New Sidebar with Firearm & Criminal Attorney Ian Runkle – Viva & Barnes Live

Canadian peeps asked, Viva & Barnes deliver. Sidebar with Ian Runkle – Canadian firearms and criminal attorney, and YouTube lawyer as well. Talking law, differences between Canada and the U.S. – re: firearm laws, and other edumacational stuff. Tune in, share away, and bring questions.


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  2. Jarred Segal

    Problem is you can’t carry the bat for defence of you do than it’s called a weapon

  3. I much prefer our gun laws here in Kentucky than I do Canadas gun laws. They sound insane to me. And I think our laws here in Kentucky are plenty strict enough. I just wish guns wernt so expensive.

  4. You can't ban someone into being a good person!!! Damn, just a little to long for a t-shirt . Spot on though!!!

  5. Windy Wednesday

    1:05:00 if the judge did something that the politicians truly didn't like they wouldn't challenge him/her on the topic they would start dragging up accusations of "immoral conduct" and do a smear campaign until the committee removed them or they lose their license.

  6. defiantly warrants a follow up

  7. Canadians need to flush their government and restore civil liberties, especially self defense and free speech.

  8. Subversive Intentions

    This guy is both the most boring story teller, and yet the most interesting at the same time. I say boring just because he isn't very emotive.

  9. Andrew the Celt

    "What did this guy on Meth do?"

    He got a job on the board of Burisma and handled kickbacks for The Big Guy.

  10. I am truly disgusted with Canada

  11. Northern Captain

    Wow! I used to occasionally travel with firearms to Quebec to hunt. I’ll probably not do that again.

  12. Note to self, never skip to ahead to 4:40 again

  13. @Viva Frei You got to watch the British sitcom Rumpole of the Bailey. It's really good.

  14. Gregory Rogalsky

    Making your way through the legal mind field of self defence in Canada is very interesting. Saying that we can still defend are selves if the need arises. Just be prepared to defend your actions in court after defending your self on the street. It is what it is.

  15. mnhorsewoman

    This conversation makes me grateful to live in the United States and in a state that supports my #2A rights.
    A gun behind every blade of grass
    Shall not be INFRINGED

  16. Gun law lawyer in Canada???? SUBBED

  17. Great podcast
    Vivas channel almost at 100M views lets goooo

  18. Christine Tutcher

    Wow! Don't want to live in Canada after listening to this. But it's a nice place to visit.😉

  19. Who uses an "F" in chat to signal the audio is fine? Madman.

  20. John Bednarik (HRS 81641)

    Videos not downloaded to Rumble? No Sidebar or Barnes podcast there this week.

  21. I'm crossing Canada off my visit list.

  22. It's so true that making the system work the way it should is a noble pursuit, even if a few criminals get away with their crime. I was on a jury in a prostitution trial concerning a raid on a massage parlor. Everyone knew they did it, but one defendant was dismissed because the testifying police officer, when asked, "Can you point out the defendants for the jury?", couldn't identify her. She happened to be seated in a slightly unusual location, to be near her translator. The other we found not guilty because of all the other mistakes made by the police during the arrests and interviews. We couldn't let the police get away with such sloppy work.

  23. Stephen L'Heureux

    Thank you for defending our rights in Canada

  24. After listening to this discussion I realize that Canada needs a good revolutionary cleaning of it's corrupt, maggot invested government as much as the USA does. Lets get together then for a good old fashioned government destroying! We'll let you copy our constitution as a good starting point.

  25. All the more reason to fight to the death for my constitution. "In a pile of hot brass, from my cold dead hands."

  26. This is typical communist government stupidity. Gun control only punishes the good guys, not the criminals. Only good guys with guns can stop criminals with guns because stupid government will never be able to do it with bans. Gun control only makes more victims which is just what democrat communists want to justify more power for themselves.

  27. Richard Prest

    Who protects us from the police, the bad guys who have guns and can use them, so what dose the Constitution and Bill of Rights that the government violates our rights.

  28. I find this whole notion of Canadian self defense irresponsible governance of citizens and anyone promoting this is daft and lives in a fantasy world.
    "….US law is a complicated disaster.", as Robert smiles. You betcha.

  29. Ritchie Caron

    Nailed it at 1:39:00 Police do this all the time in my home town because they don't have enough crime to justify their budgets.

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