New Ripple Lawsuit: Is Something BAD About To Happen TODAY?! Pro-XRP Attorney Explains LATEST ISSUE

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  1. Clickbait…'s the end of the day and no bad news for Ripple. Your such a scammer. In fact it was good news Your FUD and Clickbait is reprehensible.

  2. Reginald Chatman

    Like all things this to shall pass just like everything else you humans gets so excited when your wives fart louder than you

  3. join babyxrp coin, xrp reflection 3 days hodl~moon!

  4. limitlessenergy369

    This op and video maker is idiot or was this click bait? NOT BAD FOR RIPPLE LOL!

  5. Telcoin

  6. lightbluelotus

    nope. löl

  7. Seeing some posts online that they will let him be deposed. Can ML, as an actually credible XRP news source confirm or deny? Pants optional.

  8. Click bait headline! Boooooooo!

  9. David Glover

    Give me some Good News on This Ripple Case and the Future of XRP

  10. Richade Karimjee

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  11. I just finished listening to the conference call. Another Win for Ripple. Hindman will be deposed.

  12. Breaking Toast

    Nothing good ever happens for ripple XRP and us holders lol we are doomed

  13. James Bethea

    You really think he's goin to tell the truth under oath. The satanic don't care about an oath to God bro bro. 😅🤣😂

  14. Rob Anastasia

    Ripple wins at summary judgement or gets a favorable settlement with or without the deposition from Hinman. The depo would just be the icing on an already baked cake.

  15. Koolaidcrusher -koolaid

    Nipple to the moon! Straight up.

  16. Edward Pajarillaga

    A lot of expert elon youtubers here my God!


    Does anyone have the link for the 3p hearing call

  18. Jorge Tenreiro is a gaslighting expert

  19. Ripples going to do great and amazing things ❤.

  20. sebastian Papastamatiou

    Whats the bad news?? XRP is a security?? or what's the good news?? Settlement??? Conjectures only

  21. Something bad??? Just make a decision already!! End this slow bleed.

  22. Ripple: somehow loses the case, institutions don't care about XRP's utility, XRP and 99.99% other cryptocurrencies become virtually worthless

    People: To the moon! 🚀

  23. Alex Gonzales

    Turn negatives into positives for XRP

  24. Curtis Comes

    "You have got to break a few eggs, if you're having quiche."

  25. Kaitekettle G

    Why would she not want to hear from him . It just enforces how the sec can do whatever it wants and not be held accountable over again . Dose she not want a fair and truthful account of actions on both sides so she can make a fair decision? Don’t let the SEC keep getting away with this atrocious behavior .

  26. The most important thing I've learned during my time in crypto is that absolutely NO ONE is an expert – particularly the ones that claim to be.

  27. todd danforth

    It seems to me the SEC is trying to have it both ways. They argue Hinman was a high level person within the SEC and he should not be able to be deposed, while also arguing that his speech was his personal opinion and he had not insider info to base it on and his testimony would be fruitless. Well, what is it? was he high level and exempt, or was he left out of the loop? Also, Hinman, by way of offering his personal opinion opened the door to his deposition. If his speech was official, then he may be protected by the SEC. Its one or the other, not both.

  28. Max has continued to been a great and reliable source when it comes to crypto for assistance reach out his admin via telegram for more help/startup @maxonmoonlambo

  29. David Patton

    Dude, take a break from pushing out videos 4 times a day, many with no substantial content, and with the ginormous red block lettering.
    Less is more, padner.

  30. Im going to wait for Jeremys update. He will be in there listening to it all. Going to keep riding the wave till its done😊 dia hands xrp family to the end!

  31. The SEC are dirty crooks.

  32. Bored never ending problem…I prefer xrp will die than waiting for nothing..

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