New R. Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg reacts to new charges

R. Kelly`s attorney, Steve Greenberg, talks about how R. Kelly is devastated by the new charges. He also said he has not seen the videos yet that are claimed to be R. Kelly engaging in sexual acts with minors.


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  1. Sunshine Lady

    Parents are involved with handing over their daughter's for a set amount of money. Now they their hands are out. Along with other women who thought they were #1. Free Kelly! They set Bail for the people who stormed the Capital..

  2. i wish people would do there research before they make a opinion. Look at Prima Donna channel on You tub, look at Deboski on You tube, Look at DJ Tyson on youtub. These people have done so much research on this case. Then you will see the truth. R Kelly is innocent.

  3. Michael isaacs Michael isaacs

    Put it this way I win every criminal case they change me with. In the USA .why the news refused to ear my story

  4. Michael isaacs Michael isaacs

    I am the only man that .win about 19 state case .2 supreme court case 2 federal district court case in the USA. But the government hide it from the news.

  5. LMFAO, WTF dude in yella at 3:58 packin walkin all sideways

  6. he made so many hits & careers for people. I'm willing to bet they knew exactly what was going on and let it happen because they were getting clout off of him.

  7. zaria Cotton

    Yall need to investigate theses damn so call victims leave r Kelly alone with theses fake ass Chargers damn y'all sum extra ass people go find sum else to do n leave dat man alone in new York y'all also sum people dat don't hve no life all of you all coming with theses fake Chargers new york crooked as fuck n Chicago like for real coming with theses old ass fake Chargers against r Kelly go after theses lying ass girl's investigate them can you all do yall n do dat why you up here bother r Kelly with sum dumb ass fake Chargers

  8. NaturalStylez byMercedes

    Why isnt Greenberg doing his job? He needs to be fired.

  9. Delvin Townsend

    Money hungry bitches

  10. Delvin Townsend

    Free r Kelly bullshit since 90 heavy hitters lawyers

  11. Kimberly Pinkerman

    I have watched this lawyer in several interviews..i truly hope his punishment in hell will be watching his daughters walk into a locked room with Robert Kelly..and hearing the noise of what he does to little girls…and there will be a cop in that room with this lawyer who does absolutly nothing …this… I hope is his fate

  12. Delvin Townsend

    R Kelly have heavy hitters lawyers I hope he go free

  13. Theo Kgwathe

    that's what we call the Ameerican Dream

  14. It's TRUE he did it muterkelly

  15. Trance Trance 2


  16. Arleen Thomas

    That is bulshit come out of Steven Greenberg mouth back in the 90s R Kelly ain't no innocent person okay so don't come out with that bulshit on National Television and Hound on a second note I don't give a damn about all his fans on who is supporting him, on fairness he get what the f*** be realistic look all the Pharaoh charges against your client R Kelly Chicago Illinois New York Minnesota you tell me or Kelly could be an innocent person you guys must be blindsided or some s*** for your fans who is supporting you I feel sorry for them because you I don't know what type of person you are but I do not feel sorry for Kelly you get what you deserve and whatever the judge put down to you and I hope and pray that the judge get you some professional help " and I don't believe your friends around the world and you again unfair judgment in prison that's b***** because you are f**** sex predator , Telma on Fair judgment for R Kelly man police he got to do the time and what he done with these underage people he is not in sent whatsoever if y'all blindsided to see the truth that is your problem but I see that he is a predator and he is not to be trusted with any teenager who go to his concert or any of that they need to have the parent with them when they go to any concerts cuz now it makes a eye-opening for the parents who have teenagers who like to go to concerts this is a wake up ,Steven Greenberg you need to wake up
    I strongly believe R Kelly Payne the parents not to testify against R Kelly in court ,

  17. Baby Layla Cotto Harris

    Well R Kelly gotta blamed him self for that liked I said the truth well come out & he put him self in the situation he gotta face he,s crime

  18. Angela Connor

    It's ridiculous after all these months his attorney doesn't have any evidence yet to prepare his case. I think they're using the media to try to build a case but don't have no real evidence. This is extortion and his lawyer need to sue!!

  19. Ann Williams

    Sad for him people who say he is

  20. Ann Williams

    Very bad

  21. Carla Pendergrast

    This lawyer is always saying stupid weak ass shit. He's got to go. Make me think he's down with the conspiracy. Can't trust nobody

  22. Mustafa El-Amin

    His caucasian lawyer will be abusing Kellz pockets


    Steve your going to lose , bahaha.

  24. If anybody supports this man at all on any type of level then you're out of your fucking mind and I'm going to need you to board a plane & go the fuck to Mars or whatever you guys are doing but you got to go

  25. 😂💀😂💀😳💀🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪

  26. Barbara Walker

    This is all the way round railroading this man every week it's somthing new what are they really a trying to do to this man?Its plain to see this is not FAIR….

  27. Emily stevens


  28. Blessed Child

    R.I.P Aaliyah but her mom need be charge too.

  29. zaria Cotton

    They wasn't saying shit wen they all was spending his money n shopping i see da money ran out n now they all mad.tryna black male him but hey god have da last word he free r Kelly god changing thing's dats real he answer prayed so again free r kelly 👍

  30. zaria Cotton

    Show us proof dat r Kelly been with unage girl's it's no evidence

  31. Stop accusing Kelly’s ex-wife, the real bad woman is Aaliyah’s mother


    Clout leeches/gold diggers/child abusers in search of money who have children for a paycheck or keep a child from their biological mother/father. Just know that God says that it’s an abomination to harm one hair on a child’s head. And all of those prejudging R Kelly know that it’s unAmerican. In America you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Just look at the ex attorney Micheal Avenetti now indicted for extortion etc.

  33. Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    When is Art Kelly going to get his Justice Mind U he is a sexual abuse victim whom has never received counseling nor treatment which is needed and necessary for which his judgment was impaired. If there is anyone whom had knowledge of and withhelp now said to be evidence and information that could have influenced this Art Kelly case matter R if there is anyone whom lied and now wish to recant their previous statement this makes this person party to wrongdoing after the facts and even a liar. People R financially broke and R willing to say Scheme and do whatever for money. If there was abuses where R the police and 911 calls and reports needed to solidify any claims of unwanted sexual activities that young folks of today like engaging in kinky sex. And with all of the body enhancements surgeries to women Butts. Breast Lips Facial appearances like rapper Little Kim the long phony hair it’s hard for a man to tell a woman from a child whom also dress and act out so loose and vulgar. After year 1993 trial of Kelly which was national viewing unless a person was seeking trouble there is no way any of the claims being made now should be happening because the possibility of something wrong taking place was out there and also a consideration. No one is condemning a wrongful act but the staging and partying to a wrongful act is what has to be challenged because Greed is a. B—- Dpitts

  34. Once again u have to prove it in court

  35. Edward Mercedes

    Stop covering R Kelly and focus more on Epstein's case, which deals with sex trafficking young girls. Why cover this case? Trump wants to accuse people of color of sex trafficking, but when it comes to his white friends' certain media outlets and trump are silent? Why they rather choose R Kelly's old case's, to cover on 📺? But nothing further on Epstein's case, last I heard, he tries to hang, himself unsuccessfully.

  36. What will be will be …if he’s guilty send him to prison if not send him home….we don’t know him , and we won’t be in court.
    Famous doesn’t mean innocent or guilty…so wind your necks in coz we Don’t have the facts ….

  37. Charges two decades ago would they just get it over with

  38. Tanya campbell

    Steve dont seem to be ready for All this shit coming down on RK??? Still praying for him

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