New Rob Gronkowski thanks New England Patriots, Robert Kraft during Boston park donation

Longtime Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski returned to Boston to $1.2 million towards a playground in the city. During a ceremony, he had glowing words for the Patriots. (Herald video by Meghan Ottolini)


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  1. Gronk was the fastest rising star in that sports town since Bobby Orr, and with Brady's spoil brat and ungrateful attitude(Thanks to the Brazilian Skank) Gronk will and I'd say is(in my view) more popular and beloved than Tommy. Gronk will always have the loved stature of Bird, Yaz, Papi, Pedro, McHale, Fist, Hondo, Espo ect. How old was that reporter 17??? Jesus. Clark Booth where you at?

  2. Scniff Kenauser


  3. Dude is still a dirty player . Maybe next time he donates to tre'davis white poor head . Slinging elbows like he's a mma fighter

  4. Glad that were able to "install" the importance of giving back into him (not instill)…love you Gronk!

  5. Holy crap, the reporter looks so similar to Katie Nolan.

  6. Lawrence Mayer

    Thanks Rob from a proud fan from cape cod you are the best from a U.S. Army soldier and firefighter

  7. Belle too🇺🇸💪💞🐕

  8. Kraft is a CHAMP 💪🐕🐾🐾💞

  9. Edward Siger

    Gronk is a machine after all. “Installing that into me”

  10. Class

  11. Mrmarktwain01

    keep my winning my guy!! Boston loves you!

  12. Surprised no one from Patriots organization showed up.

  13. Why do they need $1.2 million for a playground? Is the playground made out of gold? wtf

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    Have a blessed day!

  15. Zachary Perez

    Gronk enjoying that Miami Snow.

  16. Stephen Neville

    Anyone who doesn’t like this guy is loser, better check yourself

  17. He left Bill out of his speech. Hmmm

  18. For 1.2 million that playground better have an elevator 😂

  19. Good for him ! Giving back big time !

  20. Kathleen Bennett

    ❤OH MY GOSH!!!!🌠🌠🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠⭐⭐⭐

  21. Ugh, all this free market money. BLM should burn that down….

  22. Cassandra Westgate

    I thought the thumbnail was SteveWillDoIt

  23. All The World's A Stage

    People are still buying the mask psyop. Sad state of mankind.

  24. Charles Brady

    Heart warming stuff

  25. Hard to hate on that guy, ey? ☮

  26. Nice👍

  27. Steven Rogers

    Gronk is a great dude, much love bro!

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