New Texas Attorney General Sends Letter To The DOJ and ATF Opposing New Rule on Stabilizing Braces

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) opposing the recently proposed rule Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached Stabilizing Braces.


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  1. chris o'keeffe

    All the 2a friendly AG, senators, representatives, governors and citizens should be voicing there concerns. The Atf open commit site is up. Post a commit regarding the brace and the 80% rule now.

  2. President Elect Jeffrey Smith

    Good. Teas has some, Comrade Wizard Biden administration doesn't.

  3. Grady Dempsey

    So I have the s and w mp15 22 pistol that came with a brace. Is it now illegal

  4. People keep try to appease these tyrants.

  5. Jimi Hendrix

    Texas has what it takes.

  6. American Super-Soldier Jadavius Rodriguez

    who cares?

  7. I'm from Michigan I'm hoping that our people stand up for us like this

  8. Attorney Gen Paxton is awesome!!!

  9. Seems there going to Genicide a lot of folks like the Nazi bastard they are

  10. Aero Precision Corp emailed me a letter stating that they too sent a letter to the ATF….they have links for filing a complaint with the ATF.

  11. Our second amendment does not say only certain things certain guns it does not say that she’ll not be infringed. Is what it means it does not say only certain guns certain things quit filling out the stupid papers because we have the right to have whatever we want we need to get rid of these people are doing this arrest him what if the color of law read it people need to read it and understand it they who breaks that it could be arrested or death we need to rest these people God gave us the right the second amendments Is the law of the land

  12. You know how people quit filling out those stupid papers because when you fill them out you’re giving them guys permission to do this stuff quit filling the papers out they’re doing it on legal they don’t care about the second amendment or the third or the fourth or the fifth or so on they don’t care about our rights quit filling out the stupid papers

  13. Nice going Texas

  14. Just love my home State of Texas!

  15. I went to the official ATF site and put in my comment this morning. Everyone who has a dog in this fight better do the same.

  16. Antifa and burn loot murder can destroy property and burn cities down and they want to focus on a stabilizing brace. Why should anyone be concerned about the law

  17. for the 2a for the 2a

    I bought a saint Ar 15 and now there trying to affringe on my 2nd amendment rights I bought it from a gun dealer so how in the hell can they say its not legal

  18. Y’all seriously need to stop caring what the ATF thinks. They are NOT the legislature they do not draft law. They only interpret and give opinions and the last thing the ATF wants is a federal judge to give their opinion that is in favor of gun owners which is why the ATF tries to avoid trials that will give opinions unless they know for a fact they will win. When it comes to braces they will almost certainly lose which is why I will refuse to abide by the ATF’s opinions and only abide by federal law.

  19. Samuel Mikuletic-Hicks

    I DEMAND that the elected officials/public servants for the CITIZENS of the United States be FIRED IMMEDIATELY as they are CLEARLY not working for the Citizens of the United States but are CLEARLY working for someone who is trying to remove the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution of the United States.

    Whoever these people are–whether they be political officials, 'NEWS' that is trying to influence, or someone else–they are trying to take away Our RIGHTS and DISARM us in one fell swoop. We need to stand up and fight now before we are unarmed and not able to.

    Of course, any law that is not Constitutional we are not supposed to obey anyway, and those enforcing them are clearly not following American law and need to convicted and imprisoned.

    2nd Amendment.

  20. Vote Paxton not Bush!….believe! me those mexican americans and Bush family Masons are not good hombres and will keep a smile while you go down in flames…I know, I was born in Mexico and live now in El Paso.

  21. It's an information trap to find out about firearm owners without imposing DOJ AND ATF will, but firearm owners " free will" of information given.

  22. Orlando Pena

    Everyone please submit your comments

  23. So the ATF is doing Congressional Democrats’ working issuing regulations that have the effect of laws, and ex post facto laws at that.

  24. Americans Patriots Pro 2A Arms

  25. ATF is a Fail . Point Refund TOTALLY A T F Brain FART .CLOWNS👎

  26. Wanda Helmer

    Go also to their site frames and receivers…

  27. Mike amen truth King

    There not honerabel the doj Garland and atf are the new 4th Reich and anti-usa a excuse to make citizens criminals ! To all do not comply to idiots !

