New Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney with an Actual Lawyer! Part 28

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Here’s the 28th episode in our Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney with an actual lawyer let’s play series! We have our real lawyer to playthrough the Ace Attorney franchise and show us just how realistic is the court system depicted in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney as well as our professional voice actor voice all the roles! Damon Gant throws us for a loop in the courthouse and we get back to investigating the case… as well as Edgeworth’s office.

We record the show live on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm EST, so feel free to watch us play and interact with us in the chat on our twitch at:

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Also, check out Wes’ podcast to hear more from him:

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  1. If you like the series, follow us on Twitch so you can watch us record it live!

    And if you'd like to chat with us, join our discord here:

    8:10 – The number is…

    12:07 – The judge forgets who Phoenix is

    12:57 – Wes’s Lin Manuel Miranda impression

    14:15 – Y’all playing Nier replicant?

    15:11 – Words are hard for Zak

    19:42 – Ema savages Meekins

    27:09 – Ema Skye is the new Bill Nye

    28:07 – The game developers learned a new trick

    31:23 – Phoenix drinks Luminol Fluid

    39:16 – We gotta luminol Edgeworth’s room

    47:18 – This week’s Fan Art!

  2. Chief Gant reminds me of the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Not Holy, not Roman and not an empire but damned sexy. I blame the tie.

  3. Let’s just appreciate that he takes the time to rewatch 2 hours of footage to edit it

  4. Oh boy, oh boy, oh BOI! I am super glad to see another episode! I know I mentioned it before, but you guys are doing a great job! Quick question: Ideas for other games?

  5. Ahh, this episode was chill! I'm in a bit of a weird mood lately, so this really cheered me up!

    Gotta say, I love Wes' voice for the female characters a lot. They're all very easy on the ears, which is important with all the girl in Ace Attorney lmao Even made Meekins less grating, and that's an achievement! Gant sounds hot, but like.. that's a given lmao
    Count yourselves lucky that I genuinely don't have much to say about most of case 5. No 400 word spam for the time being lol

    I really enjoy the fanart segments on the end every time! I have yet to draw you some, but I'm happy you guys react to what the more productive fans (holy shit, I wish I was as fast as you guys gjifgkdf) draw. Always a bunch of really fun stuff!

  6. Everytime I look at Jojo's sketch of Gumshoe I get so much s e r o t o n i n. He looks like a happy little puppy!

  7. Remember this thing that was in orange text that we showed you a few minutes ago? Good times right? Well, here's an unnecessary flashback to that thing even though you probably already were trying to get through the options to point out that exact thing…

    Also, remember that it was in orange text? Orange text means it's really important. If text is orange, then it's likely to come up in about 30-45 seconds when you point out a contradiction that proves that the orange text was indeed important…

    In other words, Ace Attorney won't use 10 words when 100 will do…

    Also, they shoot you for that in Texas.

    Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department.

  8. I really can't wait to see Prij React to the prosecutors of the next 2 games I don't care how long it takes I'm willing to wait
    Also since DGS is finally localized I'm also excited to see you guys react to Van Zieks too