assembled video with few frills. There might be the odd dodgy edit and/or sound glitch.


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  1. 11:33 well the problem is: Once you start a music label you are not anymore underground because you have to accept the rules of the big copyright companies like GEMA, BIEM, BMI, ASCAP and all that crap. Nobody needs those actually, but their monopolistic behaviour destroys free art quite extremly and it's sad to see others just joining them and joining basically the dark side.

  2. I miss the puppets.

  3. Good songs. Will check them out.

  4. Jesse Lawson

    Didn’t you put that CD in the mini Sony system?

  5. Lars Hammer Andersen

    Does anyone know how to software reset the Panasonic SC-PM50MD?

  6. That synthwave cassette was magnificent.

  7. seadragon1012

    well that's my music sorted out for the next while. I've just gone and followed all the artiest in this video, they all sound great!

  8. The Good Spirit

    I'm with Mike! That Panasonic cd and mini-disc play was awesome.

  9. Man Count Bass D is on Camera Of Sound? The guy is a legend! He also made my favorite track from MM…FOOD (Potholderz).

  10. Check out the Techmoan merchandise I just bought:

  11. Arthur Williams

    And now I'm jamming to Vogue Machine. Thx

  12. Mickey Rourke

    I never seen 8-track player or tape and I'm not so young. Were they only popular in UK?

  13. Another fascinating look at interesting releases. This is starting to remind me of a John Peel style interesting releases format. And I think that's good.

  14. I'll just say WoW 😍😎

  15. Collectertron

    I have a random question do you know where can you buy cases for mini disc?? If ya know please tell me 😊

  16. I really wasn't expecting jazz spastiks on this channel. Massive respect.

  17. Thomas Toler

    I really enjoy your videos and am appreciative of you featuring people the way you do. I tend to stop watching for awhile then binge all I miss. Thank you for working hard on each one.

  18. The steve standard anthing goes

    I want links to the bands

  19. Poor guy, sends Techmoan a box of Mark Ronson and probably a gushing letter about how much Mark Ronson means to him. Makes me appreciate my own life more.

  20. Chris de Wolf

    Mark Ronson is an evil genius, dragging people down into drug abuse while making great music.

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