New Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Parrot Presentation, Yanni's Confession – Episode 42

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With the case unable to get any flow due to the caretaker we worry about how we are going to proceed until the wild option is given to us by Von Karma of bringing the parrot to the stand, with that we present Polly and prove via her responses that the Caretaker and Yanni Yogi are one and the same….


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  1. Karma:(Pulls out gun.)You say anything in court and you will die. Polly:Polly
    Karma:DO AS I SAY

  2. "I set my ATM card's number to "0001" because im number one!"

    -Prosecutor Von Karma

  3. Mia, where are you when Phoenix needs you! I know that Maya is out of practice with her training, but she came right when you nearly lost! This must be that time. There is no other way.

  4. i suspect the accusing guy of the muder of the guy's father, because taking your only vacation, and a long one only once in your life time makes it so obvious, like he's spenting time to plan something I bet.

  5. This is a first…. I've never seen a lawyer cross-examine a parrot….. Only in a Phoenix Wright game.
    I knew The caretaker was not feeble. Now to prove, even to Edgeworth, that he didn't kill his Father. I think that will be relevant really soon.
    I just love how Karma shakes his finger at Phoenix like he is a child.

  6. You can burn your fingerprints off! I didn't know that was physically possible.
    Von Karma's a bird whisperer now!?
    THIS wackjob got a wife, and SOMEHOW was able to raise a child with her!?
    Well, I think it's time to pay a visit to the ATM.
    And finally the truth is coming out, whether that is a good thing, we shall see.

  7. Cross examining a Pet would NEVER fly in a real life court case…though then again the stuff Von Karma pulled with the taser wouldn't have either because I'm pretty sure an evidence room would have security cameras.

  8. "This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" Same, Von Karma. Same.

  9. Of course fingerprints don't work. 😐
    Thank you for the idea, Von Karma. :3
    Von Karma even messed with the parrot! XD
    Ponderzandri's pondering paid off!
    Case files are important.
    Omigosh, is the Judge actually pulling through?! YAY!
    Finally, he admits his name!

  10. So close to the end of this case, yet so far away. Oliz, you have no clue just how much you messed up on this cliffhanger. If you waited 2 minutes more you would have a cliffhanger that is 10 times as good as this 1.

  11. "Sees the thumbnail" Yes! Time to cross-examine Polly the Parrot! 😀
    And Phoenix gets straight to the point… And Herr Von Karma is playing dumb…. I think I'd like to defenestrate Herr Von Karma… He kinda deserves it… Turnabout Goodbyes, aka "What has Herr Von Karma done this time…"
    Yeah, right, Mr Yogi… And Herr Von Karma's joke offer has been accepted… Now it's time to Cross-Examine Polly! 😀 It is crazy, but it works. 🙂 Maybe Herr Von Karma has retrained the parrot? It's ridiculous, but fun! 🙂
    Best Testimony ever! 😀 The DL-6 case file might be helpful…
    The image of Herr Von Karma threatening Polly the Parrot with a gun…. XD
    Connection established! 😀 Yes, the parrot is named after his dead fiancée… Actually, there's an interesting head canon that the names that Yanni Yogi gave to Phoenix and Maya (I.e. Meg and Keith) are the names that he would have given his children had Polly not committed suicide…

  12. 😀 Yet another fantastic episode from my personal favorite YouTuber.