New Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 – Case 6 (PC Remastered)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 No Commentary Case 6 on PC in 1080p 60fps (HD Remastered Adventure Game 2019)
This is my original and completely edited guide that excludes mistakes and long loading times for educational purposes.

● Recorded with Mirillis Action
● Edited/Rendered with Adobe Premiere Pro CC



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  1. Rebecca Cothron

    im 6 minutes into the case wth is happening

  2. (Spoiler I suppose)
    Was Wellington just hoping the court would ignore the savagely attacked and possibly dead attorney lying in the courthouse. I mean if Phoenix had died or been badly wounded by that hydrant, while Maggey was still in detention (not to mention there’d be no reason for her to attack her own defense attorney), there would probably be a whole other investigation. Not to mention a missing fire-extinguisher covered in his fingerprints and a second premeditated murder or assault added to his sentence. If you think about it, he was almost lucky that Phoenix was more or less ok afterwards, except for the fact he was still able to defend

  3. Poor Gumshoe I felt so bad for him, and they played such sad music when they were making him explain Maggey’s relationship

  4. Vilma Quiachon

    Brain.exe has stopped working

  5. Cultureghost

    The case that added to Phoenix Wright's durability feats.

  6. yes its Nando


  7. yes its Nando

    Normal people: not a lot of 'hold it'
    This guy ' HOLD IT' everytime lol

  8. yes its Nando

    Wait I'm confused. He got hit by a fire extinguisher and he lost some of his memory? How is that possible?

  9. there's one thing I don't understand. wasn't that police officer girl at the crime scene? how did that guy pushed the victim, went down and wrote her name to the ground and all while she was present? how come she didn't give a testimony?


  11. If one day you feel like you're bad at your job, remember that Winston Payne lost a trial against a man with an amnesia so severe he couldn't even recall he was a defense attorney.

  12. Patryk Adamczyk

    If only Payne had the *updated autopsy report*.

  13. DaFoRk_Zen 16

    Not even 30 mins into the case and Phoenix with amnesia already wrecked Payne

  14. I like how Payne's entry just says "Generally bad" (9:08)
    This man really is just the tutorial prosecutor.

  15. Flameycrafter 564

    I am fully convinced that Payne could kill an entire courtroom from screaming “ObJeCTioN!” As loud as possible, if by chance anyone survived they would instead be paralised from shock.

  16. Cupofspiders

    Where can I get that Steel Samurai ringtone?

  17. It must be very embarassing to lose to a rookie who has amnesia.

  18. timestamp(short)

    55:56 payne makes a somewhat true point
    1:00:32 phoenix recovers from amnesia
    1:09:01 phoenix STILL doesn't remember payne

  19. lissanis Angelica

    I feel like Phoenix can beat Payne in any state.Drunk,Deppresed,And even dead.

  20. A Capitwoolist Sheep

    Seeing the witness have a breakdown was the most satisfying thing I have ever seen

  21. Richard Wellington is Wendy Oldbag and Redd White's son
    change my mind

  22. DiegoAndre123 jhh

    49:34 Wellington Mini-breakdown

  23. I love you gumshoe stay precious

  24. Payne shouldn’t be called The Rookie Killer, not a clown, but he is the whole Circus.

  25. Why does this chapter looks like a filler lol

  26. vincenzo dilena

    Meanwhile in parallel universe

    this proves the witness

    Hates gloves

  27. ugh why does it feel like someone hit me over the head with a fire extinguisher?

  28. Richard Wellington, you dropped this, it's the biggest d$$k-d$$$$e award.

  29. Plungeddrop Yet

    Can you believe the fact that this is one hour and the others are like 6 hours!

  30. Bruh they added mr.payne AGAIN

  31. Just a thought about Phoenix' Amnesia: Case 6 took place in the second game, and is the first case to the second game. In this case, Phoenix has Amnesia and has basically lost basic knowledge, but that's the thing, *IT'S THE START OF THE GAME*, therefore, A TUTORIAL FOR NEWCOMERS. It's a genius touch to give Phoenix amnesia as a tutorial for the people who are unaware of the second.

  32. Haruka Mitsue

    Just finished Case 5 and THANK GOD IT'S ONLY 1HR

  33. This is just impressive that wright can win the case while not remembering anything

  34. the killer looks like kakyoin

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