New SovCit "Attorney" Arrested After Warning

A pretend attorney tries to be “assistance of counsel” in Idaho. Despite being warned by the judge not to appear in court, he does it anyway.

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  1. Animal Blundetto

    I genuinely enjoy reading the comments on Arty's videos. They're usually both funny and informative.

  2. Trixie Belton

    Should have started out with 5 days and $5,000!

  3. Both entertaining and informative, as always Mr. Corporate Fiction.

  4. Paracord Princess

    Filming vertically–$100 fine 🤣

  5. Luke Thompson

    3 dislikes…3 😆

  6. Sigmund Frauditor

    There’s 2 ways in the universe: the Sovcit way and reality. The fact that they refuse to ever see the way the world actually IS astounds me. Awesome judge just throwing him in the can for a few days. I guarantee that anything the guy tried to sue over was laughed out of court.

  7. Judge, I'm not a real attorney but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night!!!

  8. Chris Leedham

    no commentary?

  9. Michael Cranston

    I also noted that he plays with word games when speaking to the judge. He is not there to "re-present his client", I assume that is because in their fantasy law world he would be representing the "straw man" variation of his client, but not his client.

  10. David Fischler

    This is what happens when unmedicated schizophrenics try to interact with the real world.

  11. Grimm Reaper

    He should get a doubled fine, representing what’s his name, and his self

  12. Always good being a pimp not a simp

  13. om viu venit la lumina

    "Sovereign citizens" have a difficulty in acting as individual sovereigns, not sovereign citizens.

  14. I love the guy appearing on the camera upside down,

  15. DAK Surfacing

    we should make these people wear a shirt that says "I am not with stupid, cause I am stupid"

  16. DAK Surfacing

    So doc are you a licensed brain surgeon, "doc" no, I am not licensed in medical, I received my training from YouTube University and this will not only be my first brain surgery but my first time giving a living being surgery. LMFAO, this is the sovcit way of stupidity.

  17. Stranger Brothers

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse, which is why you are going to cool your jets in jail for a couple of days and get stuck with a $1000 fine for it. The 6th Amendment right to counsel has always been limited to licensed attorneys since it first incorporated state proceedings back in 1963.

  18. Quentin Stoeckel

    Well at least he realized that the judge had jurisdiction as the deputy took him to his new domicile

  19. That sovtard needs to level up and get some new spells.

  20. "It creates a situation of a monopoly"

    Nope it creates a situation of giving a defendant the best chance of a defence from somebody educated who knows & understands the law, next he'll be saying you don't need a license to practice medicine, dentistry etc either lol.

  21. Gregory lawler

    cool vid

  22. Scott Broadfoot

    A bit quiet there Arty. You trying to get the brain cells back you lost talking to that idiot yesterday. Wow, he followed that rabbit hard. I pity his family. Great to see a judge acting as they should though. Many Thanks from the UK.

  23. Causeless Rebel

    "Hello darkness….." Perfect!

  24. I would call the SovCit "lawyer's" arguments specious claptrap, but they don't rise to the level of specious, so we're gonna have to settle with claptrap.

  25. Can someone explain why these guys are never admonished or recognised as filming in court? My understanding is that visual recordings are not permissible in the US. Hi from Australia, love your channel 😎

  26. Love it

  27. Philip Greening Jackson

    Another illegal recording. Is any action ever taken?

  28. Michael in Houston

    Kirk Pendergrass? Not this idiot again. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  29. Destroyer Inazuma

    A long time ago, I saw a vid where an unlicensed "lawyer" tried to defend his position with some sort of "anti-guild" law which prevented abusive barriers of entry. Essentially, a "bar associations and laws legalizing them create monopolies and it's unfair" argument. Except the point of regulating lawyers is to enable clients to have remedies if the lawyer is proven to be utterly incompetent and only makes things worse. It's also easier to lawfully punish lawyers who had it coming and broke ethics or other laws, if there are licenses in place. There'd be a gigaton of scam layers if licenses didn't exist. Just look at health – there's a gigaton of snake oil salespeople even though legit doctors and pharmacists do require licenses!

  30. Keith McKeever

    That was so enjoyable to watch … i wish you could have seen the life leaving that guy's eyes as he was taken into custody.

  31. Lov sovtards aren't the sharpest tools in the shed

  32. FosterMcTeague

    "I did a judicial notice with memorandum of law."
    You are telling the judge that his court is on notice for some nonsense about the right to legal assistance? Basically, you are dictating to the judge how to run his court. Right out of the box it is simple to see this is going to go badly for him.

    "We went to Congress and challenged the fact that you can't license the practice of law."
    Wow. The stupid is strong with this one. Firstly, Congress doesn't have control over state laws in regards to the legal practice in the state. Secondly, Issuing a challenge to Congress doesn't mean anything unless, like issuing anything to the Supreme Court, it is taken up by Congress and acted upon. Thirdly, Congress can create a monopoly. In fact, every government is expected to create monopolies (such as a monopoly on national violence aka the military) but that is not what is in play when it comes to the practice of law. Finally, even if Congress did act on it that would likely be tossed by (ironicly enough) the Supreme Court for violating federalism and each state's power to their own judicial powers within the state.

    "We've already defeated the argument that there is no license to practice law."
    By declaring it yourself with no one else around.

    "I already put this court on judicial notice"
    And the judge just told stated no such thing occurred. But being too stupid to realize that the judge just did isn't surprising.

    "Ignorance of the law is no excuse."
    No kidding dippie. Your ignorance has no excuse especially when you willfully ignore the judge counseling you to stop clinging to your ignorance so desperately. The judge plainly told you "I will not hear from you" and "you will be removed." It takes a special kind of stupid to hear everything the judge said and still play this stupid game and win a stupid fine and a stupid stint in jail. A Sov Cit kind of stupid.

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