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I am Deidra Perry. I drove a bus in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in Qatar. I currently drive a bus now here in the States after four years of being off on worker’s comp, due to the fact that I had an accident. I had a drunk driver rear-end me while we were in Afghanistan on the German base. I came to find Mike and he reviewed my case, he reviewed all my documents, all my medical reports from the Canadian hospital in Dubai, from my soap reports that were from Afghanistan from the medic and from the PA, that is part of the medical staff there in Afghanistan, and he said “Let’s take your Case”, we succeeded. What I recommend him? Yes I would, to everybody because this man is not only a good attorney, he is honest, he cares. He’s one that I could text in the middle of the night or email in the middle of the night, even if he’s in another country, and he will answer me back. Any concern I had, he would answer me. He was there to help me, and for me to find an attorney that is honest, has dignity, cares, and treats you as if you’re family — that’s the attorney that I want because I’ve had a terrible attorney that didn’t care, that all he wanted was to collect hours just to get paid a check, and did not do anything. Matter of fact, he left me on hold and I got worse and worse and worse, to the point where I was nearly almost on a walker. Page composed with the free online HTML editor . Please subscribe for a license to remove these messages from the edited documents.

Only a select number of law firms in Texas or elsewhere have the experience, skill and tenacity to handle complex domestic and international personal injury claims. At Doyle LLP, our attorneys have earned the respect of legal peers and clients across the United States and throughout the world for obtaining significant jury verdicts, settlements, and judgments on behalf of the injured and grieving.
At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, based in Houston, Texas, a central focus of our team of attorneys is taking decisive legal action for victims like my client Deidra.
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