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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.


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  1. Bitcoin has really stood its ground and would keep breaking grounds, investors sure knows how profitable it is now. My advice to everyone is don’t just buy and hold bitcoin, Trade it!

  2. scammers are down here ,be carful !!!! righting about expert… bla bla all one big scam!!

  3. You realize crypto is the beast currency right? Nothing noble about it. Time to buy more as they debase the dollar into oblivion and turn the US into a second rate super power.

  4. Don't rule out the SEC simply withdrawing the suit if they think they may lose. They can always refile later. Doing so would still leave a cloud over Ripple. The SEC could use that as leverage to gain a more favorable settlement in their favor.

  5. No settlement. We need clarity from the judge. This set a precedent for all other possible court cases.

  6. First: The SEC are NOT a reputable agency. They are used like the IRS to beat people (read:enemies) over the head with self-generated rules and regs. Secondly: They are carrying water for the FED because the FED is losing it's foot-hold on global finances of every type. XRP will essentially make conventional remittances, cross-border payments, and cost of transference into dinosaurs and anachronisms. There is no need (Use Case) for these parasite agencies used as weapons of the deep state criminals.

  7. SEC = EMBARRASSMENT organisation bunch of legal try hard wannabe gangsters!

  8. Flock the SEC, I want to see those thugs for hire by the Wall Street crooked Barons come out of that courtroom with their rat tails between their legs but only if Ripple has some cajones…

  9. Looks like they want one CBDC and nothing else – TO CONTROL EVERYTHING & EVERYONE!!
    New Classification All Coins a SECURITY
    CARBON TAX 15-26#
    KYC – new stronger regs.

  10. The SEC Gary Gensler’ wants the whole of the Crypto Assets space under and defined as a Security… meaning everything and every digital asset will be a SECURITY what ever the fact! Its the only way they can save face and heavily REGULATE!!! He’s an idiot, this will be the death of the crypto innovators and entrepreneurs in the US and they will all relocate to either UK 🇬🇧 , Switzerland 🇨🇭 or Malta who all promote crypto with brilliant exemptions from capital gains and income corporate TAX…

    XRP will be okay as already have offices in London and Switzerland… 😁
    No one in the right mind globally will follow all the US regulations Im afraid the USA will be left behind as all other Crypto hubs are years ahead and regulations are strong but not impossible!!!

  11. Considering the SEC is a tool of that same World Financial System that people want XRP to be adopted by… I'd say most of you just aren't getting it.

  12. The market is all about bitcoin at the moment,It is important to have different streams of income and also a diversified portfolio I've already invested in bitcoin trading which is very profitable been earning much more than a bitcoin hits 53k and it still going much more higher

  13. Is this a delaying tactic while a rival business can set up their own 'ripple/xrp' exchange ? It appears to make no sense otherwise ?

  14. This will become a blockbuster movie one day. Brad Garlinghouse stars as Brad Pitt

  15. i want the case to go to court so the SEC will be humiliated and debunked. Most govt agencies are a joke! How do we even let these clowns run our country?

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  17. I don’t really prefer unicorns but I will ignore that part of your videos. Keep up the good work.

  18. How you demand paperwork from other countries.. who made SEC the U.N. of the world's financial system.

  19. the animal is just passivized , not dead .. it will create networks and grow big to its potential

  20. The stock market doesn't care if you're smart or have a degree from the best school. At the end of the day, stock trading is a contest of discipline. Ultimately, those who do the best manage the risk/reward relationship the best. And that takes more than just intelligence. Fortunately for me I came across Nancy Jane Gluck while searching for answers on the internet. Under her tutelage I was able to avoid making mistakes and looses.


  22. @Moon Lambo
    You are about as real to the Real Moon Lambo as I am to Clint Eastwood. Now crawl back under that rock you fiend

  23. it‘s clear to me that we have zero clue about whats happening behind the scenes! my guess: its all about the escrow XRP and a nice mountain of money the sec can make by fining ripple🤑🤑🤑

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  25. If U.S political hands is ready to use XRP they will make s.e.c withdraw from case, if they are not ready they will stall more till they are ready. You all understand one thing that they making plans over XRP.

  26. It is not an over reach, if they were funnelling money to get around the laws of the country where their company is registered than ya they have a valid argument, what this will lead to is the judge ordering the escro amount be held in the governments hold. This is what I as an xrp holder wants

  27. Hasn't it already come out in the media that the Treasury/FinCen will be bringing down regulations to pass on to the SEC? Pretty sure that was announced last week and Gensler is waiting on those insights… not sure if it was an official statement, but pretty sure it was reported that's how this is going to play out, and not just for #Ripple & #XRP, but for the #Crypto space in general.

  28. @Moon Lambo: Why the heck would you want to see a "settlement" instead of a total loss against this mafioso SEC??!! A settlement would mean that these creeps could continue such extortion tactics using the same baseless "legal" claims against ANY one else, giving their "legal" teams "legitimate" ways to extort "billable" hours over pure bulls**t…!!! Settlement hell! I say go for the Mike Tyson knockout…!!

  29. The thing is, the SEC could reasonably want to control companies selling crypto to raise capital especially if they "make" the crypto in a sense like Ripple and Ethereum foundation.

  30. Asshats in the SEC? How about the FBI, DOJ, IRS, NSA, TSA, ATF, did I miss any?😎

  31. We should be careful on money disposal , if you're not spending to earn or get back money, then stop spending.

  32. SEC are clutching at straws. They have nothing there just trying to dig anything up. It's time to drop this sham case. Over reach only being surpassed by incompetence !!

  33. The court case skirmishes are going almost too well for ripple….I hope this continues but am still feeling pessimistic to try stay level headed.

    Also xrp 2keoy

  34. As a fairly sizable XRP holder, i'd love to share your enthusiasm entirely but I think we're only hearing one side of the story. I remain conservatively optimistic but the major difference between ETH/BTC and XRP is that neither ETH nor BTC had a corporation/company driving them and selling them to investors. The key word there being, investors. XRP was marketed as a product to invest in and therefore, gave would be investors reasonable expectation of future profits.

    I think XRP is more than likely, actually a security and almost all cryptos are too for that matter. However picking ripple to lock horns with, was probably a mistake on the SEC's behalf. Their bankroll is enormous and anything but a clear win for the SEC, muddies the waters for any other potential crypto cases they wished to raise.

    I'd imagine the SEC had initially been hoping to target the personnel and the company (ripple), not so much the security , or would be security itself (xrp). However given the blocking they're receiving in discovery, it doesn't look to be panning out that way so far. A lot can change but I think your point is well made, if the SEC do scratch a win, or an admittance by Ripple that XRP is actually a security…the crypto world could implode in on-itself, over night. That's not to say it's the end, but it could mean a very painful short term price crash.

    I know that sounds incredibly bearish, but it's just a worse case! I expect a much more favorable result in the end. I have a large % of my entire portfolio in crypto, i'm not hating 😀 (It started off as a fairly small allocation and has ran rampant to claim a far larger share!)

    Apologies for the wall of text, I listen all the time and for some reason, never comment because I agree with everything 😀

  35. A settlement would be a loss for Ripple they are going to win the case because the SEC is garbage.

  36. The judge is going to ask again why they are seeking this information when it’s not a fraud case.

  37. Everyone keeps speculating "settlement"… What exactly would that look like; a fine? OK; how does a fine change whether XRP is deemed a security or not? XRP wont accept a settlement that includes that designation so the SEC will have to let the issue drop? I dont think so…

  38. We need a smoking gun in sec emails about xrp potentially being a currency or something that is contradictory with Decision on btc and or eth.