New REVIEW – Ace Attorney: Justice For All

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Welcome to the 2nd review in The Ace Attorney Collection, a series where I’ll be going over every single Ace Attorney game individually! Today we’ll be going over Justice For All, the entry that is often considered to weakest of the original three. But remember, this is the Ace Attorney franchise so the weakest is by no means bad.


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  1. Von Karma murdered Edgeworth's father so I don't care what she thinks about Phoenix

  2. I don't know wut to buy the Phoenix series or LBX on the 3ds and for the Phoenix Wright I'm looking for the crossover for professor Layton

  3. Hey Fletch! Just wanted to make sure you heard about Zero Escape 3 being confirmed! It is sorta old news, still wanted to make sure you heard!

  4. Just got to Dual Destinies. Trials and Tribulations is absolutely fantastic, I actually really liked Apollo Justice as it was very unique in certain areas and I'm still currently playing through Dual Destinies and its still as exciting as ever. I have to agree that Justice For All is my least favourite so far but I still enjoyed it with plenty of mystery, lots of quirky characters and stellar music such as The Court Begins, Tell the Truth and Investigation Middle 2002. Sure the fourth case really is the best part of the game and one of the best episodes in all Ace Attorney but I still find it to be a great game that bridges the gap between the more exciting first and third game in the original trilogy with the extra depth found in investigations and adding lots of more depth to characters than in the original both new and returning.

  5. You kinda look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt(sorry sidetracked😀) Great review,Just watched your Rune Factory 4 review and decided to check your latest and you earned a sub.✌

  6. This is one of my favorites actually. The twist were great, and oh geez that final case was amazing! =)

  7. Fletch,
    Hi!!' So first off, upload more!! If you must stop with se unnessecary edits or tone some down, but I know so many people who know who
    You are but unsubbed for the soul fact you dont upload that much, you are extremely entertaining!! I would love nothing more than to see you grow! Please take this into consideration, I can see you going sooo far!

  8. I always thought Big Top was bad because of fan reaction without playing it for my self. I honestly think it is a good case. Not as good as others, but better then some. 

    Case 2 in the original Ace Attorney scarred me.

  9. Hey, Fletch, I didn't feel you were very… You know, excited for this…
    Even though I liked your review, it is one of my least favorite of yours. But still, like you the same way <3

    PS: You are pretty handsome

  10. Yeah! Nice review, man! I think that the last case was my favourite one I've played (so far), and when I played Turnabout Big Top I wondered why I didn't think it was as bad as people make out… it wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst either.

    Oh, and I also had Xenoblade spoiled due a Smash Bros. trophy… Super sucky.

  11. Dude, finally I found someone who acknowledges how awesome JFA's final case is! Not a gigantic fan of the rest of the game but damn that final case is awesome. Great review, man.

  12. Fine. I guess you finally convinced me to try the ace attorney series. *empty's wallet