New RAW: Lawyer claims video shows Loveland police knew of injuries caused to woman, 73, during arrest

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The lawyer for Karen Garner, the 73-year-old Loveland woman forcibly arrested last year by Loveland police, has released a new video that she said shows the officers involved neglected to provide Garner with medical attention despite knowing she was injured.

Editor’s Note: Video was provided by Garner’s lawyer, who edited in the verbatim and the commentary at the bottom of the screen. 9NEWS has not been able to obtain the raw video.

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  1. This shit happened last year so I wonder how many others have been abused by these punks??? I hope all of you that had any part in the arrest or aftermath gets a cell right beside your buddy Dereck Chauvin. You know birds of a feather. For anyone outraged over this please call and let your disgust be known not only for these punks but the idiots at Wal-Mart that thought it was a great idea to call over 14 bucks that she tried to pay for after being stopped.

  2. I don’t understand why the job of a police officer even exists if it’s going to be used for this stuff. Officers need to be able to pass an EQ (Empathy Quotient) before being allowed to wear that badge and those weapons.

  3. I am beyond disgusted and sick at my stomach after watching the body cam footage of the arrest of Karen. This poor elderly woman who has dementia was treated like a wild animal. Those so called law enforcement officials had no regard at all for her safety and well being but I guarantee you they wouldn't treat their mothers or grandmothers like that. This country has a bunch of psychopathic punks for law enforcement it seems. Y'all should be real proud of yourselves for taking down a 80 pound grandma and then laugh about it while you and your buddies watch the footage all while Karen is sitting handcuffed with a broken arm. Good job idiots!!!!!!

  4. I just emailed every Council Member and the Mayor demanding these Officers be fired and charged! I also emailed the Loveland PD and demanded they be fired and charged. Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali and Phil Metzler …… F*ck you!!

  5. These Officers act like teenage THUGS. Watching this is sickening. FIRE them and CHARGE them!! They cannot be trusted with badges and guns. Period.

  6. maybe we could hire…
    people who aren't sociopaths…
    to be the police…
    you know folks capable of EMPATHY…

  7. O know I'm like everybody every time you watch this you get more pissed evet time and the girl saying she got pushed out the way it happens all the time most the time the girl is just more dead weight for the cop that's taking someone down but this girl is warped anyway never seen a woman that wouldn't feel bad after they found out she had dementia and was 73 most would cry in shame

  8. just making up shit to charge her with that's a know police tactic for court they all do it when they screw up

  9. look the one cop can't even figure out how old she is from her date of birth you have to have a C average to be a cop they like low IQ Because they comply and do what the bosses say to do whether its right or wrong

  10. this " adult man" Officer Austin Hopp was recorded on that video at the police station saying statements like: "Bodycams are my favorite thing to watch. I could watch livestream bodycams all day." … "we crushed it." … said that he was "super excited" because Garner was the first person he hogtied with a hobble…"I was like, 'All right, let's wrestle, girl. Let's wreck it!' I got her
    on the ground and all that stuff. I got her cuffed up … threw her on the ground a couple of times." … "I was pushing, pushing, pushing. I hear — pop. I was like 'oh no.'" … "Ready for the pop?" and "Hear the pop?… I love it!!!" … While watching the portion of the bodycam video where an officer dismissed the bystander's concerns, Hopp and Blackett exchanged a fist bump.

    This "man" sounds like a 14 year old boy who was super-excited that he pulled all the legs off a spider. THIS is the type of people working in LE in the city of Loveland (and all cities all across the nation)??? He definitely is sociopathic and has the mind/actions of an adolescent boy.

    The most alarming aspect is the cover-up…the police knew Garner was injured, although the police originally said
    they received no complaints regarding Garner's injuries. The police chief told the media he was unaware of Garner's injures prior to the lawsuit…ALL LIES! Disgusting creatures!!

  11. How do they NOT look at this old women as if she was there grandmother???!!! And then sit and talk about how she's ancient SMH

  12. Wow. What a fucking disgrace. Big tough guy, all proud of abusing a 73 year woman with dementia. Remind me never to go to Loveland.

  13. If the multitude of dead black and brown people aren't enough to change our law enforcement dynamics, then no one is safe. This is proof.

  14. Cops only go after easy prey… you have over a YEAR of rioting full of theft and they do nothing… this lady who is mentally fogged takes $13 worth of crap from walmart without any bad intentions due to her condition and they beat the crap out of her and they are LAUGHING about it.. I may be a pretty hard core republican but im absolutely DONE with the "Back the Blue" crap. DONE.

  15. If you don’t believe that police don’t need to have accountability, that they should be entitled to qualified immunity, and asset forfeitures. That they should not be prosecuted with the same standards or higher standards than every day citizens. But there’s always an excuse with every bad police encounter. Then you are perfectly fine with these police officers.

