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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early vs Invest? or Both? As I’m an investor and also have paid off my UK Mortgage in 7 years, I share with you EXACTLY what I think! Pros vs Cons, etc 🙂 ♥.


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How We PAID OFF Our Mortgage in 7 Years UK –

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Pay Off Mortgage Early or Invest? –



(00:50) – How We PAID OFF Our Mortgage in 7 Years UK –
(09:40) – How to Invest In The Stock Market For Beginners-
(16:16) – How Much Money Is Enough (Freedom Number) –


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I’m married to Ken and we have two boys aged 6 and 4. I’m a Londoner, born in Hackney! 🙂

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I’m a husband, dad, and a First-Generation Immigrant to the UK. I started life poor in the UK and I’ve spent the last 20 years on a steep journey of Personal Development.

CFO by day with over 12 years experience in the investment business. I’m also a Chartered Accountant and hold an MBA from Cambridge University.

To explore my creativity, I’m a blogger and YouTuber by night. I create from my experiences as a family man and entrepreneur.

I have a passion for all things Financial Education, Business and Personal Development. I also love Photography, Music, Travel, and Sport.

We became Financially Independent aged 34 and our story has been featured on the BBC, Mail Online, Channel 5, Metro, etc.

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Ken Okoroafor, The Humble Penny.

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  1. I have chronic illness and pain and stress makes it worse … it is difficult for me to have an eye on stock market etc or even invest by buying a small apartment and renting … that is why I decided to focus on paying my mortgage faster

  2. Hi Ken. Great video your videos have really switched me on to how I can make my money work better for me.

    I just wondered what was your percentage split between overpaying the mortgage and investing in your stocks and share ISA. My situation is very similar to the first example you set. 30, married, 2 kids, decent wage and about 2months expenses saved up.

    Also, I have an old workplace pension that I haven't grouped together with new work place pension and I'm not using that as a personal pension plan either. Should I look to make this an active saving stream too.

    So my routes to financial freedom

    1. Overpay the mortgage
    2. Invest in a stocks and shares isa
    3. Put any spare money into a personal pension

  3. Really enjoying your content. Good to hear your perspective on things. Refreshing to hear you reframe the modern obsession of chasing that fast buck. Financial independence is achievable for anyone, just need to educate, persevere and stick to your strategy.

  4. Watching this and it is super interesting. I have my emergency 1-3 months savings and a chunk of a house deposit, but no mortgage/ house yet! I'm debating investing a little to get me started as by the time I come to buy it is likely that £1000 or so won't make a difference to mortgage payments overall. And as it is time in the market… I'm feeling like no time like the present (once I have researched the field to a level I am happy with). Great videos!

  5. Excellent presentation. I am pursuing both strategies – paying off mortgage & investing in the stock market.

  6. As always amazing content Ken. 👌
    I’m sure like many people I digest information easily when I see it explained on a white board 👍☺️ More of marker & board please 🙏

  7. Would you still recommend making mortgage overpayments if you don't plan to live in the same property long term?

  8. Hi Humble penny. Loved your video and experience. Really informative.

    I have had a similar experience.
    My wife and i both work in the NHS and have good salaries as band 7 Managers. We are both now in our early 50s and have been both lucky and wise deciding to pay our mortgages off fast.

    We will have paid off two properties in the next 2 years. (home and 2nd investment property securing a 6% rental profit each year for the next 10 years (then sell both for a new retirment home) in 2030
    We have bonds maxed out in one account for 1-2 year safety contingency
    Cash isa with 3 -6 month funds for emergencies
    Wife has a 95 and 2015 pension scheme retiring at 58 in 6 years time
    I have a 95 and 2015 scheme pension retiring at 58 (2 years later) (both pension each have over 25+ years invested so far)
    I have a SIPP also for extra pension top up as i was late starting a pension (invested an old pension into this) add £200 each month will have this for 10 years at least
    Once Mortage is paid off we will both invest the over payments each a month into stocks and shares ISA – drawing down in 10 years 4% only each year
    We will unfortunately also soon recieve large sums of inheritance.
    We will both also have two subtantial lump sum golden handshake pots to invest at 60 (3 times final pension prediction each lump sums).

    Any investment advise would be appreciated? I'm guessing diversity. What would you do?

  9. Ken your videos are clear, articulate, honest and well thought out – really inspiring.

  10. Ken love your videos my biggest regret is not investing earlier .My goal is pay off mortgage in april fingers crossed .

