New Steve St Angelo – Energy Cliff to Bring About Decline Similar to the Late Bronze Age Collapse

Steve St Angelo – Energy Cliff to Bring About Decline Similar to the Late Bronze Age Collapse

SBTV spoke with Steve St Angelo of the SRSRocco Report about the coming energy cliff that will bring about global decline similar to the collapse during the late Bronze Age. Steve believes that if the energy cliff was truly understood, one would be banking on Bitcoin’s future.

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
01:33 State of shale oil industry
05:59 The coming energy cliff
10:08 Black hole stimulus
12:17 New market insanity
15:16 Inflation & liquidity trap
21:34 Late Bronze Age collapse
25:02 Silver is undervalued
31:06 Four factors to send silver price higher

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  1. Albert Engles

    No moron they pump the sand down there so the land above it doesn't collapse

  2. First time application for unemployment benefits have Bern ranging from 450,000 to 750,00 each week!!!!
    Biden: strongest economy in 60 years…..WTF????

  3. He never mentioned nuclear energy…

  4. Ummmm….fun fact > about 80% of pharmaceuticals are derived from OIL.
    Same for PPE….its gunna get ugly guys and girls..

  5. Whats going on in todays world, is proof mental illness is a huge issue in America and a world wide problem . Where else would you find people dumping money into cryptos , which has a value based on the fiat dollar , can be monitored, and with a click of a switch, be hacked, or eliminated – just like that. I know some scabby kneed basement dweller will tell me cryptos cant be hacked — anything electronic can be hacked — everything electronic has a backdoor – everything . Between the jabs and the crypto play money, and those that support Liberalism are huge examples of mental illness .

  6. Brandon Klosterman

    The disinflation crowd likes to ignore the real estate market. The main driver of inflation is lending like Steve says here but that lending leading to inflation has nothing to do with the fed. Building has been slow since the 2008. We have a 3 million home deficit in the US and the largest demographic yet coming into their home buying years. Also the millennials are in their prime spending years. This is where the inflation comes from.

  7. The sky is falling,every damn month shows that it's all unraveling, unfortunately I'm in a city,I have all I need for shtf,but location,location, location. 😣

  8. _______The Punch line is, that at the same time the Planet was rushing off the Energy Cliff some Big Brains came up with the "great idea" to roll out a new crypto currency digital system that not only DEPENDS on about 2,000,000,000 different parts/systems if also Depends on MASSIVE amounts of Energy ! (lol!) UNREAL !

  9. Ezekiel 7:19 
    “‘They will throw their silver into the streets,
        and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean.
    Their silver and gold
        will not be able to deliver them
        in the day of the Lord’s wrath.
    It will not satisfy their hunger
        or fill their stomachs,
        for it has caused them to stumble into sin.”

  10. Food will be the new gold and silver. Good luck selling your worthless rocks!

  11. You drive me nuts! Everything is crumbling down around you, and all you care about is your personal wealth, your gold and silver. The money in your pockets! It will all be taken from you along with your freedom.

  12. Jeremy El Malek Bey

    Michael C. Rupert R.I.P.

  13. No inflation Steve? Many food products gone up 30% this last year!

  14. Are Cliff Energy Bars on the rise?

  15. Truth Monster

    this was disgusting

  16. Peter Buranick

    Venezuela has the largest oil reserves on the planet. There economy is a wreck. Why? Fruad,theft and lies within the government. The oil conglomerate has stranged the people's of the world with help from crooked politicians. Remedy? Kill off the politicians and oil chiefs. The oil belongs to the FREAKIN PEOPLE!

  17. If anyone says we'll get deflation i close the video. If they mention the bondking van metre dude I close even faster. The only limit to the free money is inflation. Deflation is impossible in that scenario

  18. Jan-Peter Brodersen

    It is definitely worth to subscribe to his website. There is so much valuable information.

  19. Only one thing not to agree with there. "People aren't insane clinically, but…" just DELETE the "n't" in the "aren't". Steve's ideas are very interesting, but there are simpler models. What about describing global economic activity as a daft corrupt drunken orgy of unwanted grossly excessive consumption that is financed by a Ponzi scheme? The Ponzi scheme rolled over twenty years ago. The final failure will be very quick indeed. You check my math. Immagine that you are a silver banker (or copper it makes no difference) and you decided to only hold cash (silver copper or gold) since 20-years ago. How have you done? Why does everybody seem to make the false assumption that they will survive?

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