New Spiral Donation Box

Spiral donation box. I filmed it at Science and Technology Museum.
#japanesestuffchannel, #vendingmachine, #spiraldonationbox


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  1. Константин Дьяченко

    Монетку можно поймать иисноап запустить 😀

  2. Sarah van Rooyen

    I think we have things like this is America

  3. Is this the box in walmart??

  4. vikram 001666

    This is how our solar system move around a blackhole

  5. Asian Person

    Should've put two at the same time, or like 6 (three on each side one after another)

  6. Federal Monkey Reserve

    I'm pretty sure this is a toilet.

  7. I’ve also seen this thing in the Philippines in SM Marikina I guess

  8. Imagine you put many coins in both end sequentially.

  9. Enrique Morales

    Thats so so so cool 😎😎

  10. Shan Chai Cama

    May ganyan kami dito sa pinas sa sm lng nakikita

  11. Pedro Amarante

    Brabo mano naruto porra

  12. I thought this was a toilet for a second

  13. もういいからさっさと入れ笑


    Takes too long to collect donations.

  15. did anyone count how many rotations the coin went?

  16. This spins all day

  17. The thumbnail made me think that it was a toilet

  18. This is what I does when I was a kid. It was so much fun.

  19. The Freelance Queen

    One of these was at the Bronx zoo and I probably dropped 1.50 in it and I don’t regret it

  20. its popular in philippines tbh

  21. Hà Văn Cơ Sở Chậu Cảnh

    người nhật luôn luôn sáng tạo những thứ tuyệt vời 👍👍👍👍

  22. TheCrappyChannel

    Its a toilet made of ceramic metal

  23. This is in every walmart in US ahhaaha

  24. RetroXpecteR

    Nos llevan años de ventaja

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