New Ram Jethmalani – Eminent Lawyer, Former Union Minister – Passes Away at 95 | The Quint

Senior supreme court advocate and former Union Law Minister Ram Jethmalani passed away on 8 September 2019.

Video: The Quint

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  1. Shubham Ringane

    Legend always fearless

  2. Luvinekesaka

    A tumour to justice has been eradicated , one down , more to go.
    The lord will hunt down one by one.

  3. Goofy Chai Lover Girl

    Better call respect adv.Ram Jethmalani sir

  4. Goofy Chai Lover Girl

    If they've chosen him as their lawyer they are guilty.

  5. Quint can forget it's root of ULTRA LEFT. Not surprised Only lawyer The Quint can get to showcase 😂😂😂. R.i.p for his soul


    And its PV Narshima rao scam .

  7. Skanda Krishna

    Seriously quint? This guy was representing Manu sharma in Jessica Lal case. Such rouges that value money more than justice dont deserve respect

  8. Himangshu sharma

    A great lawyer that the country had

  9. This guy should get his own t.v series.

  10. Sohail verma

    2:28 What is Amit Shah in the ????

  11. Rajwadi Brothers

    We Don't Care Man….

  12. Gopalkrishna Kulkarni

    Don't try to introduce your personal agenda in every article. Shame

  13. But unable to answer question of sant jarnail singh bhindrwale

  14. Shubham Gurav c-281

    Who is after 1992

  15. Preyas Patel

    He also defended Harshad Mehta for 1992 Scam.

  16. Dineshkumar V

    Wish Yiur Soul Rest In Peace Sir

  17. Ajmal Parakkal

    Age is 101 .?

  18. I saw Eminem lawyer 😂

  19. Ashish Singh Chauhan

    Rip Ram Uncle.

  20. Jitendra Pastaria

    he has defended all criminal is he worth casting like a hero.

  21. Rushikesh Unde Patil


  22. How many r here after harshad mehta scam webseries?

  23. Indrajeet Patil

    But if a human name was to be given to this isskam, this is not Harshad Mehta issskam. This is P V Narsimharao isskam.

  24. Idhar bhi propaganda… Are kuch to sharam karo Quint ke gandu reporters 😠😠

  25. Sohrabuddin Sheik encounter case
    Nanavati case
    Jessica lal murder case

  26. Shyam Thakrar

    He was the lawyer of quint also 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Curious Vishal

    The quint you don't know who was the lawyer of Harshad Mehta ..
    How you forget it..

  28. Mohd Salim Malik

    Ram Jethmalani sahab ,the great lawyer india ever had. Legend

  29. Calvin Frederick

    Lol most of his life he defended the crooks of India and facilitated crime, just before dying he tried to come clean and spoke against people like modi jetly and all who are still young and invested in greed, self interest and power… Wow typical example of mere human and human life.

  30. John William

    he just defend a criminal for fame and money and you are showing sympathy to people may this old guy in hell

  31. Ayushman Awasthi

    He was there in.Scam 1992 The Harshad mehta story

  32. Asif nissar Sayyed

    Talking with full guts

  33. Parth chhabra

    Wow ! Out of everything he said in his life against congress or aap , quint is still able to portray how bad modi is in eyes of a senior advocate 😂😂,

  34. You should listen his speech on black money and tax …at rajsabha tv

  35. Doyen of Law 🔥 Legend

  36. Please go and watch aapki adalat part 2 his interview in which he is clearly stating that german government congress government ke liye keh rhi hai and usmein woh bol rhe ki unhone koyi efforts nhi kiye, i am not bakht of any government but please don't manipulate the viewers for your agenda like other channels who are already sold .

  37. Palak Sharma

    He was a Great man ❤️
    Saw many vedios of him. Also Aap ki adalat interview. 👏👏👏
    Gem of a person ❤️

  38. Apoorva Solanki

    He defended Criminals.
    He himself contributed in making idiot government. What the fuck he is talking about Justice. Seriously man don't rest sorry LIH actually live in hell

  39. Apoorva Solanki

    RIH Jethmalani
    Rest In Hell

  40. Ravishankar Sharma

    full agendabaazi

  41. Rip sir

  42. Sandeep Deore

    Best title for him "opportunistic"
    No respect for him.

  43. BerZerk Sharma

    not even BJP's video but they still make it here, i guess someone runs a propaganda

  44. N Jayanth Kumar

    Subramanyam swmi 😎

  45. Talking against corruption and taking cases on behalf of corrupted politicians. Is he the legend that India looking for ? I have my reservations !!

  46. m_mani Bhushan


  47. Unacademy Plus Classroom Shorts

    Harshad Mehta case?

  48. Abhay Ambekar

    Lavde Quint 1923 mein Pakistan 🇵🇰 toh tha kya. Pakistani Bhaadve correct it Write India 🇮🇳.

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