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Will There be a fourth stimulus check or is the 4th stimulus check dead on arrival?
President Biden has told congress to decided on whether to included a fourth stimulus check in the build back better plan or the American families plan. The price of gas and beef could be going up this summer. A beef production plant that supplies 20% of all beef to the US was hacked with ransomware. This could cause the price of beef to rise as the plants are shut down. Gas prices could also rise as Biden has order the cancellation of oil and gas leases in Alaska while at the same time it was learned over 1 million barrels of oil were purchased from Iran. The US hasn’t bought oil from Iran since 1991. Democrats want to get rid of the filibuster so they can push through their parities agenda items. Republican’s want to spend $928 billion on infrastructure but only on infrastructure. A new TransUnion suvery showed 4 out of 10 Americans aren’t earning what they were 1 year ago. Many used stimulus checks to pay bills, pay down debt, put food on the table and give themselves housing stability. The May jobs report comes out next week and will give insight into whats going on with the economy. Washington DC uses jobs data to form policy so this will be a big report.

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– Fourth Stimulus Check Update
– Important Updates From Congress
– The Stock Market
– Child tax credit 2021
– IRS tax refunds
– Student Loan Forgiveness
– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
– Unemployment tax situation
– President Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
– President Biden’s American Families Plan
– Life Insurance
– Home Loans
– Silver and Gold investing
– Dividend Paying Stocks

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  1. Stephen Gardner

    New $2000 giveaway started TODAY –>

    Will the price of beef and gas go up?
    New gear coming this week but here's the hats!

    Use code Stephen to get 20% off.

    The 4 new shirts will be coming out this week I hope. I've worked hard with top designers in the US to create the best gear for my community.

  2. Sir I appreciate the video you do and you and your wife are so amazing keep up the good work


    Thank you for making more videos and NOT abandoning your community. We look to you for truth through all of the murkiness out here! Thank you for all you do!

  4. Diana Gillispie

    IRS tax reimbursement hit today!

  5. Debbie Mannie

    Hello Shephen. I need help groceries and my phone bills and I try to find with my phone no Data 😞

  6. Noela Bourgoin

    Some of us older people are screwed! I had a job I was Secure in but I'm assuming it's my age by nobody's hiring me now. And now I'm being threatened by unemployment people. I would so much rather be at work then deal with this b*******. And as far as price is going up there's always a freaking excuse why. Guess that's my vent for the day I do not want to live on stimulus checks I would like a job my job back

  7. Paul 🛐🙏🛐

    Oh no not my beef and gas

  8. A big thank you and your wife for what you do for the community. I hope i win one of the price that's will be nice to used for my needs.

  9. Charlene Pitchford

    We love you

  10. Exactly the word that I would use… Hence,… They keep spinning Gus around like dogs chasing our tails. Get out the bailout money sitting there and give it to us just the same.. it's there for the taking why don't they just do since it's money already added to the debt for the stimulus anyways.. MAKES NO SENSE it to just sit there and not be used to help the people!! Let us get back on our feet. Stop over taxing where it's not needed and start taxing the ones who have yet to pay, ex. Amazon!! Zoom!! Oh, and stop sending it over seas..

  11. kathy overstreet

    Biden wants to mess up the economy so he will have control over the Americans.

  12. It’s not crazy just step back and take a good look at the big picture and you will see that this country was taken over by communist called the liberal democrat. But don’t worry we will get it back very soon. President Trump is still our president.

  13. patrick kennedy

    patrick from CT , got my money from the IRS from the $10.200.00 tax money on june 3rd

  14. John Revollas

    Hi~Ya Stephen. Just To Let Ya Know, I Got My U-I Tax Refund After Midnight / June 3rd.

  15. Scott Perdue

    We didn't have the hacks on our mainstream products with our great President Trump in office ! I live in South Texas and the border situation is out of control. The drug cartels are elated and thriving. Human trafficking is a boom. Instead of opening the border. Why not just add the 5 states of Mexico to the United States let's cut to the chase ! The dumporats are still trying to crucify President Trump ! I guess it takes the heat off Hunter and
    "The Big Guy"

