New Sample Mortgage Budget June 2021| Paycheck #1

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  1. better late than broke

    Love this. You did a great job

  2. TaylorBudgets

    Just a suggestion Tara…but to save money…you should try YouTube TV…or Hulu Live…I believe both are cheaper than cable!!! & you get the same channels! Saves you like $40! I know this is a mock budget so I know you are rounding up
    But I love how prepared you are getting!! Definitely going to do this when I’m ready to get my home!

  3. better late than broke


  4. Wells financial Coaching

    Speak that house into existence, sis. Soon you will be applying those numbers for real.

  5. Her Courage To Plan

    Awesome sample budget. So happy that you decided to share this. Bless you ❤

  6. Cassandra's Budget

    I’d do Phill TV and just down load Tubi TV-this is a great free movie app very very minimal ads and hooked to the tv would be like watching real tv lol

  7. Cassandra's Budget

    Idk about Netflix??? To me it’s not worth it anymore but you buy the cord where you can plug your phone to your tv if you want the tv experience it’s about 19.99 at Walmart or Amazon I believe 🤔 … I would consider Phill TV for 4.99?? or 9.9??9 a month I wanted it…but it doesn’t have the Bravo channel (I need my RHWOA and RHWOP) something to think about?? Great video!!

  8. Nice video. All the things to need to your journey for home ownership. Great job Tara.

  9. I’m ready for the second half of this budget already!

  10. Tara, this is a WONDERFUL idea! ✨ This totally helps you know what to expect and more. I even do these faux budgets for my own place from time to time! It helps me see what will and won’t work in the future! ☺️

  11. Café with Ana

    Love this idea! It’s so important to make sure that the numbers line up for you 🙌🏾

  12. If you are figuring paying paycheck by paycheck you should also half the cell. You paying the whole 75 for it and all others you were halfing.

  13. Baring it all with Candice

    Thank you for sharing Tara.

  14. MorryTemmy Savings

    I love this, I should try this

  15. Plan Your 1 Life

    Awesome job!

  16. Money with Gab

    Good job girl!

  17. BudgetforSuccess

    Yay!! Love this concept. I should do this at some point. I think it’s great to test out a budget and make sure it works for you before you get stuck with something you’re unsure of. ☺️

  18. 1sttimemom76 Budgets

    Like the mock budget! Great idea.

  19. DebtFree Dad

    All electric is brutal in summer and winter. Ring is 3-10 per month.

  20. DebtFree Dad

    He's on his time not ours sis 💪🏾

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