New Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trailer E3 2005 DS

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  1. Khalid Ibrahim

    This is year 2001-2005 most greatness one man lawyer heroes name is Phoenix Wright.

  2. Gamer Larxene

    The law has never been this fun.

  3. Okay sure spoil Mia's death. Why not? Smh

  4. They used music from Trails and Tribulations for the first games trailer…hmm…🤔

  5. Where’s the ost

  6. Definitive Dubs

    "So you're this Wright character everyone is chattering about?"

    I'm guessing whoever wrote this didn't know Edgeworth already knew Wright. Or they didn't want to spoil it. I also love how this trailer makes Frank Sahwit look like the main villain of the game.

  7. Robikku Pegasus

    One of the best point/click adventure games of all time!

  8. Richard Hieu Le

    Ahhh the original trailer for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. This was my 1st exposure to the series back in 2005, and I have been a fan ever since. I bought an issue of Nintendo Power back in 2005 that came with a promotional DVD showcasing all the games and trailers that were going to be announced at E3 that year. I didn't pick up the game until much later, but I can easily say that it is my favorite game series of all time!

  9. purplemonkeypants AJ

    2017 and Ace Attorney is still cool.

  10. "You're lying, dammit! And I can prove it!"
    OOoh I love that that quote is in the trailer.

  11. Franziska von Karma

    "The law has never been this fun."

    Damn straight.

  12. Throwback… and now we finally have an anime tear

  13. gabriel rodriguez campos

    "You're lying, dammit! and i can prove it!"
    actually, that sentence exists but in the second game: justice for all. its in farewell, my tornabout… xp

  14. The beginning….

  15. Man these drawings were so shit back then. Good thing the actual sprites look awesome

  16. TheCactuar124

    They used a remix of a song used in the third game for the trailer of the first game…LOL.

  17. James Porter

    What's the name of the music at the start?

  18. I like this one

  19. the begining of a legendary legend……………..

  20. what is music

  21. TheSuperthingymabob

    … This came out after the original, Japan release of T&T…

  22. Nikolai Sletten Overvik

    No. Not even close.

  23. clicapitaine11

    parle français !!

  24. clicapitaine11

    Les chips vaincrons !!!!!

  25. They didn't "took it out".
    That's the five case (Rise from the ashes) from the exclusive Nintendo DS port.

  26. "The law have never been this fun" lol just like CSI "Crime investigating have never been awesome"

  27. "The law has never been this fun"


  28. HandheldGamer1991

    i have the biggest grin on my face and i feel like an idiot XD
    i love those games 😀

  29. …No bro…

  30. Objection! The Trials and Tribulations game was out on GBA before this trailer came out. Therefore, there's no way the idea for Pursuit Caught in T&T used the song because of this trailer!

  31. TheSuperthingymabob

    OBJECTION! There is a reason behind every contradiction. If you cannot explain your mistake, then your testimony cannot be trusted!

  32. TheSuperthingymabob

    OBJECTION! I didn't say it changed the point, just that it is a contradiction.

  33. Isak Sandgren

    Actually, T&T was released in 2004 for the GBA. The remix of the song was probably made in 2005 for this trailer

  34. TheSuperthingymabob

    OBJECTION! T&T came out in 2004 in japan!

  35. luccagiovani

    "The law has never been this fun!"
    They are right, if law were really this fun i would be a lawyer.

  36. This game changed my life and my friends' . When we are having a class discussion, my friend just shouted "Objection!"

  37. @fucker194 true history

  38. You're kiddin' me Wright? They used the Cornered theme from the 3rd one in ALL the AA Trailers, I bet some people bought the game only because of the awesoe song there are

  39. Sharon Cahyadi

    @Sammyboy3273 I think it's the 5th case, rise from the ashes

  40. Mark Wareing

    when do you get to examine the evidence like in 1:01 to 1:07

  41. Robin Jacobs

    I don't think I've ever found a game except this one, wich i finished in one go without ever getting boredof it (well I was close to letting the game rest for a while half through the last case, because it seemed to go on and on).

  42. @Zeehoos OBJECTION! I already proved this was like this on the GBA trailer of Gyakuten Saiban 2 for 2002! Your objection has just been objected!

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