New Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice – REVIEW (3DS)

Does Phoenix Wright’s latest adventure carry on the spirit of the series? Or is this one trial that’s just not worth investigating? Find out in Ted’s in-depth review of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice!

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  1. When they said a shitty review I think at this video

  2. AA's Soundtrack is never weak.

  3. Kaue Gonçalves

    Damn this review is baaaad.

  4. Very good review.

  5. Man I came here thinking this review would be a disgusting thing deserving of a dislike but I was surprised lol. You bring up valid points and there are some things I can agree with, mostly with the characters.

    I do disagree with some of them, like the ost being the weakest and the final case being a mess. Some of the remixes of previous songs are fantastic, and I love most of the new themes as well. The final case got me on the edge of my chair the entire time, and that made Spirit of Justice fight for first place on my favorite AA game, alongside T&T. Perhaps because I'm willing to give a free pass to this series' over the top and complex mysteries, that's what makes it so engaging to me.

    Edit: Also SoJ > Any other AA game > DD
    thems the facts

  6. Can we all agree that Ted should stop reviewing games?

  7. Music is weak

    coming from a series that is praised by its music

  8. …this is literally the best game in the series.

  9. Jared Glasser

    Are we serious right now? This review does NOT deserve >1000 dislikes like what???? Almost all of the points he brought up were substantiated and reasonable criticism of the game. He didn't really back up his points on why he thought the story was bad, but he was clearly trying to spoil as little as possible so t hat's okay. Disliking a review because you disagree with the reviewers opinion is in incredibly bad taste… reviewers are SUPPOSED to bring fresh viewpoints/perspectives and make you think. I'm even more disappointed with YouTube comment section than usual.

  10. Heba Batayneh

    Why don't you say more positives

  11. Video Amateurs

    SOJ is my favorite game in the series tbh. Yea, some of it was tedious and annoying, but damn the overarching plot was amazing. The fact that until the final case you thought Dhurke was a fucking asshole, and then he became one of the best characters in the game was amazing too me. The soundtrack is probably better than JFA.

  12. Y’all. If you feel like playing this game, go for it. This review is just someone’s personal opinion, and it should NOT sway how much you want to play this game. Now if there’s a bunch of reviewers giving negative reviews, that might be a different story. But most reviews I’ve seen on this game have been positive. Go for it if you want to play it. I personally enjoyed it a lot.

  13. Am I the only one who likes fingerprinting sections (・∀・)

  14. MrEisenhuth1

    This review is pretty accurate. Im a big fan of the series but I found this to be a slog. The only trial I enjoyed a lot was the multi personality actor.

  15. Joseph Turzitti

    While Ted gives a negative review of Spirit of Justice, the commentors give a negative review of his review. Wait, what?

  16. Videos like this are the reason why Dual Destinies was so disappointing as a sequel. Because it barely referenced the other games.

  17. A Nintendo Fan Kinda Guy

    I really don't get why they brought back the 5 strike health system. The healthbar was obviously an improvement and allowed for varying penalties, so why go back to the worse way? It's just like how you can't present profiles. Presenting profiles was an improvement over the first game, why'd you take it out?

  18. Best game in the AA series!

  19. RedheadButNotReally

    I just finished the final case today and I have to say I disagree with Ted on MOST points. The fingerprint dusting is bullshit and Turnabout Storyteller is easily the worst case in the franchise (yes, worse than Big Top), but I honestly didn't hate this game at all.

  20. Dude. After watching your live debates abour ace attorney there's NO WAY you think this game is bad. There's no way. It's no Trials&Tribulations but fuck me if it's not amazing.

    This is wrong. But hey, that's the internet for you. Sometimes one has to disagree.

  21. Yknow what. I'm confused. People either Really like this game or REALLY dislike it. I haven't heard an "it's ok" review yet. That's weird.

  22. Jackson .Ireland

    I want to disagree with you ted but I can't, I really didn't like this one. Sorry fanboys it's not that good.

  23. "The final case in particular is perhaps one of the worst the series has ever seen."
    Come again? The final case is among the best and most loved cases ever, how could someone hate this case?

  24. im sorry ted i know you have yr own opeion and tats fine but i just cant agree with you here i really enjoyed soj and im just sorry you didn't but anyway just keep being you ted youll no judgement from me

  25. Wow. Disliked, I hardly see that, anyone else feel bad?

  26. Eh, I like this game. <3

  27. bitter towards a series, much?

  28. Dragoner Productions

    Try not to shove your fucking opinions in the review, this just shows extreme bias.

  29. Last Son of Tennessee

    I personally like the game overall, but I do agree that most of the gimicks were annoying (especially the fingerprinting) and though I like Prosecutor Sahdmahdhi as a character, that line ("His main characteristic is saying mean things to the defense and being bland to everyone else") is sort of accurate.

  30. Having played through the game, my counterarguments:

    * Why make such a huge deal about the fingerprinting, it happened 2/3 times and lasted 5 minutes tops!

