New Piles of Lawyers, who won't be named, DISAGREE with GUILTY charges?! (Lauren Southern on Chauvin!)

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All these supposed lawyers sure do sound like every right wing racist for some reason
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  1. Imagine believing that the cop responsible for Floyd's arrest was found guilty on all counts by a jury that didn't want their city burnt down

  2. I thought the nazi was banned from travel to Australia.
    I can't wait until an Aussie pops her.

  3. The system allowing ‘bad thing’ doesn’t excuse those who do ‘bad thing’. Therefore the individual needs to be charged and the system needs to stop allowing ‘bad thing’. It’s so incredibly simple. By this logic the Nuremberg trials were a disaster for the allied forces because they convicted nazis instead of excusing them because ‘the system’. Though I assume she believes the Nuremberg trials were a disaster I think she might have a different angle on that one.

  4. “Because they have to create problems to make money and get political power”. Projection much? Someone returned to doing the same ol’ same ol’, because she wasn’t making money acting like a decent human being.

  5. We get it, right-wing nutjobs are racist. Nothing new there. Why are we giving them even more attention?

    Frankly, I'm looking forward to more videos about (Canadian) working-class issues with meaningful calls to action re organization, mobilization etc.

    Cheers, all the best.

  6. Lauren could barely keep her mask on for 5 fucking minutes after crawling back out of that bog.

    "Facts don't care about your feelings" really fucking came around to bite the right in the ass. If only they had self-awareness…

  7. Well at 4:35, that point is valid in a way. There will be PLENTY of people who "absolve the system" (incorrectly) based on this one verdict. She said something correct, but still managed to be wrong overall/miss the point.

  8. Damn can't believe moving to the upside-down racist anglo island didn't cure Lauren Schutzstaffel of her racism.

  9. Conservatives assume that individual crime and systemic failure are mutually exclusive and that we're the hypocrites for trying to tackle both.

  10. I'm glad Lauren Southerns pivot from far right white nationalism to moderate centrism has gone so smoothly.

    I just had no idea lying about blood toxicology and making up fake lawyers to defend the murder of black people captured on video was now a moderate centrist position. I mean it must be a centrist position since Lauren Southern is saying it and she's a moderate centrist.

  11. Republicans: "Oh, thank gawd BLM exists, because I was exhausted pretending that I cared about MLK, amirite?! Those quotes are hard!"

  12. The money won't stop coming in. We figured out the way to win elections at a greater rate. I hope this doesn't jinx 2022…

  13. The right: we will win no way he will be convicted…
    The right: he was convinced we won! the left lost! ….
    Fragile fools .

  14. So wait. She claimed that the guilty verdict proves that the system works. But earlier she implied that the verdict was only the result of thugs intimidating the Jury, implying that otherwise Dereck would have received an innocent verdict, in which case the verdict was about to prove that the system doesn't work, until protestors applied pressure and corrected its course? She can't have that both ways

  15. What was REALLY strange was that in the trial their previous relationship was never brought up… Chauvin and Floyd knew each other, they worked together, they had some serious beef, Chauvin openly hated Floyd when they worked as door men and if I remember correctly tried to get him fired !
    Was NEVER mentioned in the trial at all ! WTF ??

  16. Flipside: The defence were so desperate to get Chauvin off the hook that they used arguments based on systemic culture and environment to try to absolve him of responsibility. Or MAYBE most people can hold more than one idea in their head at a time. Maybe, just maybe, admitting systemic and environmental factors in behaviour doesn't absolve people of all responsibility for their actions and activists can want to address both the causes and effects of police violence.

  17. Are we even going to address the fact that Lauren is definitely coping?

  18. I’m living in Oz and she is so fringe only a tiny amount of loony RWingers would know who she was……or people like me who follow the loons.

  19. She says "they wound people up for years now, telling them they need to riot, scream, shout, and burn for justice."

    Oh, so she does recognize that Floyd's case and this single cop wasn't the only thing BLM had to go on. Imagine torpedoing your own narrative in the same video immediately after setting it up.

  20. So let's rewind the clock several decades: A black man is lynched by a white guy. Is this idiot seriously going to argue that that white guy shouldn't be tried and convicted just because the silly lefties think that there are issues of systemic racism intrinsic to the society he lives in?

    Who am I kidding, drop this muppet back before/during the civil rights era and she'd be right there in her white hood.

  21. What's the deal with the exaggerated arm movements? Is this interpretive dance?

  22. Jeebus, this woman is completely delusional. I guess that's the main feature of the grift though. they all need to scare those clicks from the right-wing believers.

  23. Why would anyone listen to this dummy about anything ever? She makes my brain hurt.

  24. "they could have blamed the system instead of Derek Chauvin" We would ALSO like to see basically every police department brought to trial for allowing dozens and thousands of murders, but in this case we also want individuals held accountable AS WELL AS systems.
    Also, how about, instead of focusing on how the BLM movement, which is ALSO NOT A MONOLITH, has handled and reacted to the events, how about… you just, join us? Like "here's all these things the police department did!" Yes! That fucking sucks! Policing as an institution has a disgusting trend of this, which is why we want the whole thing torn down! "And that's why this single guy shouldn't be held accountable for murder, is what I think you're saying" NO WE AREN'T YOU BLEACHED ASSHOLE

  25. Interesting how all grifters pretend to not understand the difference between systemic and institutional racism…

  26. She claims not to have listened to pundits then tells us what pundits have said… she can't even stay internally consistent…

  27. By saying the conviction of Chauvin is a "disaster" for BLM, they're basically showing their hand and proving that they themselves are people who only exist to make money off of crises. Because that's what they do, so everyone else does it too, right?

  28. The verdict wasn't even in before a video of cops abusing a solider came out and a cop mixed up her taser with her gun and killed a man by mistake. Don't worry Lauren, the cops are making sure we get an endless supply of shit to be mad about.