New The Alternative Investment Show speaks to Jim Rickards – Author, Lawyer and financial analyst

In this interview Kerry Stevenson speaks to Jim Rickards about the Corona Virus, the economy, why we need to look at history to understand the future.
Should we worry or are there opportunities in this new world we are living in?

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  1. EX-Bronco Fan

    I would like to know how much of his research info and predictions comes from Raven?

  2. What is he smoking? Gold is probably used in virtually every electronic device you own. Some estimates have the percentage of the total gold supply used in electronics at 20%. 15% of yearly gold production goes straight into electronics, to the tune of 320 tons. And people are using more devices than ever before, and more people are getting access to those devices. Can you imagine what that number is going to look like when all 7 billion people, including infants and elderly, are all using those devices? As of right now, only 60% of the world even has internet access. Just imagine what 5g will do alone in creating new demand for phones, tablets, and a whole range of IOT devices. They're going to be putting boards (requiring gold) into literally everything that uses electricity, because it can be connected to the internet and controlled and or monitored remotely.

  3. Maria Cummins

    Thank you Kerry Stevenson for the messages and for sure I am so happy for you to continue and keeping me updated.

  4. thank you for this Kerry,and Jim. great show.. Kerry may i ask , in looking to invest in Gold miners, how can one search management to see if they have a good track record in the industry? thank you

  5. Carin Wiseman

    Plenty of people DID see it coming, it's just that nobody was paying attention to them

  6. Jim Rickards, Jim Rogers is buying SILVER cuz it's cheap. George Gammon explains the difference between bank reserves vs printing money we spend.

  7. You guys want a Very Good Covid stock? BiocCryst symbol BCRX is working a broad spectrum antiviral to treat the Covid pathogen. You have heard of the GILD antiviral? Well the BCRX antiviral works on the same mechanism. Only a $500M market cap – BCRX has yet to run.Earning on May 6.

  8. Steve Miller

    Jim is a fine microbiologist. I am so impressed with his knowledge

  9. Listening to every video he is on, what a genius but why do they interrupt him ? Ugh !!

  10. Wow you couldn’t position the camera better when you doing such a important interview??

  11. The “good old days” are over and done. Man as a “social animal” has taken a punch in the gut, and is on his knees dazed and gasping for breath. “Social distancing” permanent, unless you think this is the very last virus epidemic/pandemic? Meanwhile, you will be hesitant, avoid crowded restaurants and clubs,and small spaces with others. Whom do you trust tomorrow. Fly in a “tube of death” or a rail car or bus, with taking pause (or “paws”). The world has changed forever. Think differently at your own risk.

  12. Edmond McTague

    Canada got the least amount of Gold NEVER

  13. Russell Ludeking. US Paratrooper Retired

    I like how he forces everyone who interviews him to read his preface statement making him look great!

  14. Kasia Dobija

    Thank You !

  15. Stephen Odey

    Excellent ❤️🌈

  16. Why am I here? I'm broke! 🤷‍♂️😭

  17. Peter Časnocha

    is he saying that dollar will be worth 10k per oz. in todays money ? because if dollar goes to shit then 10k is nothing

  18. Wealth Talks

    Moderna is in clinical trials with a vaccine

  19. Flavio Inocencio

    Great interview

  20. pocket change

    the greater depression

  21. Hey Kerry – great interview! I know you are trying to grow your channel. Can I suggest how to look good on the camera? You are looking down on the camera (likely camera is too low and it is not flattering to anyone). Great content! thanks for the interview.

  22. Thanks Love. Good Stuff

  23. Seems like Jim needs sleep

  24. Many of the world's best macro investors are fully committed to crypto – Burbank, Yusco, Tapiero, Morehead. Rickards badmouths BTC but in 2017 published a newsletter, Crypto Profits, that promoted shitcoins over BTC. He lost all credibility with that disingenuous move to profit from a mania

  25. He has become very repetitive. Seems to have the same script for all his interviews

  26. Jeff McClure

    What software is used that puts the name in the lower left corner like that? I've seen it on other videos.

  27. James, you lost my attention when you said you were depending on virus data from the Johns Hopkins dashboard. They were part of the simulation held 6 weeks before the 1st case (Event 201). Much of their funding (and therefore direction) is given to them by both The Rockefeller and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations. These are both fronts for globalist/depopulation agenda strategies and actions. Follow the money, and look at the many interactive complicities. Their minions Drs. Fauci and Birx are prominent figures on Trump's task force. See the connections.?

  28. Clove Florist

    But cash has no yield… Jim: well it doesn't go down 30% in value lol

  29. They're counting regular flu as cov19.

  30. farrukhkidwai

    25:30 great question

  31. Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx

    comentan mis ultimo video y los comento igual

  32. Congratulations, Kerry! This upload already hit >5000 views. 

    Jim advised to liquidate stocks. Hold Cash. See the point. But if Precious Metals are going to moon, wouldn't PM mining companies follow suit? They may not be able to sell due to logistics issue but they are holding on to real money in reserves.

    What are your thoughts Kerry? I mean hold 50-50 in PM-Mining PM ratio

  33. Jim Rickards have the same speech for 10 years saying that gold will go to 10k. It will obviously go to 10k one day, but the question is if it will reach 10k in 1 year or 50 years.

  34. Laurence Gagno

    Order it now because there a long delays

  35. Jeffrey Kerr

    Economy was not weak going in to this, comparing Obama and Trump economic performance is like apples and oranges.

  36. Until we've vaccine economy around the globe won't be normal, health is wealth

  37. Unemployed will be 40-50 percent

  38. Demand have collapsed 90 percent means deflation, gold is inflation edge not deflation edge

  39. Republicans always screw up the economy

  40. Interesting but when the lockdown stops the production of gold and silver will go up so price should come down. Also emerging markets are likely to become even weaker than the US and Europe so there might be a flight of capital from these countries which might make the dollar and the Euro go up. So perhaps we'll have another opportunity to buy gold and silver at lower prices.

  41. Shannon Alexander

    You ask the right questions – although, I am under the impression that Australia has recently made bank bail-ins legal. If this is right the 250k insurance is void. Am I right? Also, for Jim to be so bullish and confident in gold – to allocate only 10% seems very very low.

  42. kulturfreund66

    Good word on cryptos.

  43. My mother-in-law 105 she didn’t remember shit

  44. China has vac

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