  16. I dont know how these cops sleep at night this town should rise up and slay these cops especially the ones who laughed at the video. I mean can you fkn bel anyone thinking this wss funny,my god they're pathetic

  17. It's heartbreaking in the first few minutes she kept repeating I was going to pay for it but Walmart wouldn't allow her to pay for it instead they called the police

  18. Zero respect to police – I'm sure there are a lot of good police officers in USA, but this kind of evil behaviour only exists in police departments because, good officers & police unions say or do nothing to stop it

  19. Not one of these PUBLIC Servants seem to feel bad about what has happened to this poor lady…ABSOLUTELY NO MORALS or CONSCIENCE..What has happened to their humanity? Just sad! And Shameful!

  20. I hope nobody ever treats a senior in thier Families in such a manner!!!🤬🤬🤬See how we would not understand thier actions!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬Not ,No excuse for what happened.Didnt even tell her why he stoped her at first ,then no miranda rights.
    Dont ever hire any of these People even to clean up Dog Shyt like them.

  21. As if the cops don’t have enough problems, the 4 wannabe Auschwitz gestapo makes it worse for all cops. Press charges against all 4

  22. When the brain declines, it is like the person is becoming progressive younger with time. She is clearly acting like and talking like a three year old or younger

    People understand this intuitively when they are outraged on hearing about a five year old or a seven year old getting arrested.

    Most criminal laws require intent. It is clear to most people that very young children don’t have criminal intent, nor did she.

    It is why we have juvenile laws and courts separate from adult courts

    Her upper arm was pulled out of her shoulder socket and her upper arm (humerus) was broken near the shoulder.

    One or both were likely the pop sound Officer Hobbs heard, joked about and ignored.

    It took maybe 10 minutes to arrest her. It took approximately 60 minutes for each of the two officers to write their reports.

    Karen presented a credit card to pay for the $14. worth of items she took. Walmart refused payment.

    The two main officers spent 1.5 hrs each. Then there was the booking officer hanging around most of the time. There were other officers at the scene for short times, and superiors had to read and sign off on the two officer’s affidavits. Karen was transported to another jail, which required more signing in and signing out paperwork and transportation. In my area, officers with overhead are around $100.00 per hour. The cost to us citizens for the police to this point is probably over $500.

    Loveland police superior know that mistakes were made. Officer Hobbs is on administrative leave, and other officers are on desk duty.

    Google says the average settlement value for a broken arm in a personal injury lawsuit is around $50,000 to $80,000, and maybe $300,000 for a more complicated break.

    An upper arm break is more complicated and slower to heal than a lower arm break. Probably similar values for an arm pulled out of a shoulder socket. At her age, healing is much slower than the suggest 3-4 months to full heal. Karen is going to require attendants for hygiene and dressing during this time.

    Writing and filing the lawsuit, maybe legal research, and subpoena for videos, is probably several thousand dollars. If I were an attorney, I would be jumping up and down for a jury trial and asking for massive punitive damages.

    I was amazed at the amount of collusion going on between the officers while writing the reports — even word choices. It makes sense to get agreement on basic information such as the location and time. Beyond that, they should be in different rooms. The officers were clearly looking for and digging for any charge and justification to hang on Karen.

    The officer’s videos are probably far more informative than anything the officers wrote.

    I think that officers should have video cameras on all the time, or at least all times interacting with the public. An missing video should be interpreted against the officer.

  23. Do these cops have qualified immunity? If fired will they just be able to apply for a job in a nearby police force? At least one or two is on administrative leave. Is this with full pay and no working responsibilities?

  24. As far as I can see, Karen may have dementia, but the one who is sick in the mind is the officer who swore to serve and protect. He enjoyed every second of what he did to Karen and he must be held responsible for his crime

  25. This has even been on this evening’s news in Israel where I live! Be encouraged, it is getting prime time around the world. There WILL be justice!

  26. They know what they did was wrong! You can tell the little bit of conscious they each have left is working on their black cold hearts! Pigs

  27. Daddy Daddy….What did you do at work today?…………..Well i was very brave and beat up a grandmother
    She was really dangerous and a master criminal ………The family of all those cops must be so proud of them.

  28. I can not believe he thought it was so funny to hear her shoulder pop!!!And the other officers thinking it was all so funny. And holding her in the cell that long knowing that he'd caused her injuries!! I guess they would have thought it would be funny if that was to happened to their mother or grandmother.Its very disturbing watching an elderly woman abused like that.Just disgusting!!

  29. nothing to do is a problem, transfer them to busy station like lapd, they will probably last one day or kill themselves, idle hands are a devils workshop.