New Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Ep. 3, Part 15: Cody's Photo

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A video walkthrough for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS. Episode 3: Turnabout Samurai, part 15 of 21.
In this part, Cody testifies that he took a photo, but he lies and says he erased it. Phoenix concludes that the person in the Steel Samurai costume was the victim, not the defendant. Cody reveals the photo, which shows that the victim died near Studio 2. So, basically, the entire case has been turned on its head again.


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  1. "Please explain so that I might be shocked along with the rest of the court." xD! I love the way you read it too!

  2. I'm surprised that Phoenix wasn't plannig a victory-dance when he found out that Cody DID take a picture

  3. Why do you feel the need to reveal the ENTIRE plot to the case in this comment? Lots of people who haven't beaten the game post crazy theories in the comments – I know I have in the past – and it isn't so that people can correct them. I don't want to be mean, but you REALLY shouldn't post spoilers like this without AT LEAST putting some sort of spoiler alert above your comment. If people want to know the ending to the game, they'll watch the whole walkthrough or play it themselves.