  28. The whole point of what they did was to make millions of LAW ABIDING citizens criminals.

  29. Go Texas!

  30. If states would implement TRUE 2a sanctuaries, we wouldn't have to deal with these tyrants. As it stands…these so called " sanctuary " states are just smoke and mirrors.

  31. Nobody Special

    They planned to do this right from the start to set people up. I guarantee it!

  32. Francisco Aguilar

    If you turn the numbers upside down on this new form it reads 666h….ell, and this is where it needs to be sent to.

  33. Nobody Special

    ATF DGAF what texas has to say. Never will.

  34. Chris Mitchell

    I gotta say, I have a bit of a man crush on Attorney General Paxton! 😂 He has stood in the breach at every turn. Truly a Texan’s Texan and he will have my vote for life.

  35. omghegotagun

    I wouldn't just send the atf a letter telling them I oppose it; i would immediately sign a 2nd amendment sanctuary bill for the state BECAUSE of their proposed rule as finger to the feds.
    Use this proposed rule to browbeat governors to preempt this garbage with 2nd amendment sanctuary laws, because ANY popular pistol brace on a short AR is an immediate NFA infraction by section 2 after more than half a decade if being fine based on the design right out of the box before you even get into any other factors! The fact a federal arm of government is willing to even entertain this garbage should be enough to cut them out entirely.

  36. John Westervelt

    I know this. TEXAS will NOT comply with the feds ever again

  37. Keith Hughes

    Well if Texas is a gun sanctuary state then this shouldn't effect Texans. It should protect Texans from federal b.s. laws. Or at least everyone I've talked to have understood it to be that way

  38. As the federal government infringes on all of our Rights we need our state government officials to stand up for us

  39. Chris Holman

    Nope, no compliance

  40. Mike Willson

    The very first pistol brace was made for a disabled man!!! It's only about accurately hitting the target that's what sport shooting is all about!!!

  41. What's is the ATF so affraid of? Or is
    It about the money?

  42. Review a recent video posted by Jared at Guns & Gadgets. He says even if your weapon passes the proposed checklist the agent has the authority to disregard the score and deem the gun as bad.

  43. If everybody showed up at the BATFE Offices with their braces installed maybe they could further discuss this proposed rule.

  44. That AG sure can write a good letter! Sure beats mine that was going to say this is a load of crap.

  45. My response.

    First and foremost, the 2nd amendment to the constitution says, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This can be broken down into multiple parts where this rule cannot go into effect. As described by the founders, the word regulated specifically refers to “make regular,” as such every person is to be armed and trained against any government or tyrannical power. Which means the people have the right to keep and bear (to carry) all of the most advanced and current weaponry as they should choose. In addition, infringe is defined as “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.” Which means that at no point should the right of the people to keep and bear arms should be limited or undermined, even by unconstitutional processes and laws like NICS background checks or the NFA. As to the rule in general, it is unconstitutional on multiple fronts. Besides being in violation of the 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendments, the rule also violates the preamble to the constitution which states, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” It starts with the people, not the government, which means the government has no right or ability to create arbitrary rules for the people, because government employees are servants of the people, not rulers over the people. Next you will note that places with the strongest gun control have the most crime and violent crime, meaning there is a reduction in tranquility in those places. It is hard to be happy when you have to worry about criminals because governments have determined that the people cannot be trusted to defend themselves. It should also be noted that most gun control seems to go after guns that are a threat to the government, not to the people. Which brings us to the next point, promote general welfare. While on the face it appears that this rule may promote general welfare, it in fact does the opposite. Any kind of gun control acts as a clear and present danger to all law abiding citizens of this great nation. There is no evidence of gun control making any place safer. No study has shown that people are less likely to be victims of crime when gun control exists, and further, the United States government has a history of great atrocities against the people both inside and out. To this end, gun control of any type makes people subservient and in constant dangers that they cannot get away from when in fact tests prove that an armed populace is a polite populace, proven by places such as Kennesaw, GA. Further a $200 tax does not change a firearm. The firearm does not become safer because it is registered or because the owner paid for the tax stamp. Nor does registration stop the firearm from being used maliciously. All registration will do will give the government a list of people to harass at a future time when they decide to change the rules again to assert control. This rule in fact looks more like an attempt to turn people into felons for simply wanting to be safe so that the government can remove all guns from the populace.

  46. Mickey Mantel#7

    Seems like a perfect time to say
    ( fill in the blank )

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