New r/Superstonk Live – Lucy Komisar, Investigative Journalist (Part 2) – Monday, May 24

Welcome to the Part 2 segment for the official r/Superstonk Live AMA with Lucy Komisar, award-winning Investigative Journalist! Join us as u/pinkcatsonacid aka “Pink” hosts a one-on-one discussion as a follow-up to Lucy’s last week appearance and insightful discussion:

More about our guest:

Lucy Komisar’s beat is the secret underbelly of the global financial system — offshore bank and corporate secrecy — and its links to corporate crime; tax evasion by the corporations and the very rich; empowerment of dictators and oligarchs; bribery and corruption; drug and arms trafficking; and terrorism.

Her dozens of articles on the subject since 1997 have appeared in publications as diverse as The Nation magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

She is also a theater critic and member of The Drama Desk, the organization of New York theater critics, writers and editors. Her particular interest is the political aspects of theater.

For more information, visit her website:


Please note… This channel is not monetized, nor will it ever be (screenshot this and hold us accountable), and is strictly for education and discussion as it relates to r/Superstonk topics and the interests of the community. The idea was approved by the mod team, and the channel was created and is administered by u/redchessqueen99. The stream itself will be handled through a third party service with many live-editing features (omitted for security’s sake) that allows a stream through Youtube.

Finally, we made the choice to create this platform because AMA guests seem to prefer the live stream method, since they don’t always have a reliable platform to stream from. This allows us to offer them a choice of platform, and also a means of discussion with our members LIVE, that ultimately will cater to the interests of r/Superstonk and this community of diamond handed apes.


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  1. Every retail investor should pull all their money out of the market fck them like on a date like July 4th or thanksgiving. i mean look at some of the names motley fool ( retail investors) Robinhood ( robin the poor to give to the rich)

  2. Ștefan Răzvan

    The more i find out, my anger is getting of the scale

  3. EPIC history lesson . Thank you LUCY!

  4. Miguel Angel Gutierrez Ramirez

    This is an offering to the YouTube Algorithm, and the GameStop gods.

  5. Great stuff!


  7. shutupliferules

    Let's go apes!

  8. most corrupt market in the world , and they tell you not to buy Chinese stock

  9. Are you taking notes China? Make sure your market has none of this corporate chicanery and I'll move all my money there.

  10. 👌👌👌👌👌👌💎🦧

  11. Where's Seamus?

    These stories are absolutely fucking disgusting. I'm ashamed of my world, the human race will never properly progress as long as our entire financial system and government is run by criminals and greed. Learning about the manipulation in the markets this past six months has honestly made me lose all faith in humanity.

  12. I'm sure you're all aware, but it's not just Redditors that are following and are thankful for these AMAs and the tidal wave of information that does not get reported by the mainstream media. Speaking as somebody who is not a Reddit member, my opinion is that the SuperStonk community have made a monumental contribution to society, which I'm very thankful for 🙂

  13. Stock market so corrupt

  14. Criminal miscreants!

  15. Okay, now this is epic

  16. Next AMA idea: Where to invest after the MOASS? Where is our money safe and not used to screw us over?

  17. as for us ,we like the stock

  18. rocketrandalhood

    I never knew pinkcatsonacid was so attractive, she was done up to the nines for this video. I hope no one thinks I'm being sexist.

  19. seriouslyclark

    How ironic that Bernie Madoff lent his stratigies to the whole market.

  20. Thanks Lucy and Pink!!!

  21. lasagna pinwheel

    Amc. Can we say that here

  22. Lucy you're such an inspiration! Thank you for doing these AMAs

  23. KaoTic_ Crisis

    Awesome discussion!

  24. Joshua White

    Gangnam style backup. ^-^

  25. My god, this is such an insane story :O Thank you Lucy and Pink! This was imo the best ama yet! ♡

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