  11. With a tin foil hat on, paying off your mortgage early only benefits yourself, investing instead benefits corporations by giving them cash, Governments through taxation on returns and Gilt investments and Banks by making you hold on to a mortgage as long as possible. Someone in 1999 would have considered if they should put money into the FTSE 100 or their mortgage, wasn't a clear cut decision with hindsight.

  12. Brilliant video. Best I've seen on this topic. Just subscribed as so impressed!!!

  13. Hi Ken, i love your videos. The one thing i noticed you didn't touch on here was the impact of inflation. The value of a mortgage will erode over time with inflation so should you overpay now or wait to make overpayments in the future? At some point there must be a trade off with interest rates, inflation and your rate of return from your investments. With interest rates where they are at the moment and if you have secured a good mortgage rate, it may be worth investing now and making overpayments later? Is there a calculation which takes these 3 factors into consideration which can help people make these decisions? E.g. if i can earn a hypothetical 4% return on average from my investments over time, i have a 2.5% mortgage fixed for a few years and then taking into account an average inflation rate; should i invest it, overpay the mortgage now or is there a proportion of the investment return which i should use to pay off the mortgage? In the long run what would i be better off doing?

  14. M one of the haters ☝🏿🤣🤣 really appreciate your free wisdom 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  15. Great video

    Thank you so much

    As a working single parent with a mortgage my aim is to do both in a different way. With a 10 year old son I want to leave London. Anyway so payoff my mortgage means selling my current property and buying just outside of London.

    Investing into a emergency fund currently. From September start passive investing.

    At age 47 I hope I am doing this the right way. Would love some feedback

    Thank you so much for this valuable Information

  16. .We paid off the mortgage early. My husband wanted to do that. Since I battled cancer in the past, when I was single and had the mortgage. And recently found another tumor in my kidney. Thankfully, this one was benign. He didn't want me to stress out about the mortgage. In case I had to stop working due to cancer OR any illness. Not having mortgage is a great feeling. And one less thing to worry about.

  17. luckily living in the North West our housing costs are only about 20% of our take home pay so we decided to overpay slighlty but most of it being invested in index funds. We are both just under 30 and after watching this I think we will tip the scales to pay the house off a bit quicker and invest a little less. Its nice to see numbers on a screen but I want me some of that mortgage free happiness! 🙂

  18. You definitely would get haters ,some people can't take others success/wisdom

  19. Great video, excellent content! 👌
    Although your be 57 not 55 when you can access your pention.

  20. This video was exactly what we needed. Clear and concise. Thank you.
    I have 23 years left on my mortgage and my partner (who is mortgage free in 5yrs time) have been pondering on the idea of which to go for. Based on my 10% over payment limit I could pay the mortgage off in 7 years time which ispossible based on earnings. A big passion of mine is to start a business and hustle on side projects. I feel I would be more comfortable taking this risk without the burden of knowing there is a monhtly payment to be made. Therefore, clearing mortgage from the board first may be the priority to then invest more so in the stock market there after. I have been trying to drip feed money into my SIPP which is performing OK. Thoughts welcome? Thanks again!!

  21. Great video. So I’m 38 I earn decent but I also like to live a great lifestyle. I’d say from 33 I really started to think about how I can make my salary go along way before kids because they cost so so much. So my plan was to make over payments on my mortgage which I am so happy I did. Saving on the interest off banks and it’s actually become addictive to pay my yearly 10%. I love to reduce the years it’s actually an amazing feeling. I set a 35year mortgage at 28 by myself but I’ve lived, but saved and sacrificed, but by 42 il be clear not 63! So it gives me the opportunity now to say by 42 il be completely free to live on my entire salary and be comfortable or to be given the chance to go even bigger on my next property, increase the years have a low mortgage but have the bigger house for children too. Many options and ways to think about now. I think paying the mortgage is the best option or as close as you can before 40 or the children idea. Having that real bulk paid off is a massive relief, also for me saving a huge pension is impossible each month, so the more I have in a house one day, i intend to sell it, down size as bigger means more costs and take out the money and use as my pension pot. This is just my plan and idea it’s addictive and so worth it paying off your capital. Save any extra you earn, don’t go out one weekend pot it, no holidays save insane, reduce clothes how many do we really need, sell them online save it! Set that 5 year plan keep to it and man will you be smiling but even if you have not paid it all off but close enough the relief will be amazing then congratulate yourself with a holiday or a big bottle of bubbly