New Plasma and platelet donation

In addition to donating whole blood, you can also donate plasma and platelets for infants with severe infections, cancer patients, burn victims and others. It takes less than two hours of your time and makes a big difference in their lives.


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  1. november9err

    Which type of donation improves the blood glucose level !?

  2. How many days after donating blood platelets can be donated?

  3. Itz me Amrutha

    I'm O+ve Universal donor…❤

  4. Tarun Chauhan

    Thank you very informative video as recently my son has been also diagnosed with Thromobcytopenia and at first we didn't understood the severity of the disease but as health started to get bad we started to get tensed and I thought of alternative treatment on searching I found about Planet Ayurveda through their treatment we were able to manage his health. Thank you for the video got to know more about platelet.

  5. Harikrishnan Chandramohan

    Can't we do blood, bone marrow and platelet donation simultaneously. or only one is possible?

  6. Top Standard Videos

    I want to donate plasma.

  7. Top Standard Videos

    I want to donate my bone marrow but i need some money

  8. during this covid19 pandemic. Sick people are been treated with plasma from recovered patients, because of the antibodies benefies. I have a question does the type of blood of the plasma receiper needed to be same as the blood type of the plasma donor? Or can I patient type A+ be a donor to an ORH+? since the transfusion isn´t of the whole blood, but only plasma?

  9. mountain dew!

  10. Jhonatan Balbuena

    el poderoso amicus

  11. Who is still watching during coronavirus march 2020?

  12. Thx for all who donate blood 🩸
    I really I’m sick do need plasmas every week save my life
    Without plasma I do dip bleeding from my mouth 👄
    It’s very nightmares…!

  13. anangelsstar

    im AB+

  14. i heard that regularly donating blood highly reduces crerbrovascular disease risks. Does that make sense ?

  15. I donate twice a week, every week. So that's 104 times a year, not 13

  16. Prolly are donating twice a week , what's the cost for this long term life?

  17. Paige soCandy

    Dear ,
    Aboriginal man and woman ! do not donate a drop of plasma do your research on how powerful you truly are that plasma is more valuable as gold!Do not giving it away to people without a soul that would'nt even lift a finger for you 🙁

  18. I am AB, universal plasma donor… 😅

  19. Jhong Manila

    I donated plasma twice a week is this ok for my health?

  20. vamshi krishna

    Just donated blood platlets

  21. Marvz Barrameda

    im B+

  22. David Fellows

    This,i believe is bad for the donner. They taje all the good stuff out of your blood and return the garbage. Giving whole blood on the other hand is good for the donner. It removes ot only red blood cells and platlets but also lipids both good and also forces your body into ketosis if only for a while. I fast but not after blood donation because you get the same sort of reselts.

  23. Just curious to why it is not as necessary for those with type O blood?

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