New Simple Mortgage Free Cabin Build Pt 7: Front Porch, And Planting The Garden

Cierra and I got the much needed front porch on the cabin. We also planted our garden, some berries, and flowers. The homestead is starting to take shape!


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  1. bill sheverbush

    Save your chicken shit for the garden

  2. Preben Sørensen

    Yes the garden will teach you a lot. First lesson: You get nothing for nothing. Plants need the right acidity in the soil, and something to eat.

  3. Anne Sweeney

    Oh the Cabin is looking so fantastic you two, really great, well done ! you both should pat yourself on the back ..
    I’m raising my beer to you both..I found that raccoons are the worst to chickens they murder them just for the murder

  4. new and old tech

    for tomatoes you need a greenhouse, and cuecumber definately need it. put se plstics againt a sunny wall on the cabin as a starter. i you build a separate greenhouse dont make it to small as bigger size even out temerature changes

  5. Phillip White

    Yes KIS= keep it simple

  6. Phillip White

    Ya keep the poopy out of it

  7. You guys make a great couple and certainly not afraid of hard work! 👍

  8. Tomatoes are brussel sprouts wont make it from seed. Need to buy the biggest plants you can find this late. Fleet farm garden center had some decent stuff.

  9. Karl’s Off the grid

    This is not meant to be criticism this is just an old fart trying to help some great young people out. With future decking or flooring you may want to consider using screws instead of nails your feet will thank you for it in a couple of years when the nails begin to pop. Also, when you lay the boards down for your deck do not put any space between them. When the boards dry in a year they will shrink and automatically leave a space for you.
    keep up the hard work and you’ll be fine.

  10. Great job you two. Only plant what you yourselves are gonna like eating, i have heard many say that. You could make a fertilizer soup to put on your veggies and berries. Or not it may grow just with river water.
    If you put a fence up, have the "hole" size to the smallest critter that frequents your forest, or an electric/solar fence. Most ppl who are off grid have the solar fence battery operated for their gardens do not think they require a lot of power just a battery charged for the day.
    I planted a veggie garden in a more suburban spot, and everything grew. We planted marigolds in and around the edges, which deterred critters/bugs because of the smell, since we had no fence. However, there were two big dogs-in dog houses-near the garden day and night. The garden had minimal care yet it grew …so, with care, yours will too.
    If you are intuitive you will know what your garden needs.
    You tube channels with great garden tips: off grid mcgarvey style (raised beds with hoops, california), my self reliance (canada forest garden), Living off grid with Jake and Nicole (how to make the beds ready for planting, vancouver, british columbia)

  11. Charles Sawyer

    Build planter boxes to go around the 3 sides of the porch. They will attach to the outside edge. So she can plant herbs. That way she doesnt have to walk all the way to the garden just season her meal.

  12. Right on..dont give up

  13. Edward William

    Gardening pro tip for those plastic markers, get a set of 'bamboo skewers' for 100 for like 2.99 at your local grocer & double penetrate and fold over the end in, they won't fall off, blow/wash away in a major downpour, aren't harmful/toxic to the soil, & let you reach through/around roots which can just as easily grow around the impromptu 'stakes'.

    Also anything above ground that you think birds might peck at, grab a bit of netting and pvc. Just like with a raised bed trellis, cover up Wwhat you feel necessary. Pests can ruin the fun in a heartbeat.

    Consider slapping any extra gutter length from the cabin onto the coop & collect a bit of water there purely to use as a local source for washing out trowels, spades, hands, lines, or anything you find. Easier than carrying a bucket or handling dirty tools in multiple placea.

  14. 2×6's for the joists? WTF?

  15. Clark Markey

    Bears love sweet, yummy berries. The berry patch is next to the cabin….

  16. Are the pink plants Vinca? I grow them here in AZ and they do great in the heat! I love them 💜

  17. Christine Taylor

    Buy Miracle Gro and follow instructions for fertilizing.Tomatoes don't like dry feet. I love Skeeter! Looking like home.

  18. Penny Haldeman

    You need to get another blueberry bush, it takes two if you want fruit. You guys are doing a great job.

  19. Now that's a deck a fellow can enjoy a cold beer or 3 on. I think Ford should gift you a new Escape, because you have certainly proven it to be a very versatile vehicle.

  20. Outdoor Addiction PA

    Only plant things you will eat!👍

  21. Amazing deck.
    The 2 of you do amazing work, such hard workers.🌸

  22. Doris Harrison

    Maybe you.need to build a wooden fence or box around the garden.

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