New Rosenbaum Murder Trial – Attorney Corinne Mull presents the defense's closing statement

Defense attorney Corinne Mull presents her closing statement in the Murder Trial of Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum on July 26, 2019. They are accused of killing their foster daughter, 2-year-old Laila Daniel.


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  1. Meagan Davila

    The defense argument could be used against Jennifer. If she lied about daycare and lied about their trip to wherever, why should we believe this was an accident?

  2. Volscowboysbulls N/a

    I’m a year late, but this attorney is an absolute joke

  3. Millie wasn’t 4 when she said “there a good people and bad people and I can’t tell the difference” she was 7, and had watched her sister get brutally abused and murdered, and she was brutally abused. Of course she would think that way!
    This attorney with the bad haircut is a joke. 🤢

  4. I have to wonder if Miss Mull believes her own defense.

  5. Wow, This attorney has made gaslighting into an art….

  6. I found this few days ago n havnt stopped watchn😠 This is so damn 😔

  7. The judge rubbing his head n eye rolls kills me🙄😂 He like PLZZZ SET TF DOWN NIE🙉

  8. LaDonna Kastor

    I wish the Judge could give her a time limit—she’s grasping at straws, b done some time this century plzzzzz?

  9. LaDonna Kastor

    Millie did say she heard them arguing from her bedroom

  10. LaDonna Kastor

    Millie also said she hated living there!

  11. LaDonna Kastor

    If Mr. Rosenbaum was working 2- jobs he was most likely never home 2 c the abuse

  12. LaDonna Kastor

    The State Attorney did an awesome job in his closing arguments! Surely the defense can’t come nearly close as he did, she’s a very irritating Lady & seems 2 lose her train of thought numerous times!

  13. Kayla Ragugini

    Babysitted? Did u mean “babysat” my hull?

  14. Kayla Ragugini

    Is she even defending Jennifer?

  15. Kayla Ragugini

    Foster parents are supposed to know cpr 🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. It's really difficult to listen to a lot of this, but one thing that made me especially mad is the way she talks about the CPR performed by EMS.

    She says: "…and then a 200-pound adult man pressing the chest with his whole hand…"

    What actually happend: Multiple qualified, certified and experienced medical professionals especially trained for pediatric pre-hospital life support administered age and weight appropriate ALS CPR that consisted of many things, among them the administration of manual chest compressions. The paramedic in his testimony not only explained that he knew the differences in adults and childen, but also demonstrated that he knew different methods depending on the childs age and weight. He also demonstrated that he knew how to select among these methods and explained why he chose the one-handed compression method in the case.

    It is reprehensible that she would suggest that injuries to the pelvic area, the neck, the head and the abdomen would, even maybe, stem from CPR administered by professional paramedics. I hope she will never be worse enough that she will experience it herself, but if she is, she will learn that we aren't just "200-pound-men pounding on chests"…

    Goddamn, am I angry!

  17. mary ann morris

    The defense attorney is out of her mind. All she does is try to blame others. In her eyes the defendants are the only ones telling the truth. I personally, think she has a problem with the great great grandmother. I wouldn’t hire her if she was the last attorney around. I hope the defendants and their attorney can’t sleep at night.

  18. Julie Martin

    Uuugggghhhh this lady


  20. Wheeler Stewart

    I really wish they would show Jennifer and Josephs face just for the reaction !

  21. Wheeler Stewart

    God Bless this judge! How he can sit there and not jump up and slap her is beyond me!,
    How can she sleep at night and blame poor little Mille who is by the way very like to even be ALIVE!!!!

  22. Chelle Glenney

    Did she just say if they lie about little things then they lie about the big things… Girl, bye. Your client lies right off the bat about daycare, church daycare, gymnastics, taking them straight to the hospital etc. Child, please…. :/

  23. I have to hand it to the defense. It can’t be easy to defend a client like that. Can't wait to see the rebuttal tho.

  24. Can she really believe this??

  25. Why don’t we like the public defender? I have to check myself sometimes? Is it because she kept Millie on the stand for an hour? Is it because she asked asinine questions to the ME? Is it because she said the hymlic maneuver, and thrusting 500 times? Help me…. Why is she on my very last nerve?

  26. Joseph Rosenbaum is wishing he would have demanded a separate trial! Wishing his mother wasn’t a control freak, wishing he had a backbone. Wishing he would have had some balls! But…..he is just a ball less mommies boy that doesn’t have a spine in his body!

  27. Spirit Walker

    Mad love to this judge..exactly 30:00

  28. Maureen Fungafat

    Jennifer did not lose a child , she was not the mother . She lost nothing

  29. Maureen Fungafat

    Defense is off .this is about what happened to Laila and Millie not about all the distraction

  30. Maureen Fungafat

    Imagine child turned up dead defense opening statement Laila was nothing to them

  31. She talks a lot without saying much. Super wordy. "Day after day after day" "that was abuse and that was abuse and that was abuse" "Hes suppose to know what so and so didnt know x3"
    Who knows, maybe Joseph was just as mentally abused as the girls were physically and that's why he didn't go against Jeniffer. Either way, defense attorney sucks and they should pay for what they did.

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