    * Bad storytelling and no character arcs: Just not the arcs YOU wanted. Apolo, Rayfa and the kingdom take center stage and grow immensely. ( Phoenix and Maya were done after AA 3, that's why AA 4 feautured apolo! )

    * No returning characters from the previous case:
    Inherent to all detectives. The point is judging and getting to know the suspects, once all the cards are dealt and you've shown
    their true colours, their story arc is done and you need new people. (this is why I dislike Lotta, Old bag and Larry, I know they
    can't be the killer!)

  31. PhantomDragon3

    I totally disagree I love SOJ's soundtrack I would even call it the best of the series.

  32. Now that I've played the game, I've come back to this review to see your side of things, as I can better understand your opinion now that I've experienced the game for myself. I'm not going to dwell on your presentation or how you talk; I'm sure other commenters have already yelled at you enough for that. Anyways, here I go (Spoilers Below!).

    (Everything I skipped is stuff where I agreed with you or is subjective stuff. Such as personal interpretations that one can't really argue over)

    4:30 – I actually think this game's VA is better than Dual Destinies… Dhurke, Nahyuta, and Rayfa's voiceclips all sound fairly natural. Garan's special quote also sounds pretty cool. I'm not saying that this game has excellent voice acting, but it is a start.

    5:46 – This ultimately comes down to gameplay experience, but I never had any major trouble with the Seances. I had about as much trouble with the Seances as I had trouble with other mechanics in other Ace Attorney games.

    6:116:28 – This is where I wish you would elaborate and give more detail. To me, the Mood Matrix feels the exact same as it does in Dual Destinies. I wish you could've spent more time and given ways to make the Mood Matrix feel more involved. I can kinda see your point, but without more details your point falls flat.

    6:41 – This may be just me, but I never really found the Apollo segments tedious at all. Usually, I can just scan notable parts of someone's character (For example, Dhurke's Cast or Amara's Plate) and find the twitch. If it isn't that, then I scan the hands and the face. Ultimately, you don't scan every part of someone's body ,but just scan areas where they're likely to express their nervousness.

    6:52 – I honestly don't have any real problems with how Psyche Locks were implemented. I do miss the non-linear nature of the Psyche Locks, but it isn't a major issue to me. Plus, I think it would be hard to implement them like they did in the original games as well, for Phoenix only has three investigations segments through the whole game (The Two Days of Case 3 and part of Case 5). Case 3's 1st day of investigating was limited to a total of 4 Characters (Those being Datz, Maya, Rayfa, and Behleeb). There isn't really any opportunity to add Psyche Locks to make non linear investigations (As Maya is in Jail and Rayfa is your assistant). A similar lack of characters persists during the other two investigations segments. Ultimately, I feel like they would have to shoehorn characters or tack-on unnecessary Psyche Locks if they wanted to make the investigation segments non-linear.

    7:03 – The only time I had trouble with the fingerprint-dusting was during the segment in Case 5 with the suitcase. I found the fingerprints, during the other segments, were placed in fairly common locations. I didn't have to dust the entire coffin because the fingerprints were where I expected them to be. For example, the coffin's fingerprints were on the door/hatches, which is the first place I searched. I figured the first place someone would touch would be the door and the hatch, since they'd try to open it. I do completely agree with you though for the segment in Case 5, that was a terrible slog of a segment.

    8:429:00 – I wasn't expecting Phoenix to have any character development in this game. To be frank, I don't expect any major development from Phoenix for the rest of the series. Phoenix had his development through Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations, and ,to a lesser extent, Apollo Justice. If ,by some chance, you end up reading this post Ted. Can you tell me where or how you wanted to see Phoenix develop? Because, to me, there is no-where for his character to go.

    9:06 – Agreed… Hopefully Athena will see some development in the next game (Now that Apollo is in Khura'in, they can put the spotlight on her).

    9:18 – I disagree… While I agree that Case 4 is filler, I don't think it's the worst filler case in the series. I actually enjoyed the case, despite its lack of story contribution (Seeing Simon, Athena, and Nahyuta all play off eachover was great ,and Uendo was a great witness). Meanwhile, I didn't enjoy Case 2-3 (Also known as Turnabout Big Top) at all (Big Top also contributed to the story about as much as Case 4 did).

    9:45 – What exactly was retconned? All we really knew about Apollo before Spirit of Justice was his family (Lamiroir and Trucy) and his best friend (Clay Terran). If you're asking why Apollo never talked about Dhurke or Khura'in before, then the game explains it as Apollo not wanting to talk about his past. I know you couldn't go into major detail in this review, but I wish you could've provided more information. I'm curious what this "Huge Chunk" that they retconned is.. Once again, should you see this post Ted, can you elaborate?

    10:27 – While I originall found Nahyuta's overbearing aggression unlikable. Once it was revealed he was being forced into doing it (As Rayfa was being held hostage), Nahyuta was atleast partially exonerated in my book. I still don't find Nahyuta to be a terribly interesting character, but I don't dislike him either (I think he's average, just like Klavier). I do find his relationship with Ema Skye interesting though, certainly wasn't what I was expecting when i first saw him (He and Ema, on first appearances, didn't seem like a good match to me).

