New SF district attorney files felony charges for 9 suspects in Union Square Louis Vuitton robbery

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced felony charges Tuesday against the nine people arrested for Friday night’s organized retail theft in Union Square

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  1. All lip service

  2. Hobo Hope Dealer


  3. He is not simply finally arresting the looters, he is actually just trying not to get thrown out of office. Hope the voters there finally wake up and notice what the reality is. He is protecting the big name merchants, leaving the rest of the peons and hard working shop keepers to deal with this on their own… mostly un-armed since it is the Commie state of California.

  4. Thomas Tanner

    This guy will quietly drop all charges later when no one is watching

  5. And this criminal defender will release those career criminals the next day.

  6. I must admit to having a smile on my face when I think how many of these stores supported BLM!? LOL!!!

  7. Ron Stallworth

    Too little too late. Maybe the aspiring rocket scientists ought to escape through the gap between Boudin’s upper teeth.

  8. David Hutchinson

    Garbage Town

  9. The only way to get a DA to actually press charges is to have world wide coverage. Embarrass them and they want to do their job other than that, nothing.

  10. RECALL him. SF is unsafe

  11. Why bother with the charges. This DA will put them back on the street asap

  12. Guns Gone Wild

    I’m sure all 9 were already felons🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Leftist are eating themselves

  14. These people are not poor or marginalized if they are hitting up expensive boutiques.

  15. Boudin is already hinting that the charges will be reduced or dropped

  16. Not at This Time

    Since they didn't show any mug shots, I'm going to take a wild guess here. The nine arrested were probably all White Mormon's. So nice of the news not to show their faces and cause them any embarrassment.

  17. Michelle Miller

    What are the protesters wanting to recall? Do they support the theft and crazy people getting away with stealing for free..(well, under $999)

  18. Who is filing charges against him for "aiding and abetting"?

  19. Justice Reporter

    never, never elect anyone who's soft on criminals.

  20. San Franians are not happy with their beautiful city going downhill. Recall & vote.

  21. SF is harsher on folks how get traffic and parking tickets than people committing felonies.

  22. This CLOWN is not fit for any office. RECALL BOUDIN

  23. SF Berniecrats have been really quiet lately…

  24. Ripnlip Tightlines

    Oh so now he wants to step up.

  25. These looters already have felony record. Nothing will change

  26. He may have filed them but I bet he plea's them all down to minor offensive's and they go home without any punishment!

  27. Peter 9th Avenue

    not looting, not smash and grab, under SFDA chesa boudin prosecute, it is call …take home now, pay later. there was a line in front of the store on black friday union square.

  28. More cultural catch and release

  29. Too little too late. If i did any of these crimes as a young woman…i would still be in jail..process them as a group similiar to gang hearings

  30. 99% of the hysterics posted here are from foreign government trolls. LMAO. Selected name brand clothes and jewelry is marked up 50 to 100 times over the cost, to the store. Divide the stated loss by 100 and there is the actual loss which is covered by insurance. Next.

  31. KEVIN Carrick

    oh, now they are going to start prosecuting again?

  32. I don't know why the people of San Francisco are complaining. This is exactly what they wanted. I normally condem such actions but given how stupid the people of SF (and California in general) are, I say keep at it. And when the police start cracking down, let the fascists come in a riot just like they did last year. I'll be sitting here on the other side of the continent watching and laughing.

  33. The real charges should be filed against the politicians defunding the police

  34. Darth Waffle

    People think if you have a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag you’re not a low rent
    Donald trump has a jet and he’s still a low rent.

  35. H C B STUDIO

    so disgustig this kind of scumbags you can hide the face but the true color you can't

  36. Damon graham

    Why not just shoot them

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