  16. JoAnn Donato

    The American people are still suffering from the impact of COVID and deserve another stimulus. They need to quit this nonsense and take care of the American people! Not everyone makes 6 figures and has the income to pay their bills and mortgages, along with other bills. Stop pushing us aside!!! As for jobs, a lot are clickbait when you look online. It’s nothing but a black hole. In my experience looking for work, you either have to know someone to get into certain companies or be willing to flip burgers. The job market isn’t like they say at all. Most want to only pay between 10-12 an hour! How can people survive on that? Before Covid, I was doing fine. I’m not the only one in this predicament. We are not lazy and sitting around daydreaming. We want to work! Cutting the federal unemployment in June is going to put a lot of us back into financial difficulty because so many were counting on that money to get us back to where we were before Covid. We didn’t ask for this, we were told it would last until September, which would give most people time to look for a decent job. Now we are being thrown into the fires with time running out! You don’t just find a job immediately and everything is OK! It takes time to find a job that can pay enough so you can live! WTH are they thinking! Btw I have always worked very hard and never would I consider myself lazy! So people need to get off their high horses and stop accusing those of us who lost our jobs during the pandemic of being lazy! Consider yourselves lucky you were able to work during the pandemic. So tired of all this nonsense

  17. Byroni Freidenberger

    got my 1400 today Steven keep up the good work

  18. Stephen..please shave closely above lip line..(you've got a hitler looking smudge going on)…😛

  19. Scott Perdue

    The election was stollen ! Now Obiden and the "Big Guy" gang are giving our country away !
    Restrictions on Alaska oil drilling ? Allow the Russian pipeline ?
    Refuse the American pipeline ? Keeping Hunter out of the headlines and jail ?
    Kiss China's butt ?
    Blame Russia again ?
    A million barrel's from Iran ? At least we get something for this infusion to their economy !
    Stimulus package for American people ? Only if the traitor's can get more pork ! The Chorizo for us !
    Get rid of the fillabuster ? Yes it's worked over 200 years .
    Does anyone else see what's happening ?
    Thank God I'm old and won't have to see what the crooks are doing to us ?

  20. Jason Voorhees

    Received a $1236 unemployment tax refund today via direct deposit. Single filer. Hope this info helps.

  21. Denise Brown

    I can't believe that the president of the usa are promoting drinking to get a shot man we look stupid

  22. Got my tax reimbursement , auto deposit. Texas

  23. Gloria Harris

    If family plan approved via reconciliation, WHEN will people see it?

  24. Gloria Harris

    Time to grow our own veggies and go vegetarian

  25. Amanda Oliveira

    Regarding childcare, most grandparents work these days until they need care themselves. There is no safe village for our children anymore. Not like we had as kids. Even teenage siblings are working and not available to help with childcare. Most government paid facilities have terrible grades and pending violations. Many parents are making a financial sacrifice to keep their small kids safe at home. I don't know how single parents will fair through the summer months. Prayers for all.🇺🇸🙏

  26. Seven Buttler

    I appreciate you and the things you do 🤟🏽

  27. Also if the prices are going up by leaps and bounds for our food , gas,meds, then we’re going to need that ongoing stimulus.

  28. Jeannette Izquierdo

    Stephen I don’t believe that we are being attacked or hacked by Russia. I really believe the Democratic Party are behind it all they are a communist party with a hidden agenda to raise taxes, eliminate gas cars and control the meat market.

  29. Biden is undermining the USA. Selling is out to forgiven countries.

  30. Penelope Myers

    These attacks are done by Democrats. Think about it.

  31. Janet Givens

    I received my Unemployment tax break this morning by direct deposit. I never received a email that it was coming.

  32. Michael Rausa

    It’s a no brainer of course we need another stimulus check

  33. Jerry Eisenmenger

    For some reason I can't register for the contest because it says my email is invalid. And I can't enter it. I just figured that out after all the time. I know it's right,

  34. Roshell Kilgore

    Hi Stephen, some people still haven't received their 2020 tax refund!

  35. Josh Alexander

    Hello Stephen Gardner. I really enjoy your videos. I find them more truthful then the news anywhere else. Thank you for the time you spend to make these videos. My best wishes for you and your family.

  36. Jerry Eisenmenger

    Man, the government period doesn't want us to survive in this world. Well, that is unless your Richey Rich.

  37. I will become a vegetarian.

  38. Stephen thank you, so much for all your help. You're amazing 👏

  39. Wanda Prescott

    Why wouldn't it be Necessary ?!! I Can Handle not eating Meat !! Everything's "Already" Gone up.. Hello..God Bless Everyone…😔🙏😠

  40. Katie Collins

    These hackers are out of control. It disgusts me that someone thinks they can just do whatever they want and mess with other people’s hard earned money

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