    11:08 – Once again, if you see this comment, please elaborate Ted (I know you couldn't in the actual review because of spoilers). I found Case 3's plot twist interesting ,and I thought it was a good way to rally both the player and Khura'in's citizens against the DC act. Plus, suicide has never been done before in the Ace Attorney Series as a major plot twist like this. Ultimately, I thought it was a unique, clever way to end a case.

    11:1411:49 – I wish you could've expounded upon this whole segment. Anyways, I didn't actually predict a few of the major twists (Though to be fair, I did predict most). I also didn't really see the faults of Khura'in's morality within its legal system. The game, atleast in my view, expounded upon Apollo Justice's and ,to a lesser extent, AAI2's message of "The Law is what we make it". Ultimately, I consider this case to be a solid finishing case… Not an incredible finale, but it still had several nice moments (Such as Apollo's response to Dhurke's Death and Rayfa disobeying Gar'an). They even managed to make a book end of AA4's ending. The law is always changing, and it is up to us to make sure it is a good change.

    Doing this has made me realize one thing… It is a bad idea to do spoiler free reviews of story heavy games. Due to the spoiler-free nature of this review, Ted never got a chance to expound his points or explain the problems he had with the story. He was forced to simply say vague statements like "The story is uninteresting" and leave it. Ultimately, I hope you'll get a chance sometime Ted to better explain your opinion. Though I disagree with your assessment of this game, I do want to hear it. I always find it interesting to see other people's interpretations of the Ace Attorney Series.

    P.S: Just to show how SoJ ranks compared to the rest of the series (My opinion of course)… I'll rank every game in the series that I've played using the GameXplain rating scale.

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Liked it
    Phoenix Wright: Justice for All – Mixed Feelings / Ambivalent (Has one meh case, one good case, one terrible case, and one great case)
    Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations – Loved it
    Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Liked It
    Miles Edgeworth: Investigations – Mixed Feelings / Ambivalent
    Miles Edgeworth: Investigations 2 – Loved it (Favorite Game in the series)
    Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies – Liked it
    Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice – Liked it

  33. It's been three games since maya returned

  34. This was a good review Ted, I definitely agree with you on the lack of subtlety within Khura'in's legal system. Based on the events of the third case I was excited for some really interesting moral quandaries between a corrupt government and a violent revolutionary group, but, as was made clear in the final case, the Defiant Dragons' practices ended up a wholly innocent initiative led by a bog-standard leader that could do no wrong, not even to the adopted son he forgot about for tens of years. Ace Attorney as a whole, it seems, has a violent reaction to ending any story with the least amount of nuance for its characters, and as the series has expanded to bringing down an entire legal system, this one-dimensional view of justice and truth has never been more jarring.

  35. I completely disagree with almost everything in this review:- The music imo is the Best in the series!- The story as a whole is the best in the series- The final case is among the best 3 cases in the series- The fourth case is really enjoyable and funny- The characters were great and more memorable than in the most other games- The Divination Seances were pretty cool and I didn't have any problems (neither with the few fingerprinting sections)- The game probably has the overall best cases in the series.

  36. Punisher_skull13

    as a fan of the series, that also i've played all of the games this one game i found it amazing and moved me as much as the first series even though i knew many times more or less the outcome, so i dont agree with you in like 90% of everything you've said, the soundtracks were really good too, this game i would rate it 9/10 it was much better than the gyakuten kenji 1 and 2 (yes the number too was in japanese and wasnt released in to the states) and the dual destinies, so im sorry but in my personal opinion your review doesn't hold water sonny

  37. I loved this game personally

  38. The soundtrack is weak? As if. All the themes for our characters are better than Dual Destinies and the cornered heart theme is absolutely amazing for serious moments.

  39. Spirit of Justice was incredibly gripping for me. Never before have I been so invested in a story. Then again I knew nothing about the plot or mechanics before hopping in and buying it… I just knew I liked Ace Attorney. Perhaps that's why the reviewer didn't find it to his taste. Games do always seem better when you know nothing about them.

  40. DoctorOverbuild

    I finished the game yesterday. I liked it a lot. Dual Destinies should be played first at the very least, Apollo justice too if possible. It fixed a lot of the issues with Dual destinies. Sure it's not perfect but it's still great. For those who hate this review I have one thing to say. Let it go, and move on.

  41. Splotchy Ink

    Personally, I think the review was a bit harsh. As a long time fan of Phoenix Wright, I actually really liked the game, even if the 'tacked on minigames' were there, I felt it was "refreshing like a cool breeze". And the 'filler' wasn't that bad at all, it's not the best, but I heavily enjoyed it, and it had a couple of very memorable characters (and the return of Simon Blackquill was amusing in his own ways).

    Though I do feel that this game will be very decisive, but I don't think it's deserving of the "Dislike" rating. Though, these are your own subjective opinions and I respect that.

  42. NotAGoodUsername 360

    "The music is meh and none of the tracks stood out to me"

    *loudly plays "A Cornered Heart" on a boombox*

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