New Swaggersouls Had To Call In The Lawyer – Ep. 41

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00:00 – Intro
00:59 – Auditioning to Replace Fitz
03:03 – Zuckles
05:10 – We’re Professionals
07:40 – Sam is a Hard Man to Follow
12:00 – Women Ruin Everything
14:00 – Keeping With the Times
21:10 – The List
23:45 – The Fall of ONLYUSEmeBLADE
25:50 – Diabetus Cat
27:55 – Doors or Something
29:18 – Bogan Livin’, Mate
31:50 – The Derogatory Treadmill
39:50 – The Ol’ Gamer House
42:00 – Disposable Gamer Holes
46:00 – Edible Regret
55:00 – Pulled a Jerma
56:00 – Is Corpse Legit?
59:38 – Swagger’s Passion Project
1:04:23 – Poob Carries This Podcast
1:07:30 – Time To Call In The Lawyers
1:08:45 – YouTube Hand Shaking
1:13:00 – Becoming a Minecraft YouTuber
1:15:30 – Sam’s Family Vlogs
1:18:30 – Getting Recognized in Public
1:20:00 – Boy Scout Gatsby
1:23:50 – Wrapping Up

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  1. every time swagger gets board he plays with his kitten and its amazing.

  2. I was just thinking back on the cat video regarding fallout 4 lol kinda makes this awkward

  3. Actually believe it or not, I've had youtube delete comments where I directly call someone stupid..

  4. I muss when Sam talked to his brother, and trans porn stars.
    It was the golden age of podcasts.

  5. Swaggersouls lives in Melbourne? That's the freaking Covid capitol of the whole country! In Tasmania (one state and body of water over) we've had like three individual cases and barely any lock-downs (seems Covid avoids high-density bogan areas). But living in Tasmania is worse than Covid, so guess I'm the one with the sh*tty luck. 😅

  6. *swags boys the misfits spew out racism and rape jokes all the time, watch a copulation of best of 2019. I don't know why swagger was a pussy in this one? , it's a worrying sign of the future.

  7. Swagger thought he was edgy, and even he was the most uncomfortable man on earth

  8. Why was that the most awkward ending to the podcast? Swagger showed himself out

  9. you should totally try to set up a podcast with jippy, I've always loved his music in your videos and i've listened to about half of his beat tapes but i know nothing about him, i'd love to get to know the guy

  10. I love that Sam was generous enough to give us a whole 2 frames per second on his cam.

  11. Swagger and the Misfits talk about all the times about all the drugs they shove up their asses but god forbid they talk about something a lil risqué

  12. If you want to see good reviews with a test of flesh lights go look at INCEDIUM

  13. "I got a $300 auto-blow machine"

    "A dry-herb vaporizer, where the fuck am I gonna get that?"