New Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Trailer

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Level-5 and Capcom team up for Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. In this trailer, Phoenix Wright points out a contradiction as Layton interrogates an accused witch.

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  1. The biggest proof that this was made early in development is the bell sounding in the background

  2. I'm still amazed by the excellence of this game. Really hope Layton (and Pheonix Wright, I suppose. Although I'm much bigger fan of the professor) franchise will continue on Switch

  3. I've wanted to get into both series, to get to know if I like them.
    Ever since seeing this trailer, I knew I wanted this game.
    It wans't until a few weeks ago that I bought it. I started the game last week, and have been glued to it ever since. I could not stop playing. the only thing that stopped me was the battery of my 3DS, school and sleep. To make up for this, I'd still play decently often with the charger plugged in, play on the way from and to school, and play before falling asleep.
    The story is great. You think you know things, then you don't, then you come back to your original theory, then it's broken again, and then there's an explanation that you didn't see coming at all.
    The cases are good. But the last one, I was completely gripped by it. The investigation, the interrogations, the accusations, and the revelations. All were put into this game with perfection. I loved the ending. Well done Level-5 and Capcom. What an amazing piece of art did you manage to allow us to play.

  4. Oh the nostalgia this trailer brings me, 
    It is like a bridge to my past.

  5. Finally got to finish that game here. Played through all Layton and Ace Attorney titles that were available in my country. And the crossover was also much fun. Had to rewatch that trailer that I still had stuck in my head. It's a shame they didn't have it as a bonus movie included. Loved the fun sketches of the protagonists in swapped art styles a lot though. X3

  6. When you realize that the music that starts at 2:12 doesn't exist anywhere in the game or the soundtrack.

  7. I literally just finished this game, and I just saw that I'm not the only one asking about where half these scenes went! 😒 Does CAPCOM do this a lot? Every other Layton game I've had has stuck pretty well to the trailer!




    One of the things i was most dissapointed in was the ending. Instead of this supernatural we get a perfectly fine explenation of how this was pulled of, i know its professor layton but come on.. Can't they make it like for one time supernatural. Besides i think that with all those invisable machines its very easy to bump into one of them. An actual city with magic seems more likely than that..

  9. Wow, it really is wild how different this is from the final game. I adored the game, but I remember watching this trailer when it first came out and I really like the look of some of these scenes actually; they're really epic. Like the scene of the four of them outside Labyrinthia, and with Espella saying she's NOT a witch and Layton trying to prove she IS, instead of vice versa like in the game (I know he does this at the end, but it's different context). Plus I really like that scene of them at the fountain, why couldn't we have gotten at least that? 🙁

    …Ultimately though, I think the reason I like the look of this the most is because Level-5 animated it. In other words, Layton looks like I'm used to him looking; in the game's animation he looked… off.

  10. going back to this trailer after playing the game, it's kinda shocking seeing Layton accuse Espella of being a witch.

  11. Wrong Dual Destinies was extremely successful for how in know the game was and THAT revitalized the series.

  12. I've been waiting for this game for 4 YEARS.
    I was an 8th grader back then when this video came out and now I'm a high school senior. u