New 'Stoic': Attorney describes one defendant's reaction after verdict

Defense attorneys speak outside the Brunswick, Georgia courtroom after three defendants were found guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery.

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  1. Richard Olson

    Keep pushing!
    Cops' supervisors
    District Attorneys
    City, county and state officials

    All of these agents of law enforcement need to be prosecuted or removed from their positions.

  2. Nice to see these bigots squirm.

  3. Matthew McCarter

    Now they need to investigate why it took months to arrest these murderers. If not for the video they would never have even been charged.

  4. Stuart Ledman

    They will be welcomed with open arms into the white supremacists groups in prison. They will be considered heroes.

  5. Philo Sopher

    He didn’t need that gun. He didn’t need to chase him. He didn’t need to threaten him. He wanted to be a tuff guy and he had that gun because of a twerp ridden culture that tells him he needs it to be a man. He thought he could treat a black man any way he wanted. And most of all they had thought they got away with it. More than 2 months without any charges. I’m a bit surprised the guy filming was convicted as well, he must have been more involved than I thought.

  6. Scotty Doggo

    Why show supports for Killers
    Those killers deserves the worse time in Jail

  7. Why wouldn't they think that that's the right thing to do all three of those fellas believed in a system if you tell the right lies you can get away with murder I'm going to go in the house get my gun and chase you down the road but you don't want to talk to me now I'm going to pull my gun and point it at you and then I'm going to claim self-defense even the defense attorneys thought that that was the right thing to do so the defense team put together all white jurors and one black so when is symbol that group they failed to realize one thing 11 white people that happened to be females in America all over the world pretty much white women suffer the same discriminations and prejudice as black men so that made it easy for them to see the truth

  8. fairchildcreek

    He’s not stoic, he’s confused. It’s going to take these idiots a few months to fully comprehend what’s happened. 30 years is the minimum sentence for felony murder in Georgia. I’m sure that’s being explained to them now. And then there’s the Federal hate crime thing. It’s quite a bit to absorb, especially when you’re slow to begin with.

  9. This GUILTY CHARGE should also apply to the white kid celebrity killer.

  10. jorge Ferreira

    It´s true that Joe Biden will go try get re-election in 2024? Are you kidding? Joe Biden is the worst USA president that this country see in the last years. See the polls about your bad administration.

  11. Guilty as charged. A LIFE for A LIFE.

  12. They had zero defense for their actions! Anyone watching would see it! The defense behaved grotesquely at times! The Confederate flag vanity plate on the back of their truck spoke volumes! It was stricken from the evidence! Because they knew anyone whom saw that would automatically see their ideology and their guilt!

  13. Liberty Wolf

    Good people are only going to put up with this bull for so long, you know. So gloat while you can America will not bow to islam. Ever

  14. Robbie Smith

    Why don’t you just claim it’s rigged…like the Republicans? It works for ex-pres Drumpf.

  15. Dontwor rybout

    Why did you bury the Waukesha massacre cnn?

  16. A just verdict. But CNN lumps this to the Rittenhouse verdict. Ridiculous and bad journalism. In this case the victim was running AWAY. In Wisconsin, the victims were running to and attacking the Rittenhouse kid! How are they alike?


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  20. Chris Hughes

    Joe is going to get us in a WAR we cannot WIN ! We have already fought CHINA 2 times and LOST BOTH !

  21. Dieter Kieltsch

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  22. Mariusz Hope

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  23. Attorneys tall,medium,short! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. GailKelly Anderson

    Self defense LOL 😂

  25. Ironically if they didn't film their crime they'd probably have gotten away with it

  26. GailKelly Anderson

    Apparently he’s not a strong man…. I would more like a weak evil 👿

  27. GailKelly Anderson

    Bunk the McMichaels! There’s HATE written all over there faces!!!

  28. JourneyMan Smitty

    My thing is with this situation it could have been avoided they didn't have to do what they did but they were just racist they wanted to kill a black person for fun and they actually thought they got away with it sometimes we have to be careful the choices we make in this world 🤔

  29. NotTheBBCNewz


  30. Martijn Hover

    I wonder, what do these lawyers really htink about this case? I understand that they must work for the person they defend, but do they honestly believe the things they argued?

  31. CNN's reporting of this trial will be far less biased and unfair, joke of a news outlet. (Not that the verdict seems incorrect, same as with Rittenhouse). Most haven't watched either trials footage or evidence.

  32. GUILTY !

    American Pinky Power Racists held to account.

    You can't blame China and Russia for American Pinky Power Domestic Terrorists.


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