New Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All with an Actual Lawyer! Part 24

Here’s the 24th episode in our Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice for All with an actual lawyer let’s play series! We have our real lawyer to playthrough the Ace Attorney franchise and show us just how realistic is the court system depicted in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney as well as our professional voice actor voice all the roles! In this episode, we FINALLY wrap up all the loose ends in Turnabout Big Top and get to tell Regina to always watch her back.

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Here’s a list of credit for all the people who have sent in submissions for us, and links to where you can find more of their amazing work:

And I wasn’t able to put it in the video, but shout out to cROAissant for their art of Magical girl Fran!

And here is the Anytown, OH Wiki made by Dinku Dankey!

00:00 – Gameplay Start
36:04 – Art Time!

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  1. If you like the series, follow us on Twitch so you can watch us record it live!

    And if you'd like to chat with us, join our discord here:

    4:03 – Magical Girl Von Karma
    6:05 – Of all the detectives on the force, Gumshoe is… one of them.
    11:34 – We accused the Judge
    23:43 – We're on the Sigmoe Grindset
    26:52 – We tell Regina to sleep with one eye open
    33:19 – Chris joined the call and confused the hell out of us
    42:22 – This fanart broke us lol

  2. Adding to the wiki that Chris now canonically appears in AAwAAL

  3. Since Acro accidentally killed Russ in the process of trying to kill Regina, based on what I've learned of American law, wouldn't he be guilty of attempted murder and felony murder? Since he killed one person in the pursuit of committing the unlawful act of killing a different person.

  4. Daniel Dugovic

    You had your chance to break up the circus (after the case if you don't convince Regina).

  5. ShadowoftheMask

    Ya know, I think I've kinda realized second thing about why you always find culprit in the court besides the "murder mystery satisfying ending" factor in these games:

    Like 99% conviction rate in Japan kinda means that even if you got not guilty verdict, prosecution can ask for retrial and defendant is likely to end up as guilty anyway because system is so biased versus defendant <_< So because they always discover the actual guilty party in these games, that always leaves defendant free to go cleanly without doubt

  6. Rustic Debris

    Considering Investigations 2, I don't think Max's idea to make the Circus the best in the world pans out… (If you don't want spoliers don't look further into this)

  7. Unsolicited Chris cameo

  8. So why do you guys still have an issue with Regina? I mean, her worldview was the result of her father wanting to protect his daughter.

  9. No joke, acro is one of my favorite murderers I'm these games. His breakdown is one of the best. It's so fucking good, man. Him streaming tears and the music going quiet really got to me.

  10. 14:58

    Like a fat hog

    I'll go willingly to horny jail, I'm sorry, but that joke was too perfect to miss.

  11. Blighted Admiral

    Acro can definitely fit a HUGE bust under that blanket

    Also Wes’s line delivery on Acro’s explanation was so good

  12. Someguyhere111

    Acro: "You and Franziska, you worked really well together."

    Franziska: "That was not intentional!"

    Maya: "Wow, Franziska saw THAT far ahead? She's impressive."

    Franziska: "Stop praising me!"

    Phoenix: "I know, right? Franziska really cares deep down, huh?"

    Franziska: "I HATE ALL OF YOU!"

  13. @hinatas_oj | Yanyan

    They should definitely play Your Turn To Die! All three of them don't know anything about it which makes it better 😳, but ofc only if they want to 😁

    I still and continue to enjoy every content they make 😁😁

  14. Sonic & Tails X

    Glad you guys are finally done with this case and I can't wait for the last case!

  15. Indigo Milkcap

    I changed my twitch name from indigetlit to something much easier and less embarrassing to pronounce

  16. and from one of the worst cases in the series to one of the best
    looking forwards to farewell, my turnabout

  17. The one person who doesn't deserve going to jail, goes to jail

  18. Tomoko Joestar

    (light spoilers ahead for the best case)
    It's named "Farewell, my Turnabout" because this is Phoenix's character arc and a very important case that establishes his beliefs as a person. Phoenix holds this case very deeply within his heart calling it his "own turnabout".

  19. Manuel Garcia

    Francisco picked the wrong court case to have film live on television everyone know she got beaten by a spiky hair rookie named after a city and a mythical creature. And also admitted that she got beats in twice now by the same person

  20. GameFacier Glitches

    Regina: "Bat is still alive?"
    Maya: "Always has been."

  21. And thus the worst case in the series is over and done. At least recipe for turnabout has more funny characters

  22. The biggest question is how Acro got down 3 floors with a bust under his chair without anyone noticing 1. The weight of a heavy bust or 2. The bust making a ruckus. Not to mention any traveling to the prosecutors office and court.

  23. Wesley D. Ellison

    Funny story: I was playing this case with a friend and we kinda had to speedrun the ending since it was getting late. When we got to the point where we had provide evidence that Acro didn't want revenge anymore, I wasn't paying attention and accidentally presented the note calling her a murderer😂! No special dialogue, but we were just on the floor laughing as Regina was bawling her eyes out!

  24. 26:22 "Don't spill over cried milk."

  25. Reaper of Things

    Well unless you guys are planning to play the Edgeworth games as well, you won’t be seeing Regina ever again. I was surprised to learn that she does in fact show up again, 1-2 years after this case, putting her at about 18 when she reappears, ever so slightly more mature, though she believes there might be castles made of cake somewhere in the world and that rabbits in Zimbabwe talk. I have a feeling I’ve heard something like that second one before but no idea where lol. They basically decided to make her like Luna Lovegood for her reappearance but more grounded in reality.
    Edit: 29:38 she took the phrase “The Show must go on” a bit too literally as a coping mechanism. Which is kinda sad honestly

  26. Me: Huh, Turnabout Big Top really isn't that bad when watching them play it

    Man, you really went right for the jugular with Regina! I always feel bad giving the mean answers in games, so I'm glad I could experience Phoenix being a savage like this lmao.
    But aahhh right now, I'm just so hyped for the final case! Especially for the voices the defendant and a certain other characters will get. And of course for all the in-jokes that will happen lmao

  27. TheTelepathicKid

    yay Moe more Turnabout Big Top!

  28. Jsyk, the floofy yellow dog in the Great Dog Attorney art is someone that appears midway through Resolve (I skipped the first game because I want to experience it with y'all). On that case specifically, I hope the one "German" witness gets an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

  29. Not going to lie, I’m actually not a fan of Acro. However, Wes’s performance actually made me a little choked up, something not even the anime could do. Fantastic job Wes. 10/10.

    Also, kinda interesting that they play the turnabout samurai reminisce theme at 16:31. I guess it fits pretty well.

  30. 11:50 Fun fact, the judge will actually give you a double penalty here because he is so enraged by your accusation! But since you don't have enough hp you just jump to the game over screen before he can give you that second penalty.

  31. Depressed Kermit

    12:00 ah, it sucks you couldnt see the rest of the dialogue.


    J: WHAT'S THAT? YOU WANT A DOUBLE? HERE YOU GO! another penalty

    P: double arghh!

    of course it didint happen cause one penalty was enough to make you lose… 🙁

  32. When I replayed this game, I made sure to have a full health bar until the end of this case since you can actually survive the judge's double penalty if you do

  33. Iced Mocha Art

    32:40 wait i said the exact same thing at the exact same time that was scary

  34. 1:19:52 You deleted my PÈÈ

    i will get my revnge for that

  35. DanGamingFan

    This was legitimately the only time that I've ever felt sorry for the real killer. 😔

  36. Iced Mocha Art

    6:20 Gumshoe is the most detective ever

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