New Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Walkthrough Gameplay Part 10 – Case 10 (PC Remastered)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 No Commentary on PC in 1080p 60fps (HD Remastered Adventure Game 2019) (Trials and Tribulations Episode 1)
This is my original and completely edited guide that excludes mistakes and long loading times for educational purposes.

● Recorded with Mirillis Action
● Edited/Rendered with Adobe Premiere Pro CC



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  1. 44:51 Just keeping my progress

  2. As soon as I first saw Hawthorne's face in the court record…

    …I knew she did it

  3. Asriel Dreemurr

    Sorry to interrupt and spoil…. But Dahlia Hawthorne is the real culprit.

  4. But Wright isn't innocent, is he

  5. Why did Wright kill the guy? He did, didn't he??

  6. Ethan Constantinescu

    people lowkey simping for dahlia

  7. SuPaRn0oB Gaming

    God dammit Phoenix, stop being accused of murder for once, wait i can't say that yet, it will break the timeline.

  8. Steamworker Evolair

    Ahhh, after the last trial it's really nice to have a nice simple case where Phoenix is nearly convicted of murder. Tis refreshing!

  9. scrambled eggs

    Why is nobody talking about how Wright ate a glass jar and is completely unaffected?? This man a t e glass. Is he okay?

  10. random person: u should really stop seeing that girl..

  11. Mum: nightmare nick doesnt exist
    nightmare nick: 1:04

  12. Tena the Umbreon.

    Young Nick is so cute, innocent, and sweet. Am I the only one who wants to hug and protect him?

  13. Cupofspiders

    Payne’s hair was the real loss, not some umbrella kid.
    like he must have paid a lot for that look

  14. Timestamp

    39:56 payne moment
    51:54 phoenix’s first ‘hold it’
    1:03:51 phoenix’s first objection
    1:21:36 Payne loses his hair
    1:23:52 foreshadowing much?

  15. i like how both mia and phoenix are nervous

  16. Christina Jean Claude

    phoenix I'm coming to save you!

  17. No wonder Edgeworth was always pissed off of Wright

  18. Mia's confident animation is just the "pushes up glasses" meme without the glasses

  19. [ace attorney] Lord Fawful

    41:02 save

  20. Why does it feel so strange seeing young Wright lie?

    Also, wtf Wright. SIMP

  21. So, this is why Phoenix Wright didn't go ooh-la-la over April May. He learned to not be a SIMP.

  22. Mia: "That "P" on his chest doesn't stand "Phoenix" anyway!"
    Me: "Then what the heck does it stand for?"

  23. Sees young Phoenix.
    "Aww, he's actually nice. 😊"
    Sees young Phoenix lying.
    "Dammit, Phoenix. 😑"

  24. Aliz Jelasity

    1:06:50 I ATE IT kajxbsjajba I can't believe you Phoenix…

  25. So many modern references in the remastered

  26. TrixAyan22 [GD]

    Wow…. 3 breakdowns in 1? impressive!

  27. Super YT-Viewer

    I am not sure if Phoenix did this at the beginning

  28. TheYumeSharkoogan

    1:02:29 Anybody with a actual brain at this point knows that its the charm Dhalia gave Pheonix…. wright?
    im sry i had to do that joke.

  29. Oh no! The butterflies are having body spasms!

  30. Captain Obvious

    I love how he is called the rookie killer (Payne) and this is just his 2nd year in prosecuting

  31. herr forehead

    phoenix why must you hurt me in this way
    edit: at 38:10 rn and i mcfucking hate dahlia already, she just feels like shes gonna end up committing tsumugi on me and i have no idea why

  32. are we all going to ignore the fact that phoenix was an art student?

  33. BoldAndBrash

    Doug was the only one aware of the fact thar dahlia is a bitch

  34. Okay but the fact that the one person privately investigating Dahlia, one of the only people who knew she was a murderer and master manipulator, just happened to be poisoned. And basically every murder she’s been a suspect of as been because of poisoning. How did people not realize “Ya know there’s a good chance this bitch did all of them”.

  35. Reaper Reyes


  36. People named dougie or Doug has been murdered by dahlia

  37. ShadowDragon9090

    To this day I still wonder why phoenix didn't use this 5th amendment right

  38. JackJacksleyJackslington

    When I saw Mia in the thumbnail preview thing for this video, I was really hoping they'd bring her back somehow. Like maybe she wasn't fully dead but just in a coma or something idk. That's the one thing about this trilogy so far that I've just really not liked. They killed off a main character that was close to both Nick and Maya and aside from when they first discovered her dead, it never really seemed to affect them all that much. Her death was such a dark thing that didn't really fit the tone of the game… I mean sure people have died in the cases but those were all nobodies that the player didn't care about. I guess it's made a bit better by the fact that there is, without a doubt, an afterlife of some kind (hence the spirit channeling and whatnot) so the whole thing is made a bit less dark but it still never really sat right with me…

  39. Monochrome Math

    Guys, what if u get a guilty verdict here?

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