New Promissory Note & Mortgage | Real Estate Exam

In this real estate exam prep video we dive deep into the promissory note and mortgage concept. Students will absolutely need to understand this for their real estate license exam. I highly suggest you also watch the deed of trust video. We also discuss several key real estate terms, including:

Promissory Note –
Mortgage –
Hypothecation –
Mortgagee –
Mortgagor –
Defeasance Clause –
Alienation Clause (a.k.a. Due-On-Sale Clause) –
Acceleration Clause – Assignment of Rents –

Best of luck with your studies…

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  1. The Real Estate Classroom

    Related Video: "Trust Deed" (Deed of Trust) –

  2. so… useful
    easy to understand

  3. Thank you for you great explanation on promissory 📝

  4. Great explanation. It make sense now. Thanks for the lesson.

  5. Angie Edwards

    This was really good, thank you for your detailed explanation.

  6. Your explanations really connects the dots. All these terminology make sense now. I love your videos and something about your voice that could keep me focused. Your videos are very concise, straight to the point, logical and flows well. I think you will become popular soon.

  7. Ola Fouad Khoury

    Always remember Mortgagor is the Borrower . Trustor is also the Borrower

  8. ComingOutOf Babylon

    I thought the mortgagor is the party giving the loan and the mortgagee is the borrower.

  9. Great Video. my test is tomorrow and mortgage and deed of trust had me confused! thank you, i feel very confident now!

  10. Premsagar975


  11. Subscribed

  12. Why aren't promissory notes and mortgage originals not filled with the county recorder office, it seems all are filled redacted?

  13. Leishla Zephirin

    I am so happy that I found your channel! Amazing explanation on it.

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