New Tasha K Apologizes To The Lead Attorney – Says She's PROTECTED Under First Amendment

After the verbal assault issued to Youtuber The Lead Attorney, Tasha K is retracting her statements. Live from her closet, Tasha K says she was triggered by the Lead Attorney’s words that Tasha could possibly be facing jail time for the crimes committed to obtain exclusive information on R Kelly that she referenced in videos she did back in 2019. Tasha K further stated to the Lead Attorney that she is protected under the First Amendment. Tasha K is once again proving that she literally just talks to hear herself talk and knows absolutely NOTHING about the law.


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  1. Brenda Martin

    Only weak people believe everything Tasha case say they can't think for themselves weak people are followers

  2. TK really has dug a hole for herself. You can’t keep telling lies about people and feel like you can’t be touched. I think more bloggers who put out malicious statements should be sued as well. It’s not okay to come for somebody’s image and business off of hear say.

  3. Mister Formerly Known as Cola Dave

    Why is the go to response when in some segments of the Black community is calling a man gay? What I find odd is the fact that some women do that while at the same time being cool with actual gay guys, how ironic. I heard another YouTuber (a dude at that) call him the same thing. I guess he was trying to impress the women listening in to his show.

    Also, what does his dating life have to do with Tasha breaking the law? Tasha knew it had nothing to do with it however, I'm thinking she wanted to trigger her listeners and more than likely, get them to harass him. Saying that he doesn't love Black women would be a way to do that.

    And she's no journalist, not by a long shot. I get reporting secret info if it had something to do with the safety of the public. A person may catch hell for doing it however, it's for the safety of the public. However, the Kelly case had nothing to do with public safety. In fact, if she messes his trial up and he gets out, the public (young Black girls) are now in danger.

  4. Racheal Silburn

    The way she tried to insult and downplay his credentials pissed me off. And boasting and bragging about how much money she makes. Home girl is going to fall off that high horse HARD! Watch.

  5. They may not know immediately but they catch on eventually when information is being leaked from your office. If happens with all LEO. Idk if they are sloppy or someone

    They spend day's and recertification day's explaining to you if you do xyz you will go to jail and or be fined. The person who was so bold as to attempt this knew what would happen….unless

    I will leave that alone. Anyway the Kells information should've been protected unless he released it. If it was obtained illegal and can be proven it is what it is. They took the risk.

  6. She's always triggered 😆

  7. Shirley Journey

    Tasha’s GOOD

  8. Sweat Pea checkout the video done by Levi 4 Kelly about Tasha k .

  9. Josephine Myrick

    Plus she made money from the videos

  10. Angela Allen

    Remember you don't have to look Gay to be Gay that's why some ppl are surprised, just saying but I her you SweetPea

  11. Can you give us the link to the video or the lawyer's name because I missed it and probably several other people dead sweetie that would be helpful

  12. She's not a news reporter she's not a news anchor on a TV program and even them would not mess with the federal government and I'm also hearing bloggers referred to you sweet pea when it comes to court cases– bringing your subscribers up your views up and your numbers congratulations😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. She BARES it All

    Her apology was weak. Somebody hurt her feelings and she is making everyone pay for that

  14. I be telling people a blogger is not a journalist journalism 101 tells you what you can and cannot say and what you not allowed to do.

  15. The one thing I know from watching him is he’ll tell you if he don’t know for a 100% because it’s not what he practices or what state it may be in or anything. Do people trust what he’s talking about because he’s upfront about things.

  16. IMO she didn’t apologize. She was throwing shade and saying she should be doing better.
    The craziest thing is she mad at him but, she made a living off of doing the same thing and worse.

  17. Donna Williams

    Tasha has planted a bad seed in people heads about the attorney

  18. Xhosa Gibran

    For someone who rants about being “unbothered” she sure does have time to make videos about things she’s unbothered about.

  19. Susie Davis-Jones

    @sweet pea, she probably got a call from her lawyer. Ijs

  20. Brenee’ H.

    Correct me if my comparison is wrong. A person employed with any type of financial institution, who looks up an account of a customer they are NOT directly assisting, could at the very least get them fired; at the very most, get them arrested having to serve Fed prison time.

    So knowing that, any of Tasha’s followers arguing that she can’t be Fed prosecuted, for possessing and illegally purchasing/obtaining documents that are part of an ongoing and active Fed criminal investigation, when people have literally been Fed prosecuted for MUCH LESS, are CHOOSING to drink her laced kool-aid at this point.

  21. Cynthia Gross

    I did not hear what she said about or to TLA but others, prior to TLA have said that jail time under the law, as written, is a possibility. Tasha is doing this for show. She wants his viewers to help get her to 1 Mil.

  22. RoseBuds4Eva

    I'm curious 🤔 I wonder how much her husband knows or if she keeps him in the dark.


    lil boosie was drunk af mad af embarrassed af cause that man was speaking the truth Boosie bad azz aka Tasha k will alway feel like she’s above the law she has know respect for anyone

  24. So many others made a video about her. She just came for him.

  25. Why did she do ???

  26. RoseBuds4Eva

    She says she has 3 different teams of lawyers and many others in her family. 🙄🤔😅🤣

  27. Alexa Jenson

    And her followers really are fooled the shit is crazy!


    Replay gang 🌲🌲🙏🏿🙏🏿🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

  29. Sissy hippie

    I missed the live .. 😢 next time 💝

  30. Brenee’ H.

    Being that Tasha could be seen as interfering with a Fed case, receiving info illegally whether she knew the info was obtained illegally or not, is DEFINITELY law breaking. What I DO wonder however, is if she’s prosecuted and they bring up her paying the informant for that info, how the Feds could prove that the payment made was SPECIFICALLY to obtain that illegal info.

  31. Tla didn't even attack this lady 🤦🏿‍♂️ 🤦🏿‍♂️.. Her response was uncalled for and the apology is bs. Now some of her followers are saying tla just want to attack a bw 😂 😂 tf

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