New R. Kelly’s Lawyers Asks to Leave Defense Team Before Sex Abuse Trial

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R. Kelly’s lawyer, Michael Leonard joins BNC to discuss his recent departure from the case. Leonard and attorney Steve Greenberg requested a federal judge to remove them from the singer’s legal defense team.

“Our reasons for withdrawal are significant and it is impossible, in our belief, for us to be able to continue to properly represent Mr. Kelly under the current circumstances,” according to their letter to U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly.

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“In general, as a trial lawyer, you have to have a comfort level that the case will be tried in the manner in which you want it to be tried, by the people that you want to try it,” Leonard tells BNC.

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  1. a reporter and her card agendas smh – its ok Mr R Kelly will be vindicated.. watch.

  2. He fired them they didnt "want off".Quit spreading fake news..He fired them 1 week ago..

  3. Ok we can see your not a fan but any chance you can still let him speak. We know US media has been the power tool for taking the man down but hey missing the boat don't mean we all have. ( @this point I'd of walked off set) goodbye

  4. Do not ply with his life..u people full of shit. Greenberg need to see him all the way out

  5. R Kelly fired those turkeys and they just a plea deal and more money, nothing else, this fake case is embarrassing which was orchestrated by the racist trash music industry, fake documentary and all a 💰 💰 💰 💰 grab

  6. Joe Thomas well these black girls will see rkelly heaven if be found guilty do not killer urself rkelly. A lots black girls before getting that justice 😂😂😂😂

  7. There's a difference in a person that can't read and a person that can't read with interpretation. Two different things…

  8. So as soon as he was about to speak positive about R.kelly, she cut him off. The media don't want the world to hear anything good about him… That's crazy. They wanna frame it like the attorneys withdrew because they can't win…Smh… #FreeKellz

  9. Sneaky lawyer see how he never answered her question about how many trial cases has he done.

  10. Meanwhile Ghislaine Maxwell is WHERE? in case you forgot that’s Epstein’s white female running mate

  11. I don’t like how she tried to diss Kels by bringing up the part about him having some difficulty reading some court papers. Not cool!