New Texas lawyer says appeal was inevitable in Amber Guyger case

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Lawyers for fired Dallas officer Amber Guyger asked an appeals court for an acquittal of her murder conviction in the 2018 shooting of Botham Jean.


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  1. To be honest they should double her sentence. What would he have been given if he had killed her???? They gave her several days so she was able to wipe her vile social media posts. He would have been locked up within moments of killing her if it was the other way around.

  2. Set all the other people free in prison too for mistakenly killin people if this is the case

  3. And we know how this will end. She was afraid for her life so all will be forgiven. If they can reclassify the incident she can claim qualified immunity, get her job back, get back pay, and sue the state of texas. Don't be surprised, don't be angry. Remember THEY care about you and are keeping you safe.

  4. If she is let go, how many will use this excuse? She is a murderer and there is no doubt about that.

  5. Taser, taser, taser pop I just shot him. Get the F out of here, the statement of saying she thought it was her apartment is a calculation to try to lesson the crime punishment. Add more years to her punishment.

  6. Wrong apt? How could she not realize she was in the wrong place after a second? Everything looks and even smells different in each home.

  7. We're sure she killed him purposely. No one in their right mind would believe her. The wrong floor, the wrong door and even the wrong apartment? No one's house looks the same.