New Talking It Out | Criminal Law with Nate the Lawyer & Natalie Lawyer Chick

Talking about criminal law, YouTube lawyer life and probably some pop culture. I am so excited to be joined by @NateTheLawyer and @NatalieLawyerChick

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  1. 🐤🐤🐤

  2. The "Buttfucker3000" zoom handle looked like a "lawyer cat" moment to me…dude looked so aghast & confused, but no cute cat to hide behind, just bare ass flappin in the zoom breeze of the judge's displeasure…feelin the pain

  3. Thalia Thalia

    I loveee you 3 explaining/chatting about law & reality tv 💁🏻‍♀️

  4. Just subbed to both Natalie and Nate 😍 this was so interesting. I'd love to see more collabs between y'all!

  5. Lucilla Blue

    This was fun. I hope you’ll di this again

  6. Natalie should definitely react to the Judge Middleton BF3000 moment! Later in the video when the judge gets to his case the defendant explains further what happened too & that bit is also worth reacting to 😂

  7. Andrea Kubiak

    Gotta love Judge Middleton being spread even more far and wide. He's hilarious with his droll little referencing.

  8. Kathryn Sink

    I loved this! I'm watching on the replay and it doesn't feel like 2.5 hours

  9. Charlie David-Lloyd

    I hadnt seen the BF3000 clip until now 😂😂😂
    I am making absolutely zero assumption here, but there are of men who have been using zoom since long before the pandemic for group ‘guy things’ and thats the kind of username you would see. So I think he clicked on the zoom link and it opened with his last used username 😂😂

  10. Maya Johnson

    I had no idea both of your guests were black. Thanks, Emily!

  11. Heather Hudson

    Hi @Emily D Baker @Nate The Lawyer @natalielawyerchick BEST collab EVER! I thoroughly enjoyed listening and thank God for replay, since I set reminder but fell asleep while waiting for this one- Aaah 😋

  12. I want to know Natalie's opinion on the "lawyer dog," case. I just learned about all of the ridiculous nuances about asking for an attorney from a case Leonard French went over yesterday, and he pulled up the 5th amendment appeal from that guy, which was denied because, "lawyer dog," was deemed equivocal. CLEARLY, it was the guy saying the equivalent of, "I want a lawyer, dude/man/etc." but according to the appeals court, it was equivocal because he could have been asking for a "lawyer dog," OR "lawyer, dog (dawg)." Freaking insane.

    For everyone here: if you want a lawyer, make sure you are CLEAR. Don't use words like, "I think I should, I might want, shouldn't I have, etc" always be concise, "I want to talk to a lawyer." Semantics, apparently, matter. Only the flat out statement is considered legally unequivocal.

  13. This was such a great chat. Loved it. Older attorneys are full of ? and act like they can play games.

  14. This is the best channel! 💜💜 Thanks Emily for all you do 💜

  15. Replay crew let’s ride 💜

  16. elizabeth sears

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE NATALIE!!! She is one of my favorite channels to watch- and now seeing you teamed up, with my other favorite channel to watch- I don’t even know how to react! I feel like I just got an early bday gift!!!!

  17. Graciella Gahama Iradukunda

    OMG how did I miss this🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️ I found your channel because Natalie talked about your friday night live🤩🤩🤩

  18. Microingretion?

  19. Beth Kallaus

    Institute of Basic life principles

  20. Just watched you at the H3 podcast!! You were great, and you looked beautiful!! Love the purple hair!!😍👍🏼💕

  21. Shanon Antony

    congrats on h3 legal correspondent lol 😀 loved the chat !

  22. Thank You so much for this. It was really fun and really educational. Please do more of these

  23. Big Tech is trying to be Sovereign Citizens in Nevada, And Steve Jobs believed he was one.

  24. Nicole Young

    I went to nate's video to watch about the women's soccer, it was a very well organized video. I don't think the women were being discriminated against by the WNT but by the fact that the men are all apart of another league where they are able to get benefits, thus not needing them. If the women had that opportunity there would have been no need for benefits and the women would have the ability to take the same deal as the men. However, that comments section is toxic AF and I will be avoiding Nate's videos from this point forward if that is the type of community he encourages.

  25. Here from H3. YOURE A LEGEND

  26. Debbie Barnhill

    Such a bad ass trio of talent!

  27. i had the misfortune of catching you on h3 and seeing your breonna taylor videos right after… yikes girl. good job deleting your tweets now though. it’s a bit too late for that. people know you’re a racist. 🙂

  28. Starfish&Coffee

    YA’LL!! (*Emily🥰) Nothing like supporting & uplifting one another!☮️ Best wishes2All!

  29. I really enjoy nate and natalie

  30. Alana Phillips

    The county I live in is HUGE with many very rural areas and NO public transportation. Not to mention they have moved the courts twice in the last 10 years and are preparing to move again. It is a real pain in the bumm to be called for jury.

  31. Jacqueline Snyder

    I just want to say congratulations on the h3 podcast!!! That’s so exciting emily 😊

  32. Melissa Siegel

    Fabulous collaboration! Loved the different perspectives!

  33. Mattie Garcia


  34. Katherine Elle

    I have been obsessed with Natalie since I first heard about her from Emily’s channel a month ago ❤️

  35. Natalie Duffy

    AHH I love NatalieLawyerChick!! I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact my name is Natalie 🙂 Also, loved seeing you on H3 today!!

  36. woohoo!

  37. This question was asked at the end of the live and it didn't get answered so I will leave this right here. This is fact not something a youtuber made up. The Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) is a non-denominational, Christian organization in Oak Brook, Illinois, that serves as an umbrella organization for several ministries. IBLP was established by Bill Gothard for the purpose of resolving youth and family conflicts.

  38. Yay!! I love natalielawyerchick! She's my other favorite YouTube lawyer!

  39. Ahh it's the crossover we've always wanted 😍😍

  40. Emily how ironic my husband got a full ride to play water polo in college! I set out to be a dentist, but switched majors & graduated with a BS in business (due to reasons that you set out to be a lawyer)… now all these years later I’m in my 2nd semester back in school for..dentistry!! 😁

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