New ‘Thank God:’ Civil Rights Lawyer Reacts To Probe Into Louisville Police Practices | All In | MSNBC

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“Thank God that Merrick Garland is in the position that he’s in to be able to once again have a vigorous program of civil investigation of police agencies that are engaging in patterns and practices of misconduct,” says civil rights attorney Julie Fernandes. Aired on 04/26/2021.
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‘Thank God:’ Civil Rights Lawyer Reacts To Probe Into Louisville Police Practices | All In | MSNBC


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  1. Ah, yes. "Accidentally" killing people that might be possibly criminals. Seems like a "good idea". Let's police raid possible nazis, traitors and mass shooters, too. I say do it.

  2. Hahaha, you know,, it didn't matter ..Merit Garland is versatile, Republicans lost their chance to contain him,,

  3. The difference now are sane thinking people are HORRIFIED by what is going on in our police departments and it MUST BE CHANGED!

  4. Keep going
    Pritty soon nobody will ever want to be a police officer and current police officers are leaving the job.

  5. Stop trying to exalt thugs. She was a drug dealer. Her boyfriend was a drug dealer. She had been fired from her job as an emt when she was found driving around with a dead body in her trunk. She liked to pose with guns and live the thug life. The cops had a warrant to serve and both of those lowlives knew EXACTLY who was banging in the door AND WHAT THEY WERE THERE FOR.

  6. All Lives Matter. Obey the Law, do not run off, do not fight back, do not carry weapons, you will be ok. Stop blaming on others and society but yourself . Don’t act like you are victims but some actually are criminals… MSM stop lying and covering up the truth and brainwashing your viewers.

  7. So many police departments teeming with democracy cancelling,, authoritarian traitors posing as judges, juries, and executioners, prioritizing the most egregious is a challenge indeed.

  8. This show us that all the white man that was AG never done anything like this 🤔I’m guessing because they really care about people of color

  9. Hey all you Biden Lovers, I hope you are reminded how glad you are that Biden is president every single time you fill up your gas tank. He stopped the Keystone pipeline so now YOU have to pay more to ship oil in from other countries. Congrats👏 Keep getting your daily dose of brainwash every day on this channel and willingly allow your lives to be destroyed. Thats BRILLIANCE!!!!

  10. Come come now, the same DOJ & FBI who let Hillary, Hunter, Fulton County, and slew of their friends all walk??? That DOJ??? Yeah we know what they are, TRAITORS!! Is George Soros dead yet??

  11. Are people whose houses get busted in during a No Knock Warrant magically supposed to know it's the police, or would they assume it's a home invasion and react like gun nuts keep advocating by standing their ground?

  12. For a first worlds country, America is full of injustices, especially when it comes to fairness & equality.

  13. Police are not the problem. Criminals who fight the law & pull the race card is the problem.

  14. If democrats really cared about POC, they would tackle the violence in cities.

  15. MOre importantly… If you confess Jesus is Lord, believe GOD raised Him from the dead, you will be saved! Romans10:9

  16. Good to see some form of recourse instead the klan racist trump administration in charge

  17. Kentucky is McConnell s home state. Does Mitch have anything to do with this injustice?

  18. Just wish the DOJ would conduct a task force to determine the role of the Federalist Society. They created the mindset that made all this possible. How can anybody say Barr was' protecting Trump like an attorney would have defended King James, if he had a defense a the time. As Supreme Court Justices, they are the ones who interpret the laws and values of the American people. The Federalist Society…Did ANYBODY say Dark Government?

  19. Garland is a significant improvement over Baby Cheesus's personal lawyer Fred Flintstone.