New South Carolina attorney pushed out of firm day before he was shot | New York Post

South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh resigned from his law firm after he learned he was being investigated for the misappropriation of millions of dollars the day before he was allegedly shot in the head on a rural road, the New York Times first reported.

Murdaugh’s law firm, PMPED, founded by his grandfather over 100 years ago, confirmed to the paper Monday that it had hired a forensic accounting firm to investigate the missing funds, which a member, speaking on the condition of anonymity, claims is in the millions, and had also informed police and the South Carolina Bar Association.

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  1. Could this guy be the personification of a so called crooked lawyer

  2. The Murdaugh family dynasty is reaping what they sowed…and it is obvious that it’s one of their own relatives.

  3. Minnie Trout

    Very sketchy dude!👍

  4. Daniel Medina

    He talks about everything under the sun in his public statement yet omits the elephant in the room which was his embezzlement of funds

  5. Maskoffweb are so the best


    He killed his family for the money 💰


    He shot his self!!!

  8. Lance Cahill

    Just speculation here but could it be he killed his wife and son for insurance money to repay for the embezzlement?

  9. mopthermopther

    Please, somebody make this into a movie. 🎥 🍿

  10. Next headline will reveal his girlfriend on the side.

  11. Did he try to commit suicide? He only was graze and then check into rehab. Sounds like Karma coming for him

  12. It's obvious he's guilty and now he's trying to cover it up playing the victim

  13. Was he investigating the dangers of the Wuhan injection?

  14. At least he didn't say the mysterious driver of the even more mysterious "truck" was of color. That's what them people usually say when making up these stories.

  15. Mike Moffitt

    Before You Judge This Man,Here is Another PossiblyNo.That Money Was a Pay off or For Individuals That Had Attacked Paul &His Mom to Be Only Released when Individuals Received Payoff.

  16. Yeah, my suspicion is that he had his wife & son murdered & himself superficially shot to cover his entire schtick.

  17. Why is he entering rehab ? It cannot be for a grazed head injury, missing money, wife and son killed , lost job, rehab plus sorry to his family & friends for the things HE has done to them …. he staged this shooting, or failed suicide attempt!……

  18. From what I've heard in other stories the family had it coming…..this is definitely a very professional job happening

  19. Owl The Pirate

    Sooo… WHO shot him?? Why hasn't he named the person?

  20. Obvious whack is obvious.
    Trump 2022

  21. only one shot to the head, c'mon man, who you trying to fool, marked men get two

  22. This looks almost like a botched suicide attempt

  23. david Horsley

    I will reserve judgement but right now it looks bad. I hope that it doesn't come to light that he is the one who shot his wife and son or they were shot for something he did.

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