New Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Ep. 5, Part 42: A Message from the Deceased

A video walkthrough for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS. Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes, part 42 of 52.

In this part, Phoenix makes conclusions based off the new information about the unstable jar falling at the moment of the murder. These conclusions are that the body was moved after the murder, the murder weapon must be the sword on the statue, and that the murderer is…Ema?

Ema faints, and Lana protests vehemently. Edgeworth comes up with some evidence to support Phoenix’s claims–the blood stains on the unstable jar. The blood has since been wiped away, but when it was fresh, it spelled out a name: Ema.

Chief Gant then appears on the scene and turns things around to make Edgeworth look bad. Clearly, Gant wants to ruin Edgeworth’s career after all that has happened. The first half of the last day of trial ends here.


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  1. It's actually pronounced Em-a not E-ma

  2. Spelled it out in the iOS version, and still got a strike.

  3. You said that in every trial the witness is the murderer, but that is false, as there are 2 exceptions. Case 4, PW:AA, Von Karma, the Prosecutor, was the murderer. Case 4, PW:AA Justice for all. The defendant is the murderer.

  4. The HD app keeps cutting me off on the message halfway so I can’t complete the message and I get penalized

  5. newstarcadefan

    You know….if you look back at Turnabout Sisters…most of the same things had happened. If you remember the perpetrator put Maya's name on a piece of paper trying to implicate her. The same with the Vase holds true. The perpetrator had done the same thing.

  6. I dont know why the crowd is calling joe darke innocent. I mean, he accidentally ran over someone and killed 5 witnesses! I wouldn't care if he didn't kill officer marshall! I would want him executed!

  7. OriginalAkivara

    …Wait a minute. It doesn't make sense for Neil to write down Ema's name as the murderer! Weren't he and Ema on good terms? He had to have known it was an accident! (Plus, how would he have reached the vase from where he was?)

  8. OriginalAkivara

    Can't the judge hold the audience in contempt of court for not coming to order? (Also couldn't they have used the luminol to find the name?)

  9. 99fireandice


  10. MissDorkyBee

    Thats what I was wondering too, so Are you going to upload the rest of it??

  11. are you going to upload the rest of it?

  12. PythianLegume

    Lana was biting her thumb at Phoenix!

  13. icklesquish89

    Still waiting for the answer! 🙂

  14. justletmesingmysong

    If Marshal Wrote Ema's name in blood on the Jar why didn't they just use the Limanol (sorry about the terrible spelling :P) that way its proved. I mean i could look at those dots and make several things out of it. Just saying 🙂

  15. hahaha at first i thought that was an actual ema voice bit xD

  16. Mother of Cats

    I'm still confused how Ema would be the murderer. I could use a Professor Layton explanation 🙂

    Please! As fast as you can upload the videos! I wanna know what happens!

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