New Pro-Trump Election Attorneys Face Sanctions For Bogus Lawsuit | MSNBC

A federal court in Detroit is considering whether to impose sanctions on attorneys including Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood over a suit seeking to decertify Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan and declare Trump the winner.

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Pro-Trump Election Attorneys Face Sanctions For Bogus Lawsuit | MSNBC


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  1. Maudetta Walker

    Until all of the USA put the head of this mess in prison we will never have peace and love to begin 💔 Lock him up!!!

  2. Pedro Nieves

    They have tape you said that don’t hide now be a men

  3. Rexroots Kitesurfing

    Lock them up

  4. Rexroots Kitesurfing

    Hahaha 🤣

  5. Its only bogus because all judges are to trans to take it up. I think something is crawling up their skirts

  6. You aren't journalists! Just talking heads without brains!

  7. Trumpista lemming professional liars…disbarr them.

  8. Janet Neighbors

    Lawyers are not above the law and should be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the United States law!!!

  9. Beautiful Rosemary

    The ratings dropped after Trump's administration left and Biden took office. Now they're back to covering Trump 24/7. It's gross!

  10. Leonard Planck III

    You’re scared audits are finished. Watch for more cyber attacks and false flags.

  11. As an interest by stander when will these apparent Solictors be held to account?

  12. David Stambaugh

    Why sanctions when jail time is only just outcome?

  13. SoonLeng Poh

    Only in America… 😂

  14. Peter Morton

    Crook's and Criminal's the real crook and the real criminal still getting away with it all why everybody else pay his price

  15. One by one they will come for them

  16. atomicmozart

    X22REPORT (dot) COM
    real Information – wake up

  17. Robbie DeMoss

    Anyone promoting election lie should be held accountable

  18. Yeah your going on and on.

  19. That pos trump can so easily manipulate and brainwash these people, it's unbelievable. This is Jim Jones (People's Temple) all over again.

  20. Ricky Ricardo

    74,000 more absentee ballots were counted than were mailed out in Maricopa County

  21. william louie

    No Consequences! These lawyers get to walk.

  22. Steve McFarland

    Sure we believe you two.

  23. James Harmon

    I suspect the reason so many believe these lawsuits have merit is BECAUSE the system did not immediately respond appropriately to these frivolous lawsuits.

  24. duke morrison

    Just what we need. Another “wine and cheese party” hack lawyer with “good knee pads” who was a “bag man” for the boys downtown couldn’t “cut it” in the real world promoted to the “Bench” by some corrupt politician looking to “stack the deck” in his favor. This is what passes for the Legal System today. Judges who want to “legislate” the law instead of interpret the law.

  25. Kathie Autumn

    And we’re still waiting to hear what they found on Giuliani’s seized devices.

  26. Jim Coughlin

    Lin Wood was portrayed by Oscar winning actor Sam Rockwell in the movie “Richard Jewell”. Zero chance Rockwell will reprise his role if this lunacy ever makes it to the screen.

  27. whatsyurprob ?

    Not hard to do when the case is heard by hand picked COMPROMISED judges.


  28. Native Texan

    Oooo now there is an evil face!!! Lin Wood should be imprisoned. And an attorney who doesn't proof read his pleading or statements should be disbarred and jailed!

  29. Clutch Cargo

    These shysters should have been disbarred long ago.

  30. norman brown

    These Trump Lawyers are still Practicing the Rule of Law, not Knowing the Facts.

  31. Jelly Nacino

    A lawyer cannot cite anything in his legal brief that are not supported by hard evidence!! A new lawyer knows that legal requirement by heart!! These lawyers who claim innocence are off their rockers!! They should be DISBARRED!! Pronto!!

  32. Angus MacPherson

    Please please just lock up the entire Trump crime family.

  33. You always have consequences for your actions & they will always catch up with you in one form or another . What gos around , comes around .

  34. The Morally Superior Democrat

    Linn wood is a man of God. That's why the demons don't like him.

  35. Cisco de la Vega

    take away their licenses to practise law and disbar them. Now!

  36. "Judge Linda V. Parker was nominated by President Barack Obama to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on July 25, 2013" this lowlife is an activist not a truth seeker.

  37. Waldemar Marchesi

    Lmao , silence the opposition something a communist party would do ,

  38. Joe Stalin would be so proud. Arizona audit says what?


  40. If there’s no investigation then you can’t prove they’re wrong.
    Recounts and RLA’s are not forensic audits so the obvious course of action would be a full investigation.
    If they want the American people to have faith in the election process then allow states to perform audits if that’s what their constituents want.

  41. When you lack integrity as the GOP does, political affidavits are as good as legal evidence. They know better than to take them before a judge. Was there any chance that the outcome could be any different, really?

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