New 'Person of interest': Local attorney explains why fiancé of Gabby Petito should come forward

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  1. Darren Masom

    Their is a way more to this story than being told .
    Why would they be living in a van for two years engaged.
    Looks to me like mom and didn't like the engagement and she left but mom still.let her have a van .

  2. feel so bad for the boyfriend, clearly gobby potato a very disturbed and dangerous individual attacked brain with deadly force and he had to defend himself rightfully I still feel bad for the clearly criminal gobby RIP IN PIECES Gobby Potato

  3. What a coward !!!!!

  4. Honeybush Vanilla

    Lol disbar this clown

  5. How he is not a suspect..? He is the PRIMARY SUSPECT!

  6. What a garbage lawyer.

  7. Idris Mammedov

    Fuck Brian’s rights in any other country police would beat the shit out Brian so he could tell what the fuck he did with her??

  8. paulsmithinform

    Dishonest reporting. Shame on you for not presenting the police incident honestly. Journalism is dead.

  9. Richard Tata

    Burn their house down

  10. Someone pointed this out in a previous video. In the "Fox 13 News Utah" video, at the 1:12 mark, you can clearly see what looks like "666" tattooed on the deputy's left hand (between the thumb and forefinger). In this case they look like reverse 6's in a circle but the tattoo is definitely there. I don't know if it means anything. I've also read that apparently satanic worship is a thing in Moab. There were two newly wed (same sex) girls who were found murdered (shot to death, partially clothed), camping in their car. The last time they were seen alive was on Friday, August the 13th. Gabby and Brian were there in Moab the exact same time and they were camping in their van, registered to Gabby. I think the Police Body Cam is dated 8/12/21 when they were pulled over by the Moab Police because of a complaint someone called in who witnessed a physical altercation between Gabby & Brian. Guess where the altercation happened???? In front of the Moonflower Co-Op store in Moab where one of the newly wed girls found shot to death on 8/15/21 worked! I don't know but it seems like a lot of weirdness and sadness. May those murdered girls RIP and I pray that Gabby is somehow found safe.

  11. Collecting Snowflake Tears

    Worse lawyer in America. Never trust a lawyer that suggested you speak to police.

  12. I mean… it makes sense why he is staying quiet. I’m not defending him. Except, why would you speak up if it is only going to incriminate yourself?

  13. Copywriters Conclave

    At first I thought he definitely killed her. But after reading through many comments, it's certainly possible she might have accidently slipped and died while hiking, perhaps jumped and committed suicide, or left with another man and is now missing. Any one of those scenarios, any information he gives to the police will only increase his risk for prosecution. Imagine if he's innocent, he tells police where he last saw her and they find her dead body. Now, they can say, "you led us to the body you're now a suspect," potentially life in prison. But again, I think most people would say the right thing would be to help with the investigation, and that's what an honest fiance who loved Gabby would do.

  14. Question all mainstream news. What are they doing right now behind the curtain while we all focus on this case? 👀 probably just another occult sacrifice publicized heavily just like the Chris Watts case.

  15. the reason brian looks so guilty is because he returned by himself with the van, no sign of gabby at all. of course he’s going to be someone of interest, he’s the last and only person (that the police and public know of) that saw gabby.
    if anyone knows where she last was it’d be him. yet, he’s not cooperated with the police at all which makes him look guilty by default.
    his situation is pretty bad, he’s naturally the main suspect but has made no attempt at clearing himself. i’m not saying his guilty, there’s too much information missing, for all we know he’s with his lawyers trying to see what to say and planning on releasing a statement.

  16. Julie Brandt

    Being silent just makes him look guilty of something horrid!!

  17. Jonathan Ferguson

    What a misleading headline. The lawyer says he would advise a client to NOT talk to the police.

  18. Feel for that kid, most likely did nothing and the entire internet thinks he did because of all the crime shows they watch lol

  19. Jonathan Ferguson

    I encourage all of the sanctimonious commenters to come forward and confess to all of the crimes they have ever committed so that they can be brought to justice.

  20. Jean Baughman

    does Brian's Attorney seem like a bit of a doofus? Possibly he isn't very experienced.


    Police should have arrested them both in the traffic stop when they were fighting.

  22. D Legionnaire

    The Mercenary old school Brutal Martial Arts action now on vod and Amazon prime starring a former 2 REP French Foreign Legion Sniper MARCH OR DIE ………….

  23. If he was black he would’ve been questioned by now

  24. LiftingMechanicGarage

    Like if Brian is a beta 👍🏽

  25. MotherOfOdysseus

    What about the girl seen in Lodi??? I'm gunna keep asking~

  26. What is this bull ….

  27. pintchou snami

    brian is looking for a plea deal for a lesser sentence

  28. As an attorney you know that is not good advice if that was ur client
    His lawyer is telling him to keep shut.
    Of course it would be great but his lawyer will not let reason is all about rights and laws

  29. Yeo Wee Huat Huat

    He murder her!

  30. If you watch the police video she attacked him and assaulted him but he chose not to press charges. There is two sides to every story.

  31. Marietjie Hildebrandt

    Does he think he can just remain in his house for a few days and then carry on with his life as before?

  32. Seems like these two just weren’t ready to start adulting. Reminds me of the Johansson case back in ‘86.

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