New State attorney: Tristyn Bailey stabbed 114 times

VIDEO: The teenager initially charged with second-degree murder in the death of Tristyn Bailey, will now be tried as an adult for first-degree murder.


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  1. Savannah Cedillo

    Im just curious on how his parents have to deal with the guilt that their son did this to that beautiful innocent girl. Its not their fault but all parents would blame themselves to some extent.

  2. 114 times is so much I can’t even imagine what was left of her 💔😞

  3. Absolutely disgusting he can do this. He should be tried as an adult

  4. This world is beyond repair. This poor young lady. It's just so sad.

  5. Erin Chambers

    What gets me is that he sent a Snapchat from the backseat of the patrol car with the title “anyone seen Tristyn lately?”. Monster

  6. Royalty Sanchez

    Just another punk who can’t get anyone’s attention so they take it out on people who has the attention!

  7. Heather Bowlan

    The devil is ruling now , evil is every where he is entering people and they are obeying him ,it’s all in the bible fortold to happen , and then comes Jesus , and the war against good and evil , and all evil and evil dowers will be cast into the finery lake of eternity burning ,never to die just suffer ! Never deni your Lord Jesus , never take the sigh, even if it means you’ll stave or die , you’ll live in heaven a paridice built for his chosen loved one , pure perfection ! Prepare repent ,,tell God all your sins personally and ask for forgiveness ! This has to be all straiten out before hand like now .you’ll need his protection pray every nay and night to Jesus tell him everything , ask for knolage power in Jesus name! Learn all you can about Jesus the more you learn ,you’ll start to love him so much , start with a child’s bible it has beautiful pictures that can give you visual as you read , read it to your child , or little brother or sister ! God Bless you

  8. Amanda Johnson

    He'll have his day

  9. 33 All the way

    How do u even count that many

  10. Yea but why is this white on white crime not everywhere but YouTube…exactly

  11. Damn this boy is the devil

  12. I’m glad they decided to charge him as an adult. This choice he made was thought out and unwarranted, he made a choice that should alter his life and well-being. This wasn’t insanity, this wasn’t a mistake, this wasn’t protection. This was a throughly out plan that had a plan to cover up.

  13. Jace Breland


  14. blazzer73553 B

    Sounds like Aiden might have been agressively bullied

  15. Chase Tompson

    Sweet statutory. Enjoy your time in prison 😛💦🥒

  16. Big boy crime, big boy TIME…The fellas are looking forward to seeing their new girlfriend soon… Disturbing individual…

  17. Tracey Burris

    Tristan I am so sorry this happened to you. You did not deserve this. RIP Sweet angel. Justice for you will be served. God bless her family.

  18. So how do you rehabilitate that? Dont waste tax payers dollars on the evil.

  19. I would catch a charge and do some sweet time in prison, if i was guaranteed to be put in a cell with him. Or even just the same unit

  20. Martin Ramirez Mi5

    Give me 5 minutes with that little punk.

  21. Tracey Burris

    Lock him up and throw away the key

  22. Heather Bowlan

    I bet all he ever done was play video games all day and night , and he had to act out his mind energy !

  23. jesus christ, i hope he burns in hell

  24. Heather Bowlan

    She’s so beautiful , she didn’t want him so he killed he so no one else could have her ! Sad such a beautiful girl .

  25. Missy Moonwillow

    No remorse about it neither. What a toxic vile spiritless entity. Do onto it, what it did to her. She was a light, he literally let his inner demon out and there's absolutely no guarantee that this creature wont attempt to snuff out more lights in others. What a waste. Disgusting.

  26. Brick _House Dee

    This is a malicious murder at its finest very very 😢 😞🥲

  27. Poor baby girl this case will always make me feel so sad Rest In Peace angel

  28. Kristin Walz

    BEYOND disgusting

  29. who's your daddy

    I'm sure every cellmate he has will stab him 114 times a day, if ya know what I mean.

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