New QAnon Shaman's Attorney Makes Wildly Ignorant Claims

The defense attorney for the ‘QAnon Shaman’ raised some eyebrows with his recent comments. Adrienne Lawrence breaks them down on Rebel HQ.

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  1. Romantic Warrior1

    I said it once and will keep saying EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE,  from top down, who participated and/or enabled,  whatever MUST be charged, prosecuted and sent to prison for SEDITION and FELONY MURDER. 
    Want Leniency? taking the firing squad off the table.

  2. tcorourke2007

    They are either treasonous seditionists who staged an insurrection that threatens our democracy or they are crack pot conspiracy theorists to be mocked. They can't be both.

  3. tcorourke2007

    Do you really think his remarks were not carefully thought out?

    The fact that you are so smugly dismissing him makes me think he's going to win. As they say on TYT "Brace for impact!"

  4. I do not see why this Adrienne Lawrence lady is so upset. The lawyer is trying to get the jury pool to understand that his client has a major problem with making normal decisions. If you listen to the interview of this lawyer on CNN, he says he has tried to get the government to see this, but they refuse to see his client as insane…i.e. "crack pot." Thus, he is going to have to go to trial while others who are saner and do not wear horns on their heads get plea deals of 6 years. He must show to the jury that his client is being treated deferent because of his inabilities. There is no other defense for this guy and the government will not offer him a reasonable plea. So the lawyer is trying to get just one jury member to ask why is the insane guy/”crack pot” going to get 20 years while the other sane ones are only getting 6 years or just parole. As lawyer Adrienne you should hope for as good as representation if you ever are in a no-win scenario. This is what it means to be zeolite. But if you so smart Adrienne let us hear how you would keep his client from doing 20 years

  5. "Wildly ignorant claims"? Well, yeah…

  6. Richard Benz

    Being gullible and stupid is not a medical condition.

  7. Too many ppl try to say they are on the spectrum when they need to make an excuse for their terrible behavior but they are actually just morons!!

  8. Richie Tattersall

    Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.
    Charge every Republican in both branches of Congress that DENIED the Certified Electoral College numbers with Insurection and remove them from office.

  9. Alex Phillips

    What a self centered, condeceing, self important, blaick BAITCH!!

  10. “I see people with Asperger’s syndrome as a bright thread in the rich tapestry of life.” -Tony Attwood

  11. Pepper Watson

    Put him in prison and be front with his ass
    He can ware his wig for his cell mate

  12. Mic, drop.

  13. I am one of the Aspies who does appear to be a bit retarded at times. Yet even at my most chaotic moments my Apergers has never had any affect on my moral compass. Autism has some debilitating affects in a certain subset of Aspies, but moral bankruptcy is not one of those things. Quite the opposite, People with Aspergers tend to be more honest than average in my observations. We are obssesive about things that interest us, but insurrection and storming the Capitol has never made it into the DSM as a diagnostic characteristic in regards to Aspergers.

  14. It's like asking a judge to let a pyromaniac off an arson charge, an alcoholic off a drunk driving offense, blind person taking a city bus for a joyride, etc. Um, no. That is not how things work.

  15. thewrongstuff1

    Sure looks to me like his attorney wants to get himself thrown off the case.

  16. Ah wildly ignorant because YOU disagree with them… welcome to the America of the far left. 2022 is coming.

  17. Lynette Dundon

    Can't fix stupid.You can educate, but what good will it do?

  18. Michael Worse

    Drug addict , like most republican idiots

  19. Chair Yoga For The Ageless

    Good for you Adrian . You Rock !!!

  20. Jake, you've been eating baloney for years; enjoy the prison diet. Thank you, Ms. Lawrence.

  21. Shelley Messerli

    I hate ALL democrats of every color!!!!! I wish you would all move to China!!!

  22. Mic drop

  23. WOOO!🤷🏽‍♀️ 🎤

  24. Not for the first time have I watch this it's like the gift that keeps on giving 😂

  25. U go Girl

  26. U think a nutbar shaman would have a smart lawyer?

  27. The shaman's lawyer certainly hit the nail on the head…truth hurts, these Trump lovers are really missing a genetic link somewhere…Conned by the biggest con man ever..

  28. FUCK Q

  29. Jerry Williams

    Trump did not call for action democrats bullshit

  30. Jerry Williams

    Instruction my ass it's our house

  31. Hidden Dragon

    "All fucking short bus people" This is comedy gold.

  32. chris starks

    Lawyer should have used insanity

  33. aka bald middle aged shaman who lives with mum

  34. What an idiot!

  35. skylar mccloud

    She killed them all in 3:54. Gr8 video

  36. Diana. cop sing Rodriguez

    This guy was paid by CNN days prior to Jan. 6th. He's with the terrorist group antifa. He's a liberal liar!

  37. Demetrious Iron

    That’s my sister 👍🏾

  38. Robert Craig Dunklee

    Oh my God go after this idiot , You absolutely rock what you said is the truth.

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