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In this video livestream we discuss the current state of the stock market and the crypto market, go over the latest stock market news/crypto news, and discuss stocks & crypto to buy now.


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  1. Motorista Europa

    Nice vid friend! Just check ABML they growing againg! Can you take a look at it?

  2. Nicole Lancaster

    My favoriteeeee YouTuber! Great video.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Don't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway GREAT content ❤️😄. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these vids. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool info about similiar money making things on his vids.

  5. love your channel man, class act through and through. Thanks for the shoutout.

  6. Davidson Moore

    Lately I've been considering investments for retirement, I've set asides $350K to grow a million $ portfolio, but along the line I get cold feet, maybe cos I'm a rookie? I'd really appreciate some tips.

  7. Justin Sands

    agree to disagree, the growth stock bear market started due to fears that the fed would have to end their easy money policy by raising interest rates sooner then expected.(therefore most adversely affecting the far afield companies that rely on borrowing costs). When BNGO will take off agan, is when peak inflation data is released showing that it hits the feds targeted level and proves to be transitory. When this happens, and investors can be assured of low interest rates for the next few years, the most adversely affected promising penny stocks like BNGO will take off again. We have seen numerous tech and growth stocks that have crushed earnings, made partnerships and aqcuisitions, and have had fantastic news, yet they all get smacked back down due to this growth stock bear market that fears rising interest rates will weigh on their valuations for years to come. BNGO I believe actually most recently beat their earnings. They also made new partnerships and many other growth stocks like vuzi, grow gen, and so forth, have done the same. Even palantir beat earnings for the first time. So yeah, its all about the interest rates at this point. Though I would agree that this happens with stocks after they take off, often times investors need to see more to prove their valuations. BNGO and other growth stocks have a different reason as to why they are stuck in the cave with the bears.

  8. Dude, what do you mean “buy now”. The whole market is rigged. Free market is no more 🤷

  9. Ooooof, cardano is definitely not something to sleep on.

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  14. Felipe S Moreira

    Kishu Inu


  15. Could not agree more with you. Keep the good content coming:)

  16. Petar Petrov

    Excellent as always!! Thank you!

  17. Sean Mc Fadden

    Where can I buy some Kim Jon moon?

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  20. I didn't know there's as great as $CPAC. $CPAC is one of a kind so u must check it out before it's too late. No doubts and regrets. $CPAC will rise 🚀🚀

  21. Great stock call outs! Appreciate the honesty, so many people that clearly know nothing about investing are making videos and misleading people to turn profit. A few youtubers even purely pump low market cap stocks.

  22. You won't regret buying $CPAC. I've made so much from it and God knows how much unexpected that is. $CPAC really is a life changer.

  23. Rarity Riego

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  26. All 50+ listeners just unsubstantiated #👋

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